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  1. Miss Jiménez

    Hi, Fahad, thank you for your posing and very descriptive summary. You stated that Rios’ story was “very inspiring and influential to people.” Aside from other people, did you find any personal connection or relevance in the work? Why or why not?
    Also, please edit paragraph for comma usage. For example, “…an ex gang member from Oakland, Victor Rios.” Please see Prof Keeble if you need a copy of the ‘Tools for Elaboration’ worksheet on commas.
    Lastly, as discussed in class, please be mindful of apostrophe usage: One Man’s Journey; Smiley’s death; Rios’ story.
    Thank you for you comments and summary. Keep it up!

  2. Fahad Ahmed

    The video One Mans Journey, reflects on the life on an ex gang member from Oakland Victor Rios. Victor Rios starts off by saying that he grew up in Oakland a place with poverty and violence. Then he talks about how he dropped out of the eight grade and was forced to go back by his mother. When Rios turned fifteen he joined a neighborhood gang that had his back, Rios said he joined because they would protect him. During a fight with another ganglia best friend Smiley was shot and was dead. Rios says that Smileys death led Rios to reevaluate his whole life and caused him to make changes after a teacher encouraged him to. Slowly he was turning his life around; he went back to school and completed high school and moved on to college to get a PH.D. Now Victor Rios is a sociology professor at UC Santa Barbara. He lives with his wife and kids in Santa Barbra. Alongside with teaching, Rios continues to help troubled youths get back on track. All in all, Victor Rios’s story is very inspiring and influential to people, specially to the youth nowadays that are in the same situation that he was in.


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