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  1. Lorena Padilla

    In this photo from a recent fashion show, I see that the designer is displaying a brown man that can either be mad or sad but clearly, has a serious look on his face, wearing a fashionable jacket along with the word “Refugee” written across his right cheek. Models come from all different countries and backgrounds all over the world, so I believe the point that this designer is getting at is although this man in this photo may be an immigrant or refugee, he still plays a big role in today’s society. I believe that the designer took the opportunity to use this photo in a recent fashion show because most people whether we want to or not, we look at fashion, it’s a big thing in today’s society. With that being said the designer used the event of the fashion show to showcase and get more awareness on what really goes on in this country with our new president. Although the designer only used one person in this photo I believe that immigrants, refugees, models, come in all different countries and don’t all look alike. Therefore, I feel that this photo could have made a stronger, more clearer point if there were more people present in the picture. That way the audience is able to see how diverse our society is and the impact that everyone has in this country whether you were born here or had to migrate here for whatever reason.

  2. Abraham Barroso

    I never quite understood the photograph on what the designer wanted to show or to make a point in the photo. However looking at the photo again, I can see what the designer wanted to point out. He wanted to show that most of the models weren’t born and raised in the US, some of the models came from different parts of the country. Now that we live in a country where a closed minded child is in office, he doesn’t want any refugees in this country because of ‘they’re terrorist’. As we look 2-3 years back most of the massacres, were caucasian males, not refugees or immigrants, but citizens of the US. People come to this country to seek opportunity and to have a chance to make a better living for themselves and for the family back home. In the streets today we can see a man with a sign that reads “NEED HELP” from the homeless US citizens, then we see an immigrant selling fruit, flowers or toys in the street to make at least some money for their families. It saddens me to hear that immigrants are ruining this country, but in reality, the only person ruining this country is Trump. My point is that immigrants and refugees aren’t ruining this country they helping it by taking jobs that some people won’t take advantage of.

  3. Shabana Rahman

    Unfortunately, I believe this picture trivializes the plight of the refugees. By placing the word refugee on a brown man’s face perhaps, the designer wanted to show what a refugee may look like. In my opinion I don’t think this picture does justice to refugees. All anyone will see is an exotic looking young man with a really expensive shirt. Sadly, most refugees don’t elect to become refugees by choice, are poor, and look disheveled.Immigrant would have been a better suited word.
    As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Sadly, I dont think this one. However, I still believe any space is a good space to start a public debate provided it is somewhat meaningful. People should always be engaged and concerned about issues that not only affect them personally but also their community and those well outside of these communities.

  4. Edwin Chand

    In the refugee photo which is emerged from a recent fashion show the designer wants to say how many refugees just like him in the picture is forced to leave everything in order to be safe. They guy in the picture seems disappointed with “REFUGEE” tatted on his forehead. I believe that it’s not an effective use of public debate space because no matter how much he would try to get noticed and receive justice he’s voice isn’t going to get heard. In present time there’s a lot of protesting going on over elections where it’s causing a lot of damage on people and our community but there’s no action being taken after there’s someone who got control over everything. In my opinion the guy would get attention for a short amount of time but wouldn’t be taking seriously.

  5. Zak C.

    In all honesty im not quite sure what the designer is trying to say. I think potentially they are trying to put a face to the term ‘Refugee’. We here it so often but its not everyday you look at a photo of a refugee and can look them in the eyes, and really feel the humanly connection to them. We see video clips on the news and images pass by on our television screen, but you don’t get to look at an image like this everyday, especially with the word refugee labeled right across the subjects cheek. Second, if the designer is in a position that they can make a point and be heard, than they have every right to take advantage of that position their in, to stand up for something. Granted they have to consider mixing business with opinion, which could differ from others, which could lead to some issues. If thats a statement they want to make then they have freedom of speech to do so as desired.

  6. Brian S

    The designer shows us that refugees are people and that refugees aren’t classified as an object people use to discriminate. Donald Trump has played an impactful role for refugees around the world which has made people biased against refugees negatively. People that do not have enough education or background on refugees rely on Trump’s preachings on information that he has made up through his campaigns and even to this day. Trump currently has banned civilians from 7 muslim-majority countries. Many people in America have families in these muslim-majority countries so they can escape the war.
    In the picture, the refugee has a tattoo under his eye which labels him as a refugee. He is wearing dapper clothing and he has his hair combed to the side. The designer wants to express that refugees are more than ordinary people we see on the streets. Refugees have been through tougher situations than we have been. They’re escaping death, facing torture, and being chased out of their homes. They’re going through tougher situations than the average American who perhaps is trying to pay off their studying student loans.
    I think photos like this are an effective use of public space debate. Many people can critically think about this picture if they are informed about the refugees’ situations. It creates conflict in the local, state, and federal government. However, President Donald Trump stated that refugees are pouring into the country. We can relate refugees to immigration because American provides many opportunities for people. Trump’s grandparents also immigrated to America from Germany to America. Its incredibly oblivious from Trump to make absurd comments on refugees. The executive power of President Donald Trump outweighs the powers of the people in some aspects. I just think people need to be informed on issues like this picture so they can understand the situation the refugees are in so they can be more involved politically.


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