November 28

Finding and paraphrasing outside sources in Victor Rios’ “Punished”

Search chapter 4 for three examples of expert opinions or sources. For example,

“Labor historian Robin Kelley argues that young people become involved in “play”–the seeking of personal enjoyment despite their detrimental circumstances.” (75)

Then, re-write the expert opinion in your own words. For example,

“In his study of labor history, Robin Kelley finds that no matter where a young person lives, they want to enjoy themselves by playing around.”

I included all the important information but re-wrote it in my own words.

Homework. Do the same for Chapter 6 on a separate sheet of paper.

November 28

Paraphrasing with “Harmful Myth of Asian Superiority”

Paraphrase the following quotes from Ronald Takaki’s essay. (Re-write them in your own words).

A) “For all their hard work and long hours, most Korean shopkeepers do not actually earn very much: $17, 000.00 to $35, 000.00 a year, usually representing the income from the labor of an entire family.”

B) “Most Asian Americans know their ‘success’ is largely a myth.”