March 8

Reading Reflection English 101A, Spring 2018

Think about your experiences with reading in school.  Jot down some memories on a separate sheet of paper.  Then, write in the space below a short narrative that would help a reader understand how you feel about reading and why you feel that way. No more than 3 paragraphs.


Be sure to proofread for run-ons.  Make sure you punctuate your sentences correctly once you finish.

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13 thoughts on “Reading Reflection English 101A, Spring 2018

  1. andrew villegas

    Reading in school was always an adventure to me. I remember in Elementary School my class and I would be sent to the Library. Each Library class we would gather around our school’s Librarian and she would read to us and give us feedback from the story to help us understand the story. Then she would always ask us questions to keep us interested. After she finished reading, we could check out a book from the Library to borrow for reading. Listening to our Librarian helped me gain a personal interest with books. Each year, our school would have a Scholastic Books fair and would sell new books. New books always looked enticing. I liked to pick out books for myself when I got the chance to.

  2. Javier Cisneros

    Reading is an activity you either pick up easily or something that becomes a learning process for you to attain. I’m a person who can’t stay motionless and be able to read a book for hours on end without getting dull of it. Reading at one point in my educational career became similar to chore I dreaded. Throughout my years of elementary and high school, reading wasn’t my strongest skill in school. It became something that I had to work on and practice, even if I didn’t enjoy it and disliked every second of it. Something I did to help me understand the essence behind reading was to begin at a lower reading level, so it could become easier for me to process the english and information I was reading.
    It took awhile for me to finally embark on the journey of reading upper level books, I was required to read for the summer before I started high school. I had to practice reading a lot more vigorously and intensely to be able to get the hang of things in high school because my education wasn’t cheap so I had to keep on pushing myself to do better. By forcing myself to do this it made me despise reading so much the first two years of high school because it would be a lot of reading and essays, it was a continuous cycle that didn’t stop till about my junior year. Around my junior year of high school, is when I finally started to make the transition to understand reading and be able to process a book without having to use the internet or ask others for help. What changed that was my english teacher. He was someone young, funny, and someone who was very charismatic. He became a friend and someone who was willing to sit down with you for hours if you didn’t get something and try his best for you to understand. He taught me how to start writing and reading more proficient and better. He taught me methods my previous english teachers weren’t able to make things in my head click. After taking his class throughout my junior year, I felt ready and improved for my senior year of high school and that’s exactly what happened. I was able to pass one of my english classes with an A.

  3. Vincente Perez

    I use to love ready back in middle school, I was very interested in the stories on what I read but now I just lost interest in it. I keep trying to go back to to reading, but I just push it away in my head so yea reading is not my thing. I think reading in school is cool, I will read aloud I enjoy reading out loud it keeps me moving I guess you can say.
    I enjoyed reading the series of Percy Jackson , it had many incredible stories scenes that just made me wowed. I couldn’t stop reading it, after reading the whole series one time I had to read it again over and over till I got bored of it which was I went to sophomore year of high school I believe.

  4. Diana A Moctezuma

    It was in Middle School, when I first stared to read for fun. One of my teachers helped with English because I have always struggled understanding the text and writing essays. I knew who Malcom X was at that time. It was thanks to him that I came up with a strategy which was reference the Dictionary when I came along a word I did not understand. Now that I am Older and have read more books my knowledge has increased. My experience reading has been amazing because when I read I can see a movie playing in my mind. It feels like the book swallows me into his world. With every book I read is another world I get to experience. If I am luck sometimes Ill pick something up that could help me solve my own problems.

  5. Saud

    My experiences in reading has left me with a very divided opinion about reading. On the one hand I really enjoy reading and can spend hours with a book. Then again, I will have trouble reading more than five minutes and it is a major task to concentrate on the words. The strange thing is that the size of the book doesn’t make the difference; neither does the subject of the book. The only difference is my purpose for reading.
    When I was in elementary school and we took trips to the library, I would love being able to read all the different books. Like most kids, I started with the books that had pictures and caught my eyesight. As I read more, these books introduced me to places and ideas that I really wanted to know more about. Now I had to get books that didn’t have pictures and wasn’t written with young readers in mind. Especially if I wanted to read about mythology, which was my favorite subject.
    When I entered middle school, I was introduced to book reports. Now my reading wasn’t just a fun adventure of learning new things for myself; I had to read with a purpose. Suddenly I couldn’t concentrate on what the books were about or finish them in the same amount of time I used to. Every page became a new form of torture. I rarely completed the task of doing book reports and when I did it was an oral report on books I had read long ago. But as soon as the teacher gave us a book to read just because we might enjoy it, I found it was always over too soon and I hungered for the next one…until I had to do a book report on it.

  6. Hui Ling Feng

    I had wonderful experiences with reading in China. I remembered when I was sixth grade, I was studying our Chairman Mao’s poem. At the first time , I didn’t understand what is the poem’s meaning. Our teacher read the poem to us loudly. I felt wonderful. The rhyme sounded like music. Our teacher explained and analysed it patiently. This poem described about the history of the communist party of China and the situation of the liberation war. I tried to imagine the poems’ circumstance to comprehend it, but I still only dimly understood. When I finally fully understood the artistic conception of this poem and its meaning, I was an adult. However, I was deeply shocked by the power of poem. Since then, I was interested in literature. I spend most of my leisure time on reading novels, collections of poems. I learned a lot from reading.
    Reading is a important thing in our life. If we want to improve our life, we must read a lot. By reading, we can acquire the experience and knowledge of others. Sometimes we don’t understand what’s in book. Do not worried, just keep reading again and again. You will understand it one day. In addition, reading need freedom. I mean don’t force yourself read the book you don’t like. You would feel boring and give up quickly. Read what you need,and what you like. You will profit from reading.

  7. Huijun

    Books are like an endless ocean of knowledge, and reading is like that you are sailing a boat to travel in it. I like reading. When I am reading a fiction, the protagonists and scenes will emerge in my mind, is like watching a wonderful movie. When I am reading a book, which is about traveling, my mind will follow the book and fly to the different place around the world. I still remember that I liked to read my biology textbook very much when I was in the second year of middle school. I read it like reading a story book. Why the tiny cells will become the various of animals and plants? Why only humans use two legs to walk, but other creatures don’t? what are inside our body? How do they work? A lot of question guided me to read the book continually.
    One day, at a sunny summer afternoon, I sat in the library and read my biology textbook with my classmate. Suddenly, my classmate asked me,” Do you know where I can find the picture of flower’s structure in the textbook?” I answered her immediately, “It’s on page 50. Some of the flowers are divided into male and female, but some of them aren’t. the flower’s structure is…”. I told her all details about the flower which were written in the textbook. My classmate shocked and said, “Why do you know that? Teacher hasn’t taught this chapter before”. I said, “I had read the whole textbook already.” At that moment, my classmate gave me a strange look, which mean like I’m a freak. I ignored her and continued to read my textbook.
    Several years passed by, unfortunately, I hadn’t chosen my favor subject which is biology as my major in the university because of various of reasons. However, the feeling while I was reading the biology textbook is still in my mind. I think one of important things of reading is read the book which you like. Then, you will have impetus to read endlessly and never feel boring.

  8. Jaztin Yarnelle Agustin

    Reading means the cognitive process of understand a written linguistic message. When we hear the word reading, we don’t really care about it and say things like “Oh, it’s just reading. Everyone can read.” That’s maybe true that everyone can read, but a lot of people or us included can’t even understand what we’re reading. Reading books helps us to learn a lot of vocabulary words, widens our imagination and it helps us to think critically. When I was in High school, I didn’t understand why my teachers wanted us to read long books and make a critical response about the book after. But after reading learning how to read and learned about Malcolm X’s life, I saw how important reading is and how we could learn a lot from just reading and how Malcolm X’s life changed and that he couldn’t be fooled by anyone because he has the knowledge to defend himself. Reading gives us information about life or things that we didn’t know that exist. Also, the knowledge that we get whenever we read, like there are a lot genres of books out there like those real life stories where we could relate to the story and apply everything that we learned from it. Although, I feel like when teachers asks me to read something I don’t like reading them, but I actually like reading and I have read a lot of books focusing about life. Sometimes, it’s not just about the words you get on the book, it’s the purpose and the meaning why it was written and when you get the thoughts of the author, it’s like you build a relationship with him/her and you understand the pain, emotions and the time that they put in to it. In that way, reading is very important and it might be the way to realize things and change our life for the better.

  9. Jaztin Andre C. Agustin

    Reading books make people smarter, one example is Malcolm X before he cant even read and write but when he started to read, he learned how to read, and write. Reading books made him a lot smarter, it made him sharp, and he used this words, knowledge, and wisdom as a weapon to fight for what he think is right. For me my experience reading books in school is not that good since i wasn’t really into books, i didn’t like books before. When the teacher ask me to read books back in the Philippines i will just say “Oh no my teeth hurts today”, and I can even count how many books i read in my hands my whole life, i been alive for 20 yrs now, and i think I’ve read probably around like 1-10 books? probably reading books is not just my cup of tea. Even if i know that reading books make people smarter and it can help people to know what they want to know, i still didn’t really like reading but i think these past few days I’ve started to like reading because of the book An Anthology for Reading Apprenticeship, reading the book in class is fun, reading about people’s life make books interesting for me, and this book hooked me up that reading about things you like is a start. I like to know more about people’s life like Malcolm X, Martin luther king jr, etc. This book can give people knowledge, it can help people to answer their questions in mind like why people only use people for their own benefits, why people should fight for what they think is right, why people sacrifice themselves for the sake of other people, why should we forgive, and why life is so precious? something like that. I little bit understand now why books is so important, and how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity.

  10. Qianyu

    From reading to thinking
    When I was the second year in high school, my new Chinese Literature teacher posted one of the homework for that semester, read a book called A Long River in Cold Frost every day, write down your thought in several paragraphs. It was such a burdensome task for us who needed to spend at least 4 hours doing homework for nine subjects after school. Everyone shook head again and again. Moreover, just by the title of that book, we could judge that it was a boring book sharing the author’s boring and lengthy thoughts. Nobody would be interested in it.
    Every once in a while, my teacher would check and grade our work. Some of my classmates might adopt muddle through their work, but I didn’t want to waste my time to meet the teacher. So, I tried to do it seriously. At first, I just thought, what was the author talking about? Or it was easy to understand, were there something deeper worth me thinking about? All I could do was writing down what I had known. As time went by, I knew more about the author and his thought. And the more I read, the more I thought. Gradually, I was able to write down some ideas that come to my mind. Some of them were the continuation of the topics, and the other were my own opinions. It was no longer a complicate work for me. It was more likely to be a space in which I could share my ideas freely. There was no right and wrong in it and no any concern with my college entrance examination. Every comment seemed to be a conversation with the author. I enjoyed both my reading and my thinking. In addition, my teacher left some comments showing that my abilities of thinking, analysis, and expression had been improved. It seemed that the effort I put in paid off.
    Thirteen years has passed away. Except the title, I cannot remember what that book were talking about, but I think it may not matter. The most important thing is that you can generate your idea through your reading, not just remember the details. And those ideas may influence your way of behavior and thinking in your life. That is the significance of reading.

    1. Anonymous

      I had a hard time in school whenit came to reading. I wasn’t a very good reader. I wasn’t able to pronounce my words correctly and the teacher would always have to help me with words. I felt embarressed everytime i had to read in front of the class. I would get all shooken up and nervous because I felt all eyes were always on me.
      Today reading for me is ok even if I have to read in front of other people, it doesn’t bother me if i make a mistake on my words, I will just sound it out until I get it or ask someone how to pronounce the word.


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