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Analyzing Voice in “Hold Up” Image

English 4 and English 1A–be sure to include your class and at least a first name and last initial so that I may credit the correct student.

Discovering Voice


Voice is created through conscious choices. In other words, the writer, painter, or musician purposefully chooses his or her “tools” (words, colors, instruments) and uses them in ways that create a certain effect.


You will learn more about this as we look deeper into voice in reading and writing, but always remember that the creation of voice involves conscious choices. As you consider the conscious choices writers, painters, or musicians make, learn to ask yourself some fundamental questions:


  1. What is he/she (or the work) saying? (What does the work mean?)
  2. How do you know? (What evidence can you find in the work to determine the meaning?)
  3. How does he/she do that? (What tools does the writer/painter/musician use to create meaning, and how does he/she use these tools?)



Look at the photo presented and answer questions 1-3 thoroughly here.


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55 thoughts on “Analyzing Voice in “Hold Up” Image

  1. Sergio Gomez

    English 1A
    1. What this picture is saying that she is mad and ready to take anything on.
    2.How I know is because in the picture you see Beyonce giving a menacing glare and her mouth slightly open like if she about to say something. Also the way she is holding that bat she looks like she ready to fight someone.
    3.They do this by using a bunch of different thing in the picture like the bat was used to make her look intimidating and also the background had what looks lie just a random side street witch shows she doesn’t care where she is.

  2. Milan Lopes

    1. Beyoncé is portraying an aggressive sneer. I think it means what are you going to do? You can’t hurt me, and you can’t touch me because if you get close enough I’m going to beat you with this bat.

    2. The bat and her mouth gives off her aggressive tone. Her makeup and rings also make her seem more affluent and therefore untouchable.

    3. Beyoncé wanted to make her message clear so she uses her clothing, baseball bat, and expression to change the tone of her video. She wanted to look powerful and aggressive so she used makeup which is empowering to a lot of women. She used her rings to show off her wealth and success, and finally the bat to symbolize she isn’t someone to mess with.

  3. tiffanymcheung

    1. What is he/she (or the work) saying? (What does the work mean?)
    According to the photo of Beyonce with her arms swung over the baseball bat, it may imply especially with the expression on her face that she is “up to bat” and ready to fight, or ready to defend herself. If somebody were to express a love of the sport, they may be standing with the bat on the ground, or swung over one shoulder, but the way she’s hanging off of it with her neck slightly cocked to the right conveys a sense of ownership and empowerment.

    2. How do you know? (What evidence can you find in the work to determine the meaning?)
    I am looking at her flared nostrils, the dead look in her smokey eyes, her hair tucked behind her ears and the way her hands are hanging off the bat- ready to fight.

    3. How does he/she do that? (What tools does the writer/painter/musician use to create meaning, and how does he/she use these tools?)
    I think the environment- looks like she’s outside on a street, not anywhere near a baseball field or and doesn’t give off a sports related vibe, the yellow shirt- although may express feelings of sunshine and happiness, can be understood as vibrant energy that can’t be taken down in this context.

  4. Rosemarie Compton

    What is he/she (or the work) saying? (What does the work mean?)

    I think the work is saying that she (Beyonce) is powerful and angry with her husband.

    How do you know? (What evidence can you find in the work to determine the meaning?)

    Where a wedding ring should be is a small bruise. This can mean that she had a struggle taking it off (maybe she took it off angrily) or that there is violent emotions about her husband. She has other rings on too, so this means that she had to choose to wear her wedding ring.
    She also has red nail polish on, while the rest of her outfit is in various tones of yellow. Since the red is easy to miss, it can mean that she has passive aggressive feelings.
    Beyonce is radiating in power due to several aspects. Her makeup is natural looking yet sexy. She is dressed in gold clothing and jewelry. Her hair is down, meaning that she is relaxed and is not trying to look pretty. She is also holding the bat in a way which is casual yet domineering. Her clothing is loose and looks like something a Greek Goddess would wear.

    How does he/she do that? (What tools does the writer/painter/musician use to create meaning, and how does he/she use these tools?)

    Color is a big one. The gold in Beyonce’s clothing and jewelry shows that she is valuable and should be treated as such. The red on her nails signifies hidden rage or anger.
    Another way to show what is being said is clothing. Beyonce has loose jewelry, hairdo, and dress on. She is not being constricted in any way, and she is free.

    Rosemarie C., English 1A

  5. Jose Guzman

    Englsih 1A

    1) The work is telling me that a female can wear whatever she wants and still be brave and feel relaxed at any moment. Be prepared for anything.

    2) I know this because the style she is wearing. She’s wearing a elegant top. with jewelry around her hands and ears. Her makeup makes her face look intimidating but also beautiful. Then there’s a baseball bat around her neck with her hands resting on it. This shows her relaxed but also prepared for anything going down.

    3)The tools she uses are objects, color and the emphasis where the camera or picture is focusing on. It’s focusing on her upper body, face, arms/hands.

  6. Sarah Rojas

    Sarah Rojas ENGL1A

    1.What is he/she (or the work) saying? (What does the work mean?
    She looks like she is threatening people with her facial expression and also by showing off the bat in her arms, as if she is not afraid to use it.
    2.How do you know? (What evidence can you find in the work to determine the meaning?)
    The evidence is that she is holding the bat. She is showing it off to the viewers. Also her face expression, she is not showing a happy face, she is giving a mean look. And also using her eyes for that.
    3.How does he/she do that? (What tools does the writer/painter/musician use to create meaning, and how does he/she use these tools?)
    She is holding the bat. She is wearing everyday clothes, not a baseball uniform, which means there is probably another purpose for the bat. Also her facial expression, she is not fully smiling, so she is not happy, but she is also showing off a mugging face.

  7. Nicholas Pynchon

    1. Beyonce manages to convey many different emotions through the composition of this image. The predominant messages that she wants to express, however, are that she will not be restrained, and that she will use her voice to express her concerns.

    2. We can see from her facial expression and posture that, although a force is pushing her down, she is still attempting to speak. Her jewelry exhibits wealth which may be interpreted in more ways than one. She has a wealth of knowledge that she intends to share with the her audience. Or perhaps it is to show that someone of her descent is still able to become wealthy in today’s society.

    3. The various elements of the photograph each contain their own meanings and contributions to the overall message of the photo. The baseball bat, held across the back of her neck, forces her into a position much like a pillory. Despite this, Beyonce refuses to be silent, contrary to what we might expect of a “prisoner.” By not straightening her hair for the shoot, Beyonce is showing that she will not attempt to hide or alter her natural self to appease others. Her top appears to be flowing, open, and comfortable. She is showing that she will not restrict herself. We even see that her neck is left vulnerable which shows us that, while she is standing up for what she believes in, she remains open.

  8. Krystal Cooper

    English A1
    1. In this photograph the artist is being very dominating and is showing off.

    2. I know this because taking up a lot of space is a show of dominance and a warning to others to back off, also her teeth are showing but not in a smile indicating she is not happy. I think she is trying to show off because of the jewelry and the makeup.

    3. Her jewelry shows her of higher status. She uses a baseball bat to show she is dangerous, but if you were trying to be truly dangerous you would hold it as if you are about to it something with it, not in the way she is which is why I think she is trying to show off.

  9. Jenella Jiang

    1)What is he/she (or the work) saying? (What does the work mean?)
    According to the image, She might be saying something to against others or she’s ready to make some decisions.

    2)How do you know? (What evidence can you find in the work to determine the meaning?)
    By looking at the picture, I can notice her eyes was full of fire and disdain. Her lips looks like she’s saying something about what she angry with, and dissatisfied. And her motion shows she’s hold up a baseball bat and ready to fight something in public.

    3)How does he/she do that? (What tools does the writer/painter/musician use to create meaning, and how does he/she use these tools?)
    From the image, Beyonce is wearing a yellow jacket and gold jewelries which is also yellow. And also her skin is corresponding to what she wearing. Her red nails shows the wild side of her. And one men is stand behind her. All of this will give us a deeper impressions and visual impact to show us her inner energy to against something,and ready to take an action to protect someone.

  10. Diana Perez

    1. What is he/she (or the work) saying? (What does the work mean?)
    I think this picture is saying that Beyonce is happy. It’s saying that she is excited to use the bat behind her neck. The picture is saying that Beyonce is talking and looking directly at the camera.

    2.How do you know? (What evidence can you find in the work to determine the meaning?)
    Beyonce has a lot of jewelry on, make up on, nails and hair done. She is also wearing a really bright dress. This all makes her look very nice and happy. Although the bat resting in her neck makes her look dangerous.

    3.How does he/she do that? (What tools does the writer/painter/musician use to create meaning, and how does he/she use these tools?)
    Usually one dresses up this nice for an event where they are celebrating something or where they are going to enjoy themselves. Bat are also used to hit baseballs or to hit someone or something in form of defense. Her open mouth makes her look happy to hit something.

  11. Lyanne Nisperos

    Lyanne Nisperos
    English 4

    1. From the image of Beyonce you can tell she doesn’t want to be messed with, angry and about to get into something violent.
    2.Her facial expression shows resentment, anger, jealousy and disgust: the way her mouth is open, scrunched nose, raised eyebrows and her stare. She also has a baseball bat which shows she’s ready to go off anything that comes her way.
    3. Her body language is a tool that captures her mood. Again with the bat, it shows that she has power and anyone that tries to come for her should be intimidated. Also she’s wearing a bright yellow and a lot of jewelry which draws a lot of attention to her and shows she has no shame in what she’s about to get into.

  12. esteban Deanda

    1.looking at the picture I see that Beyonce has that face where shes bout to say something snappy with some kind of attitude.
    2.I know this because of done this face a lot and Ive seen a lot of girls make that face and the things that come out of their mouth, are things that they don’t like.
    3what the author is trying to portray in the picture is mix of a lot of things like the bat could mean violence or a threat yet the the clothes that Beyonce wears are bright yellow which I see it as being happy, joyful. Maybe threatening someone from messing with her happiness.

  13. Tomas

    1. What is he/she (or the work) saying? (What does the work mean?)

    The bat and the lips represent don’t mess with me kind of mentality. The face has a smug look and anger in the eyes of Beyoncé. It seems as she is about to do something unpredictable.

    2. How do you know? (What evidence can you find in the work to determine the meaning?)

    The bat represents dominant power and yet the rings and trinkets on wrist and fingers represent feminine power. I think it represents that woman are powerful too just like men are. The actor behind Beyoncé means that it’s somewhere on the street out in the public.

    3. How does he/she do that? (What tools does the writer/painter/musician use to create meaning, and how does he/she use these tools?)

    In ancient Egypt, yellow would be a representation of gold. Having gold dress would represent as a goddess and beauty. And it’s very noticeable. the director of making the scene represent of destruction and power such as holding the bat with golden jewelry. With beautiful patterns of makeup such as the eyebrows and eyes but “Don’t mess with me” alongside with lips attitude which would add up to a smug face. The actor is being put behind the scene with a little bit of graffiti which would mean it’s somewhere in the ghetto town on the streets outside. The nails are also in red which further demonstrates the feminine power and red would represent as in blood.

  14. Vanessa vigil/ Eng 4

    1. It appears she is just looking out at somebody, something and is giving this vibe like watch out.

    2. I can tell by her facial expression, her mouth is open and she’s hanging herself on some type of bat looking thing. The clothing she is wearing it seems like she might be representing something maybe culture wise so i think that’s why she has that facial expression of dont mess with me.

    3. Obviously what really stands out to me is her hanging on the bat and her clothing that is bright and her mouth open, she’s saying something that can be resprenting the whole situation in that picture.

  15. Satara Ahrari

    Satara Ahrari
    English 4

    The artist pictured is Beyonce, who is visibly provoked and looks ferocious.

    She conveys her anger by staring directly into the camera with her mouth open, teeth visible and somewhat grinning. Her eyes are slightly squinted and her eyebrows are raised.
    She is holding a baseball bat on her shoulders, with her arms wrapped around it, suggesting that she is ready to put it to use at any given time.

    Beyonce uses her strong makeup, her brightly colored clothes, long, red nails to stand out and look fierce. The bat, is not used as a sport tool but rather as weapon, to show that she is dangerous and should not be messed with.

  16. jordanmh

    Jordan Hunter
    Eng 4

    1. Beyonce has her lips curled and is barring her teeth really showing she doesn’t want to be played with.

    2. She leaning forward with her face scrunched and a bat hanging on hr shoulders is giving off the message she’s ready to do whatever is necessary and pretty much threateningly.

    3. The color yellow itself can stand for happiness and hope but it also stands for deceit and cowardice. In this picture it seems like someone deceived Beyonce and she’s angry and wants her revenge. They used a bat to emphasize the threat. It’s also public area possibly showing how open or how any people knew and how hurtful that was or even that she wants everyone to know what happened. Bringing back the color yellow she probably will be happy once it is all over.

  17. Poonam Khatri

    English 4

    1. In the photo Beyonce looks likes she is angry and ready to fight. She has that look on her face that says “don’t mess with me”.

    2. In the photo she’s not smiling its a mug shot of her. That shows she is angry and confident about what she believes in. The bright colored yellow dress and jewelry show that is is classy that really makes her stand out in the picture.

    3. Beyonce uses an bat to show that is angry. The way the bat is around her shoulders shows she’s ready to use it. The dress color yellow is bright and catches attention. Also the jewelry that she is wearing shows class and confidence but doesn’t take away the fact that she is angry because the smirk on her face proves she is angry and ready to fight.

  18. Alexander Ruiz

    1) Looking and the picture you can see from Beyoncé’s “smile,” her glaring eyes, and bat behind her neck that she is preparing to get back at someone in a violent way

    2) I know this because of the position that she is in with the bad behind her neck and arms hanging off the bat that she is prepared to use it. Furthermore, her smirk like “smile” shows that she is not afraid to go into action. Lastly The amount of jewelry she has on her hands gives off a sense of wealth that she is trying to show off to those around her

    3) The tools the author uses to show this are the bat to symbolize that violence could happen, The amount of jewelry she has on just because she wants to show off and her posture being in ready position to use that bat.

  19. cameronjmoniz

    Cameron Moniz
    English 4

    1. The image above of Beyonce portrays a sense of power, a sense of superiority. She has a look of fearlessness in the photo and the bat in her hands provides a sense of intimidation to the viewer.

    2. We can make the assumption that she holds power based on multiple things. For starters, the facial expression she has is a smirk as if to say “I’m not afraid of you”. She is holding a baseball bat with a very casual fearless pose, and even the jewelry on her hands provides a sense of power or success that could come off as intimidating.

    3. The author uses props such as the baseball bat, the jewelry on her hands, the man standing in the background, and one could even argue that the color choice (yellow) of her shirt was chosen in a psychological manner. The bat shows power, the jewelry shows success, and the color could arguably provide us with a subconscious feeling of intimidation.

  20. Jose Jacinto Jr

    English 4

    1. After analyzing the image provided, I get a sense of empowerment from Beyoncé. Her gaze is intimidating, visible teeth show a sense of anger, like she’s “fed up”, and when you bring it together as a whole she resembles someone that shouldn’t be messed with in her current state.

    2. I found it rather difficult to not allow my knowledge and understanding of the actual song and video to effect how I view this single image. By looking at her face alone, it’s rather obvious she is angry, looking more closely, you see that she is carrying a bat as to emphasize the amount of patience she has left, will she use it? Or has she already? This is unknown; however, if you look closely at the man in the background, he seems to have an understanding of the fact that she is not the one to mess with and watches from a distance.

    3. Beyoncé uses her intimidating gaze, snarled teeth, free-flowing locks of hair, a Wooden bat, and her bright flowy dress to creat the meaning in the image. Her face is to intimidate who ever is looking at her, the bat emphasizes she is angry and fed up and is willing to use the weapon, her flowy hair and dress, to me, symbolize freedom and empowerment, and the color yellow is bright and loud, as a way to grasp the attention of by standers and emit power and gracefulness. This image screams “I am woman, hear me roar!”.

  21. Emily Barnhart

    English 4

    1) Beyonce’s body language and facial expressions show that she is feeling smug and confident. She appears to have gone through some stuff and come out on top of it.

    2) Beyoncé is wearing a bright, positive color. She’s wearing jewelry and has her makeup done to show she isn’t a victim. She pulled herself together because she’s powerful and fierce. Her face is basically screaming “please mess with me I dare you”.

    3) Beyoncé portrays the confident person by a combination of facial expressions to represent the emotion, the baseball bat to portray that she is willing to fight back, and brightly colored clothes and nice jewelry to show how well she’s doing despite the hardships.

  22. david bautista

    David Bautista
    English 4

    Discovering Voice

    1. The picture is showing a person who is assertive in their beliefs and likes to stand out. Maybe someone who grew up in a bad neighborhood and had to learn to stand up for herself.
    2. The woman in the picture has a peeved facial expression and is ready to take action with the baseball bat; to get her way. Her smirk is taunting whoever has a problem with her as if she wishes to be challenged. She wants to standout and does this by wearing bright colors and many different pieces of jewelry.
    3. The way she is holding the bat is not necessarily an aggressive stance, but somewhat taunting; challenging her opponent. She is also wearing a bright yellow jacket and flashy jewelry to get attention.

  23. Adrian Gallegos

    Adrian G.
    English 4
    1. What the work is saying that there is a picture of Beyonce who looks like a serial killer that’s about to steal the soul from innocent people.
    2. The way how I know, from my opinion, is that when I looked at the picture, I thought Beyonce was smiling. Then I realized her body language tell a lot from how she is expressing her lower face. In the picture, it looks like the artist is more simpering instead of smiling, making her more intimidating. She looks like she’s about hit the camera man with bat and later hit a home run to her victims while the old man in the background is the remaining witness.
    3. The way how she did this is that she tools or props along with clothing. In the picture, she uses bright clothing like yellow so it would give her more appearance from the setting that she’s in, the setting itself she used looks like a street near an alley where looks a little ran down, but still people walk and pass by (giving it an atmosphere match the scenery in the background) just like the old man, and the only prop she used was the baseball bat by making it unsettling when she made that expression while taking that picture. All together it would look like someone that grew up in a rough neighborhood.

  24. Kiera Thomas

    1.Looking at this photo, Beyonce is giving off the impression that she is angry and/ or fed up.

    2.I can tell by her facial expression. She has a serious look in her eyes, her nose is flared open, and her mouth is open but she is not smiling it looks more like she is ready to go off.

    3.The author has Beyonce holding a bat which shows right away that there is a sense of seriousness in this picture. She’s not holding it as if she is ready to play baseball but as if she’s ready to actually hit someone or something with it by giving off a “say something I dare you” look.

    1. Kiera Thomas

      ENG 4

      1.Looking at this photo, Beyonce is giving off the impression that she is angry and/ or fed up.

      2.I can tell by her facial expression. She has a serious look in her eyes, her nose is flared open, and her mouth is open but she is not smiling it looks more like she is ready to go off.

      3.The author has Beyonce holding a bat which shows right away that there is a sense of seriousness in this picture. She’s not holding it as if she is ready to play baseball but as if she’s ready to actually hit someone or something with it by giving off a “say something I dare you” look.

  25. Betel Etafe

    Betel Etafe
    English 1A

    1. What is he/she (or the work) saying? (What does the work mean

    Looking at the picture she looks like she is pissed off and want to hit someone.

    2.How do you know? (What evidence can you find in the work to determine the meaning?)

    I found a couple of evidence in the pictures, the first one looking at her face she looks angry and unhappy because she is biting her teeth and ready to hit someone and the second one is her mouth is open it shows that she is not smiling.

    3.How does he/she do that? (What tools does the writer/painter/musician use to create meaning, and how does he/she use these tools?)

    The musician use a few tools to create meaning.she dresses yellow dress with her hair flowing in the wind it shows jealousy and upset and she puts the baseball bat across her shoulders it shows that she wants to smash something or fight someone.

  26. Cesar

    1. This picture she is showing confidence and she is ready to speak up. She is well above other a high class. I don’t know if she’s going to send a message of power by the looks of it she does not want to be messed with. She is independent in this picture.
    2. From prehistoric times to renaissance period art was a way to represent education, wealth, royalty, class, power, courage, etc. open mouth means sound. The clothes show style and time period and the position or pose of person body shows movement, power, bravery, sacrifice, and so on.
    3. The eye contact comes to the viewer which means she has our attention. The jewelry makes her high class/ wealthy, like the Egyptian sculptures, they have jewelry and fancy drapery on their queens. Her open mouth means theres sound. Like words coming out of her mouth, just like a painting it makes you wonder what they are saying. Her long wavy hair with highlights and her dress shows her fashion and style for the time maybe late 90s. The way she has her bat she is one person you don’t want to mess with, she is protected and she sure knows how to use it. The bat is her protection and she is standing up for her self or maybe many people. She is independent, confident, smart, and wealthy.

  27. Jose Quilez

    1) When I look at Beyonce in this image I see her saying come mess with me.
    2) From the way she’s standing with that baseball bat. It looks like an uncomfortable way to stand. She was trying to make it look threatening with an attitude that she doesn’t care because of the smirk.
    3) The musician uses powerful imagery to relay her point along to the viewer without having to explain it. The viewer sees her expression and then the baseball bat and the understand what she is saying.

  28. Karina Barillas

    Karina Barillas
    English 4

    1. By looking at this picture one can assume that Beyonce is angry, or “fed up.” She is showing a sense of empowerment and she should not be messed with.

    2. The evidence lies in her facial expression and her physically holding a baseball bat. Her mouth is open showing her teeth and tongue, she’s speaking and most likely expressing her disgust. You can see the emotion in her eyes, she looks like she’s reached her limit and is ready to be vocal. She is also holding a bat, and not for no reason. She is pissed off, in control, and is going to break things.

    3. From details as little as her smokey eye makeup, you get an angrier, more serious vibe than you would if she were wearing bright colors on her face. Her facial expression shows a sense of displeasure, yet confidence and power. I think the bat is also an expression of herself or her emotions, and how it brings damage to things if used that way. She wanted these things to send a message.

  29. Joseph Wong

    Joseph Wong
    English 1A

    1. From the image it looks as though Beyonce is ready take on anyone who wants to mess with her.
    2.She looks like she is really fed up with someone due to the expression on her face. Beyonce also has a bat resting on the back of her neck which suggests that she’s ready to take on anyone who wants to cause any trouble with her.
    3.Beyonce’s stare gives off a really intense atmosphere, it feels like she’s really not going to let anyone do her wrong again because of that. The photographer used a bright yellow outfit for Beyonce to wear that signifies that she wouldn’t want anyone to miss her in a crowd because of how the color is so garish. The bat is one of the key tools that could symbolize the destruction and power that Beyonce is going to unleash. The jewelry that Beyonce is wearing is another tool that the photographer used which symbolizes wealth.

  30. Raymond Cadion

    English 4

    1. In this image, Beyonce looks as if she’s done playing games. She’s had enough of holding back her anger.

    2. Her facial expressions says it the most. It shows that she’s not messing around and that she’s serious. The way Beyonce is holding the bat also expresses her mood.

    3. There are many symbolic items in the image. The bat represents how she’s in this destructive mood. The color yellow represents not only her album “Lemonade,” but also how she’s feeling.

  31. Ti Faotusia

    English 1A – Ti Faotusia

    1) What is he/she (or the work) saying? (What does the work mean?)

    I believe the work is saying that Beyonce is serious and “means business”. She looks confident and focused.

    2) How do you know? (What evidence can you find in the work to determine the meaning?)

    Beyonce’s facial expression being captured mid-conversation shows she’s talking about something serious due to her straight face and her top teeth only showing. Her eyes are low and focused. Her demeanor shows confidence and readiness; by holding the bat in that way it shows that she is prepared to use it, but doesn’t believe she needs to.

    It is visible that she is out on the street, in broad daylight, with possible witnesses (man behind her), which represents her pride in her upcoming commitments. Beyonce wearing bright clothing and various pieces of jewelry adds to her assertiveness. Whereas for those who were to commit a “crime”, they’d usually wear less distinctive clothing, disguises and/or act at nighttime.

    Also, Beyonce’s full face of makeup shows that she does not plan on having to struggle to get what she wants. Usually one would not apply makeup if they believed they’d have to fight to meet their demands.

    3) How does he/she do that? (What tools does the writer/painter/musician use to create meaning, and how does he/she use these tools?)

    The photographer is able to create meaning throughout the image by connecting several aspects of the setting, people, and objects. With the setting, the artist can set a mood and time of day or time period. With the people, the artist can speak through facial expressions, posture, and position. Lastly, with objects their placement, size, color, and quality can add more depth to their meaning. All of these tools are what allowed me to provide my evidence in my previous answer (#2).

  32. Erika coker eng4

    1. I think the look on Beyoncé’s face is saying “F*** with me if you want to” .
    2.I know this because of the look on her face it almost looks like the look a dog gives you if you try to mess with it’s food. You see teeth and that raised lip.
    3. The tools she uses to show this is her bat she looks like she is about to do some damage .

  33. Kassey Lucero

    English A1

    1. The message I’m getting from the picture is ” I won’t mess you you, unless you mess with me”.
    2. I came to these conclusions because of the way she’s holding the bat and how done up she is. The bat can symbolize protection or a stance for something she believes in. If you were ready to fight someone or get involved in an altercation, you wouldn’t have dressed the way she mdid. I think her clothes and her makeup symbolizes her classiness but since her nails are a bold red color she’s ready for whatever to happen.
    3. She created an image using props(bat,clothes,jewelry,ect.) that could have many meanings to them. Her facial expression from her mouth to her eyes says a lot about how she could be feeling. She may look upset but the way she dressed can tell you otherwise.

  34. Roxanna Mata English 4 2:30 class on Tue. and Thur.

    1. She looks as if she is ready to get into a fight but in a relaxed calm way. As if yes I’m cute and nice but you mess with me I’ll take you down. She doesn’t show not fear not hesitation what so ever.

    2. Her hands are in a relaxed hanging position, but her facial expression is tough looking with relaxed she does not look crazy mad but she looks as if she is pissed off. Upper body gesture is in a relaxed position but can at any moment ready to get in a fight.

    3. This picture captured her facial expression on point with her mouth kind of open but not completely, her stair is straight on like “I see you” but the muscles are relaxed. The way she has her arms hanging on the bat so relaxed shows she is relaxed but the bat gives her that edge of I’m ready. Her hands are not in a fist but just chill. Her jewelry, makeup and clothing make her look very feminine but with her hair down curly not really done but kind makes her look like she can be a little tough.

  35. Hunter Phelps

    English 1A

    1) I think the work is displaying female empowerment. I think it also shows that she is upset about something and is not in a good mood. She might intend to use the bat for something violent.

    2) The evidence I find in the image comes from mainly the bat on her shoulder and how she is carrying herself. The way her mouth is it would appear that when the image was taken she was talking and because of that it is hard to tell if she’s really smiling or not. The empowerment comes from the bright yellow colored loose outfit she is wearing in addition to the jewelry she is wearing and how she has her make up and hair done.

    3) The author of the image is using many subtle things to support an overall message. She still looks like she’s easy going due to the outfit she’s wearing despite resting her arms on a bat thats on her shoulders. The man behind her also demonstrates that she’s somewhere outside and public in front of stores. The meaning all comes together to seem that she is a powerful woman that is upset because someone has wronged her.

  36. ogzac72

    Omar Garcia
    English 1A

    1. She has an open mouth like she is getting ready to speak. Her facial expression shows she has anger built up it looks like.

    2. Her eyebrows are lifted to show her attitude. She has the bat resting on her shoulders like she is ready to smash something.

    3. The bat could have been used to show violence, and the way her make up is done is to show her attitude, along with the type of jewelry she is wearing as well. The yellow dress is bright and vibrant to really catch the audiences attention.

  37. Aaron Gesmundo

    Aaron Gesmundo
    English 1A

    1. Beyonce looks like she is ready to show off and possibly be violent. She is ready to hit something or someone with that baseball ball bat she has on her shoulders.

    2.She has an excessive amount of jewelry on both hands and she is wearing a loosely fitted dress. She has a bat resting on her shoulders and she might use it for something. Her facial expression makes her look like she is ready to go off on somebody or something.

    3. There are several tools that Beyonce uses in order to convey her message. For example, her dress is yellow and yellow is a bright and very noticeable color. It indicates that she wants her presence to be known throughout the audience. Second, she uses her facial expression and makeup to emphasize that she is serious. Most importantly she has a baseball bat which is used either to play baseball or for destruction of property. Her serious facial expression and her choice of clothing indicate that is using it to something or someone. And the photographer focuses on Beyonce by intentionally making the background blurry while making Beyonce look clear and focused.

  38. Marya Alhujaili

    Marya Alhujaili
    English 4

    1- Just looking at the picture, Beyonce is giving the expression of mocking on a certain situation or on someone angrily.

    2- You can tell because of her facial expressions; you can see that she is faking her smile like she is ready to beat up someone. The bat that she’s carrying proving that she’s ready to fight. Also the jewelries that she is wearing give the expression of violence.

    3- The author uses the baseball bat to emphasize violence , make-up and jewelries to emphasize strength and power to create the meaning or to meet the goal that the author wants to achieve.

  39. Audrey Xiao

    ENG 4

    1.The image shows Beyonce in position of power and control.

    2.The photographer includes props such as the baseball bat on her shoulder and the positioning of her arms on the bat. Her facial expressions such as her opened mouth and her glaring eyes indicates that she is ready for whatever she plans to do.

    3.The photographer uses a couple of tools such as the bat to indicate that she is in position to defend herself. Her body language such as the position of her arms signifies that she is getting ready for action. The photographer also uses a contrast of her bright yellow clothing with the sun shining on her hair and the muted dark, gray colors in the background to emphasize that she has the power and control to defend herself.

  40. Thanh Ton

    English 4

    1) In the photograph, Beyonce has the facial expressions of one who is about to engage in physical battle or has already beaten those who are attempting to stand in her way. What this photograph is trying to tell us is that Beyonce is ready to go at it with anyone.

    2) You are able to tell that she is not in a happy mood because she is showing teeth but not smiling. Her facial expressions are trying to show anger but not full on anger.

    3) Beyonce uses everything from her facial expressions to her baseball bat to show that she is ready to fight anytime and anywhere. She has really nice makeup on along with expensive jewelry on both hands and has her fingernails done to furthermore express that she is ready to duke it out with anyone, anywhere and anytime.

  41. Annalese Mallory

    English 4

    1. I believe that this picture is trying to portray Beyonce in an aggressive and threatening way. She looks as if she’s ready to fight or attack someone. I also think that the picture says that even though Beyonce may hold herself in a put together or composed way, doesn’t mean that she wont fight or stand up for herself.

    2. I can assume this what is being portrayed through the picture mostly because of Beyonce’s facial expression and because of the fact that she’s holding a bat as well; but although she looks angry and ready to fight, she has her makeup done, jewelry on, and a nice blouse/dress on.

    3.In the picture, Beyonce’s eyes seem to be slightly squinted, as if she is glaring at someone or something and she is also showing her teeth. Often times, when a person’s teeth are showing and it isn’t through a smile, it can be seen as anger or aggression. Her body language and the way the bat is positioned on her shoulders can be seen as intimidating as well. The positioning of the bat is kind of casual and can state that she won’t necessarily use it, but it is there and has it ready to use whenever she wants. In the picture, even though she looks as though she is going to fight, she is still dressed up well with accessories and all. She doesn’t look crazy or unstable, like you might expect somebody who would be walking around the streets with a bat to look. I believe this could mean that although you are a put together and classy woman, doesn’t mean you can’t stand up for yourself.

  42. Diego Gonzalez 1A

    1.)What is she saying?
    She is telling us about revenge, petty anger and/or empowerment.

    2.)How do you know?
    Her mouth is open but not smiling, her eyes and eyebrows have more of an upset or angry tone to them. I don’t know much about makeup but with the way she did it, it makes her look more menacing with the darker color, when her dress applies the opposite with it being a nice happy yellow color. She also looks like she is fairly comfortable wearing these clothes. The baseball bat also plays a big part because she’s sort of showing it off like if she wants to use it.

    3.)How does he/she do that?
    Well, like I said before she is resting the baseball bat on her neck and her arms over it in a menacing yet, comfortable position, it makes her look cool, calm, and collect.

  43. Presley Cheng

    ENG 1A

    1. By Beyonce’s expression and her gesture of placing a baseball bat on her neck, It appears that she is showing a sign of dominance and power towards the audience.

    2. From Beyonce’s dramatic makeup to all the sophisticated pieces of jewelry, it gives a notion of her extreme confidence, and it also shows that she is not afraid of anything or anyone with the addition of the baseball bat. Moreover, from her exposed teeth and tongue, we can tell that she will never hesitate to confront anybody that goes in her way.

    3. Three major tools were used to create the characteristics of this powerful image. The first and the most crucial one is the baseball bat on her neck, it represents the “color” of power and dominance, telling us that she can fight and is a capable woman. The second tool being her jewelry and makeup, despite all the action and violence, she is still an attractive and a confident woman. Lastly, her untidied hair informs us that she can do whatever she wants, being wild, reckless, and fearless.

  44. Mitchell Reed

    English 4

    1.) From what I know about Beyoncé, I know this picture is supposed to showcase female empowerment.

    2.) I know because Beyoncé carries herself like a politician. She is one of the few mainstream activist musicians whose work, more times than not, has a deep message behind it. Plus, I know this song was about her husband ( Jay Z ) cheating on her and how she dealt with it.

    3.) Beyoncé has this “Yeah…What?!?!” look on her face along with a baseball bat chilling on the back of her neck tucked under her arms. She uses her facial expression and a baseball bat as tools that makes her look like the Kingpin/ Queenpin that has the power to just give you one look and her underlings will dispose of you if you piss her off.

  45. Bryant Tong

    In the picture, Beyonce looks like she is about to mouth a word that has the letter “L”. Looking at her expression, I can also assume that she seems ready to stand up to someone or to show that she is confident in herself.
    I can assume that she looks like she wants to stand up for herself and is confident because of her facial expression and the baseball bat on her shoulders. In addition, she has a confident glare, in which she is looking straight at the camera or audience.
    Beyonce may have used the background, her baseball bat, and other techniques to display meaning in her song. By displaying a sort of suburban neighborhood setting, I can infer that she might have wanted to send out a message that us individuals of all backgrounds can say something to be confident. In addition, she may have used the baseball bat to show that she is ready to fight for herself if anyone disrespects her or her ideas.

  46. Jacquelyn Garcia

    1. By looking at this image we can tell that Beyoncé is angry and ready to do something violent.

    2. If you look at the expression on her face, you can see that she’s giving a smirk while also giving an intimidating look. The bat on her shoulders represents the anger and violence.

    3. The author used a few signs to give meaning and of them is the clothing. Her top is yellow which makes it pop and one of the first things you notice. Another sign is her makeup, such as her smoky eye, which sort of adds to the look of intimidation.

  47. Lyzette Madero

    Lyzett Madero
    English 4

    1. Bast off the picture it looks like Beyonce is about to do something or she has already done it. It looks like she is ready to fight.

    2. The evidence I see is on her face expression. She is looking straight forward at the viewers and her mouth is open showing her teeth like she is about to say something. Another evidence I see is she is holding a bat, like she is ready to fight or to has already fought someone and is walking away without a scratch.

    3. I believe one of the reasons why they were able to get this feeling in one picture is because of the background. Behind her is a man and what looks like a barber shop. It helps to give the idea she is walking forward to go fight someone by her serious face. Another way they were able to give this feeling is that she is holding a bat like she going to use it to fight someone with her serious face. It shows that she is ready to fright.

  48. Skylare Perez

    1. From looking at the picture, I can see that Beyonce looks upset. She has the type of look that reads “Don’t mess with me, I’m pissed”.

    2. You can tell by her facial expression that she is upset about something. He nostrils are flared out, her mouth is slightly open showing only her teeth. Her hands are positioned on top of a baseball bat, located behind/in between her shoulder blades. This body position gives me the impression that she is upset, yet in control of her urges.

    3. A few tools were used by the author to make these “signs” clear. The bat, the main tool, can be used to represent anger and violence. When I think of a bat, I think of it being used to hit something. Along with the bat, Beyonce’s facial expression is brightened up by the vibrant color of her dress. By having bright colors around the focal point of the picture, the focal point being Beyonce’s face, it opens up the image and draws the viewer into her facial expressions. The jewelry being worn by Beyonce shows class, yet doesn’t draw away from the anger being expressed.

  49. Shane Singh

    Shane Singh
    English 1A

    1. Looking at the picture, it looked like Beyonce was ready to fight with someone.

    2. This was shown with her carrying a bat while wearing normal clothing. She also appeared to be speaking to someone based on her tongue and teeth shown. The background looked like a barbershop, so the scene was taken place in public.

    3. The author used subtle images to show meaning in the picture. For example, the yellow shirt was used to symbolize energy and to stand out. The jewelry worn while carrying a bat showed she can fight and look good too. The man in the background established that she was in public with people.

  50. Christian Valle

    1. From this image you can tell that Beyonce appears as if she is about to do something violent or has already had based off the objects and expressions pictured.

    2. You can tell by her face especially her lips cause it has a kind of smirk look, which indicates she probably is up to something. As well as the baseball bat she has around her shoulders/arms proving that shes about to use it or already has. Plus the older gentlemen in the back staring at her just taking her presence in and watching.

    3. The author uses a few tools to capture meaning. Off the bat, shes wearing yellow. The color is flashy and obviously noticeable, something you cant miss.The bat is a major tool she uses to emphasize anger. As well as the jewelry is a good tool which shows shes ready for action but doesn’t forget about her as a women with it on.


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