March 9

Response to Alexie Controversy

Write a response that combines what you read about author, Sherman Alexie and your response to “Indian Education”.  Do you feel any differently about his work after learning some of the allegations against him?  Think about your immediate response, then think about your secondary response.  Do you think you’ll be able to enjoy his work the same?

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15 thoughts on “Response to Alexie Controversy

  1. Robby Oliva

    “Indian Edcation” By Sherman Alexie is a bitter-sweet article, He began off starting with telling his struggles and getting bullied by classmates and had no help from his teacher. His writing gives the readers the reflection of thinking of the similar situations they had during school days. Besides all the struggles he went through, the great part of the article was he was focused in playing basketball even though they lost. His other article “Superman and Me” was also a great article explaining him and his family struggles and how they overcame it. All in all I think Alexie is a great writer but reading about his accusations and taking advantage of girls who are interested on being writers are wrong. His publishes are great, but he doesn’t deserve to be respected if his actions are to take advantage of females just because he is famous. He’s pathetic and he needs to be put to prison. I doubt I’m going to put in my own time to read anything from this sexual predator.

  2. Debra Earnest

    Superman and Me, By Sherman Alexie
    I really enjoyed reading Sherman’s short story about his life growing up; In the situation he was in. It was an amazing gift for him to have been able to have a father, that he was able to watch day in, and day out considering the circumstances, that he faced on a day to day bases. Sherman loved his father, and wanted to gain the knowledge that he seen his father gain each and everyday through reading. Even though it was self taugh. Looking at the pictures and summerizing what the pictures were speaking to him. He was able to learn how to read, Sherman never gave up.
    I liked how he went back to the schools and gave back to those less fortunate than himself. He never forgot where he was in his younger days. Helping others is very important. It’s just like you Professor Keeble. Helping us to learn how to write. So one day we can help someone else.
    I just finished reading about the different alligations that Sherman Alexie is accused of. I’ve noticed that he has apoligized and have returned some of the awards he has recieved, which is telling me that maybe some of these alligations are true. But it doesn’t takeaway the fact that he has given back to those less fortunate than himself. And the impact that he has had on so many students.
    Who am I to judge someone else. We all have a “STORY”. It might not be the same, but we have one that we aren’t proud of, and know one knows about it.

  3. Danica Demadura

    “Indian Education” written by Sherman Alexie was a essay that was about his education experiences, and the struggles he went through. As he shared his story about his first to twelve grade experience, he also went through racial stereotypes and discrimination. With that experience, he overcame those struggles into to become a well known writer. Recently, the allegations of sexual harassment against Sherman Alexie seem like it would affect the career that he has. Even though it’s not known if it’s true or not, this could cause people to think twice about this writer. There may be people inspired by his writings despite the accusations against him. In my opinion, his work gives out great messages to the readers. Even though this is happening, I would still read Alexie work and wise words he has.

  4. Ignacio Sanchez Jr.

    Sherman Alexie’s “Indian Education” told the story Victor of the several struggles of growing up and going to school on a native reservation. The short story elaborates on the constant discrimination on and off reservation and managing to stay resilient through all circumstances. With Alexie’s current allegations of sexual harassment, he faces several consequences that affect his credibility. I feel that Alexie should be punished but his work should not be held accountable for his actions. He is a great writer with an immense following, but his personal life should not be the downfall of his entire career. When it comes to reading, I come to indulge with the reading itself not the writer. I will enjoy his work if the piece is actually interesting, but I will not hold his sexual harrassment allegations against his writing.

  5. Kim Carr-Pierce

    An Indian Education (1994) by Sherman Alexie is a very informative piece. From being bullied from a young age and fighting back to being forced to fit a white-man’s mold and then being told your not doing it right and you amount to nothing, this piece tells a whole story. It is a story that until recently, most Americans just wrote off as “that is just how they are” with no thought to how did they get there.

    I have enjoyed reading not only Alexie’s work but also the different articles about him recently. I do believe that what Mr. Alexie has to say deserves a place in literature. I hope that the truths that have been brought to light are spoken of and included with his name for future readers of his work. I will continue to enjoy the early works of Alexie, however, I will read them with a filter.

    A thought that I would like to interject into this conversation is this:
    Knowing how he grew up, things he faced and what he learned and saw on the reservation and in the academic circles he runs in, knowing what is/was “accepted” as normal behavior, how can we (who fenced him in) expect him to have acted in any different way? Does that give him a ticket to do as he wishes in these circles?

    For me, to just lump everyone who has committed some form of sexual assault or transgression into one pile and automatically no longer give credence to their work I can not do. Having lived with many forms of abuse in my family, and different experiences over my lifetime, the one conclusion that I have come to is this: it is a person’s character that determines how much grace and mercy I extend to them. If a transgression has happened, how does the offender handle the offence? Do they see the error of their ways and attempt honest and real change with restitution to the offended? If so, I can give them some leeway, if not, I cannot in good conscience allow them to remain part of my life. I have found this approach quite helpful for myself and the very real situations that have affected me; I have also found that this approach helps me with processing the allegations of so many regarding celebrities and people held in high esteem. The other benefit of this approach is that it helps me hold myself accountable.

  6. Stacey Vecchiolli

    After reading Sherman Alexie’s “Indian Education” I felt he has overcome many obstacles not only in the white community but also in his own tribe. I thought that his writing was very personal in order to connect with others who may have felt like the underdog and inspire his readers to overcome. I noticed that throughout “Indian Education” there are stories with a negative female influence. It seems that from early on he could’ve developed a bias towards women simply because there seems to be no positive female role models in his life. After reading articles about his recent scandal I can’t help but think back to his early life and try to find some sort of connection or cause to his actions. Personally I will have no problem exploring more of his writings. Everyone has their own personal demons, and Sherman Alexie’s are now public. I don’t feel that his current situation takes away from the artistry or thought behind his works. Could Sherman be the biggest jerk out there? Sure, but I think the intillectualism and message of his writings stand.

  7. Megan Houston

    “Indian Education”, by Sherman Alexie, is a brilliant and powerful essay that shows experiences a Native American boy faces growing up. From this and his other writings, he has become a big name in the Native American community and a lot of people look up to him. In articles about the sexual harassment allegations made against him, it seems like he has been abusing his power as a well renowned writer. He takes advantage of young aspiring writers that just want writing advice from him. When the allegations were made, he denied them. My perspective of Alexie is that as a person, I look down upon him and he should have taken responsibility for his actions. He looks worse than he already did because he denied the claims. Yet, my view of his essays hasn’t really changed. He’s still a great writer and the stuggles Native Americans face, that he writes about, are real and should still be shared and talked about. In conclusion, I don’t think his actions influence the way I see his essays, but they do influence how I see him as a person.

  8. Jonathan Park

    From what I read on Sherman Alexie, he looked like a man of humble origins. In his article, “Indian Education”, it gave a brief description of each of his school years, including overcoming adversities such as bullying, racial stereotypes, and general high school problems.
    Then comes the sexual allegations. When a claim such as this arises, I tend to not jump into conclusion immediately until a confirmation was set. Now, whether or not the allegations are true, his reputation and credibility has certainly been affected by it. For me, his image has been tainted because of the sexual harassment claim, but his messages in his works remains. Just because the writer committed an immoral act doesn’t NECESSARILY mean his work has to be invalidated. Yes, it’s horrible something like this has to happen. Yes, if the claims are true, the act should be highly frowned upon and justice must be served, but I think it’s asinine and ignorant to shut someone out solely because of an allegation. If I were to read his future works, I would albeit in a different light.

  9. arlene valrey

    I feel very angry about this man, Sherman Alexie suppose to be a role model for the Native Americans, also holds the record for most consecutive years as World Heavyweight Poetry Bout Champion. On March 9, 2018 Sherman Alexie has decline the Carnegie Medal and $5,000 award, he is facing more allegations of sexual harassment, he has come forward saying the women are telling the truth and he is apologizing for whom he hurt. Being a survivor of sexual harassment, I know the women was ask are you feeling shock or numbness, do you have feelings of confusion, fear, guilt, distrust or do you have feelings of anger. I know they was told wanting to hurt the person that assault you is very common and it does not mean you are a bad person. It just mean you are going through a healing process. Me, myself can not feel anything for this man!

  10. Ivan Soledad

    ” Indian Education ” ” Superman and Me ” Both are well-known titles in American education, I believe both are great short stories which speak for an often overlooked minority. He writes in such a manner that it takes me back to elementary and middle and high school and even if I’m not Native American I can picture myself there by his side witnessing all the discrimination and hard times, in my opinion, a great writer has the ability to do exactly that. From no one to someone… I believe that due to his great accomplishments despite his hard upbringing, Alexie feels as if the world is his and he is almighty, the power and fame went to his head and he thought it was ok to mistreat other human beings because it was justifiable by who he is. In conclusion, I find Alexie’s work interesting and I think he is a great writer and that is all that matters to me, whatever he does in his free time doesn’t matter to me.

  11. Pinky Samonte

    I’ve read Sherman Alexie’s short stories like “Superman and Me” and “Indian Education” and honestly these two short stories I read are great work and writing. In the short story , “Indian Education” he shared a story of the Native Indian boy school life during his education from first grade to twelve grade which includes starvation, brotherhood, resilience and discrimination. Through his skills in writing he was well respected and became famous as one of the most well know Native Indian writer.
    Upon reading some news articles, this year Sherman Alexie faced accusations and controversies on sexual harassment that really affect his career and credibility. Upon reading these news articles about him , it weakens my interest in reading of his other works and also weakens his credibility as a writer and as an individual. On the two short stories he wrote its main purpose is to inspire people to read, write and educate even facing hardships. But how will I get to be inspired to write, educate, if he did something worst than ignorant and if its immoral. I will not enjoy reading his future works because these news articles about sexual harassment really weakens his reputation and credibility.

  12. mohamed kaaid

    “Indian Education” by Sherman Alexie, was a magnificent article. The way he tends to tell the story was beautiful, showing how Indian Americans children face some difficulties throughout their education. He characterizes his development in school as an Indian American child, by telling us the bullying he got from students and the suffering he had from the cruel teachers, and the racism signs he received from what’s around him such as not allowed to wear or speak native. Overall, I found it a great story and knowing the background of the Alexie has allowed me to respect and admire him, not only for his work but for what he had been through till the point he had reached. However, after reading couple article on Alexie in The New Time and other sources did change the way I look at him. I think he’s pathetic and childish person, and all the things he wrote about himself are based on lies. I’m not going to enjoy any of his upcoming books or articles if I read them because I see no interest in following and accepting knowledge from someone as him it’s just waste of time.


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