October 24

English 4 Battle Royal


Think about symbolism in the “Battle Royal”.  Ellison uses the most provocative symbols imaginable –when we think about race in America.  We can think of so many ties to modern circumstances and controversies. Identify at least two symbols from “Battle Royal” and decide what they symbolize and how you know that from what Ellison wrote.  Go to the text.  Be ready to discuss and throw out responses.  And follow up questions.  I’ll leave this forum open until Wednesday night.  Feel free to return and add more comments.  You are able to reply to other students.  The same standards for discussion apply here as in class.

In general, for the “Battle Royal” class discussion, feel free to:  1) pose Socratic Seminar-type questions for your classmates, 2) make comments to extend the conversation  3)  highlight relevant points within the text

October 19

Prompt for English 1A Takaki’s “Harmful Myth of Asian Superiority”

As a sociologist, Ronald Takaki, broke ground by dispelling myths by analyzing more closely, the statistics often presented as valid evidence.  Explain Takaki’s overall argument and describe the method he uses to persuade his audience.


Due by 5:45 today.  I will make comments on your work this weekend and we’ll schedule grade conferences next Thursday.


Don’t forget to check back here, Tuesday!  Your Kozol responses look great, by the way.  I am very impressed with your work!

Continue with your next reading.

October 19

Prompt for English 4 “Everything That Rises Must Converge” 10/29/17

Flannery O’Connor’s tone in this short story is pitch perfect.  Describe how O’Connor creates the narrative’s tone.  How does the author’s tone support the story’s theme (s)?  Use the rhetorical precis format.  If you have time, feel free to expand your response.

Due by 3:45 today.  Please remember to copy your work before you submit!


Read my comments.  We will conference individually during class Thursday on your work and grades thus far.

Don’t forget the Blackboard session on “Battle Royal” during class time Tuesday, the 24th.  I will send out a reminder announcement.