September 26

Hero Narrative

In the box below, transform your chart from the movie into a summary of how your character demonstrates his/her heroism.

Start each paragraph with “My character, _____________ acts heroically…

Finish the paragraph by writing, “This is an example of how my character, ____________, acts heroically.

Copy the entire entry once you finish. Type in your email address and the spam filter. Then click submit.

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September 21

Respond to Speeches

As an audience member, I want you to think of yourself as a “low information” voter. You do not watch much news. You work at night in a factory, have two kids getting ready to go to college. You make a decent living, but are a little worried about your retirement and your health insurance costs.

Watch both videos as this “low information” voter. You have to vote in November and haven’t made up your mind about either candidate. You are going to watch the speeches with an open mind.

First, explain the most notable ways each candidate appeals to you as a voter. Does he use any of the language devices we just learned about to appeal to logos, ethos, pathos? Then, decide who will get your vote. Next, justify your decision. Once you finish writing, I should see a clear argument that supports your decision. If you like what another student says, quote them and add to his/her statement. (As an aside–I hope you noticed I didn’t have to use he/she because they are both men:) Due Monday morning.

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September 5

Reponse to Ascher’s “On Compassion”

In 50 Essays, read the essay “On Compassion.”  Once you finish, answer numbers 1 and 2 on page 37.  Submit your response here by clicking the post title, scrolling to the bottom of the page, answering the question, copying your work, entering an email address and typing in the spam filter.  Do not forget to copy your work before you submit it!  Sometimes work gets lost when students don’t take that extra step.  Good luck.

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March 9

An Indian Father’s Plea

Answer each question with a full sentence in the space provided at the bottom of the page.  Be sure to copy your work before you send it.

1)  What is the father’s argument?

2)  Why do you think he makes this argument?

3)  What parts of his argument do you agree with?  Which parts do you disagree with?

4)  How would you apply the father’s argument to Tennyson High School?  Do students come from different cultures?  Is it important for teachers to recognize this?  Explain.

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March 2

Respond to Trail of Tears

Read each question and be sure to answer them in a paragraph or to in response to the film.


How much of this information you learned in your reading and viewing of the film about the Cherokee removal did you just learn in class?  Did anything surprise you?  What details do you remember about the film that impacted your feelings about the Indian Removal?  How do you think you would have handled the situation if you were a leader among the Cherokee at that time?


Be sure to copy your work before you send it. 🙂

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February 24

Responding to New Yorker

Click this link   and read the article.  Once you finish reading, write a summary that includes the title, author, subject intended audience, occasion (situation in the world), and purpose.

After you include that, write a second paragraph with TS, CD, CM, CM, and CS that illustrates how the author connected with her audience (you).  Did she use mostly logos (logic and evidence), ethos (appeal to right and wrong), pathos (emotional appeal) or a little of all 3?  Explain.

Ex:  In the article, ____________, was written by _______________.  She wants her intended audience of ________________ to ______________ the subject of _________________.

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January 25

Synthesis Prompt Response/ Thesis Paragraph

After looking at the strong sample responses, I want you to think about the best way for you to write your thesis paragraph.  Make any necessary changes to your paragraph on paper, then type it here.  Be sure to copy your work before you submit it. 

After you finish, go to  Log into your account.  If you don’t have an account, create one.  Click the “Editing and Proofreading” hyperlink;  then “Editing for Sentence Style and Word Choice;”  then “Concise Sentences.”  Do exercises 279 and 280.  For homework do 113 and 589.

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