September 12

Hurricane Katrina

What should have been the government response to Hurricane Katrina?  Use what you have read about the Green Family, heard in “Minority Report” and seen in the rooftop photo to explain what happened in New Orleans during and immediately after Hurricane Katrina. (proofread and copy before posting). 

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March 14

 Use your notes from your in-class Book Talk to write a summary/response to Baca’s “Coming Into Language”.  Begin with title, author, subject and purpose.  Then, transition to include the information you gathered about important scenes and connections to other texts within the anthology.  I have included a model to help you get started. While your details will be different, the format should be similar.


Ex:  In Jimmy Santiago Vaca’s excerpt, “Coming Into Language”, the narrator describes how he became interested in reading and writing.  Vaca did not take a traditional route to becoming an author. He was still “reading” picture books at seventeen. His road to literacy began only after he discovered a book on Chicano history.

(Now, describe one to two scenes; include one to two golden lines and make at least one connection to another essay in the anthology).  (2 to 3 paragraphs).




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March 8

Reading Reflection English 101A, Spring 2018

Think about your experiences with reading in school.  Jot down some memories on a separate sheet of paper.  Then, write in the space below a short narrative that would help a reader understand how you feel about reading and why you feel that way. No more than 3 paragraphs.


Be sure to proofread for run-ons.  Make sure you punctuate your sentences correctly once you finish.

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January 22

English 1A Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie’s, “The Danger of A Single Story” Due Sundays before class 9 am.

The Danger of A Single Story: TEDtalk with Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie

View the above TEDtalk. You may activate the closed caption service and read along with the talk. As you listen, make note of Adichie’s position. Answer the following questions here on this blog site.  After you view the video, return here and type your response at the foot of this page. 

Include your first name and last initial in your response.

1) How does the author introduce her topic?

2) Why is it relevant that she began in this way?

3) What evidence does she provide to support her position?

4) Apply her reflection to your own experiences. Have you ever re-thought your own opinions of a situation or condition? Have you ever had a flat view of other people? If so, explain. Be precise.

Directions: Click the title, then scroll down. You should see a white box titled, “comment”. That’s where you will type your answer. Be sure to copy your work before you click “submit”. Type your email address or at least one that looks like an email address in the blank. You do not need to type a website address on that line; but, you do need to type the spam filter code. Again, be sure to copy and save your work before you submit because sometimes student’s work is lost. Then submit.

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October 24

English 4 Battle Royal


Think about symbolism in the “Battle Royal”.  Ellison uses the most provocative symbols imaginable –when we think about race in America.  We can think of so many ties to modern circumstances and controversies. Identify at least two symbols from “Battle Royal” and decide what they symbolize and how you know that from what Ellison wrote.  Go to the text.  Be ready to discuss and throw out responses.  And follow up questions.  I’ll leave this forum open until Wednesday night.  Feel free to return and add more comments.  You are able to reply to other students.  The same standards for discussion apply here as in class.

In general, for the “Battle Royal” class discussion, feel free to:  1) pose Socratic Seminar-type questions for your classmates, 2) make comments to extend the conversation  3)  highlight relevant points within the text

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