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For English 201 PBS Series, Latino Americans: Episode 1 Due Wednesday

Latino Americans Episode 1


For English 201–Due Wednesday–Watch the following video.  Take notes and pause the film when you hear something that interests you or that in some way causes you to say “hhhhmmmm”.  From your notes take at least three points of interest and explain precisely what the item of interest is and what about it makes you pause.  What did it make you think?  Did it make you feel some way?  Do you see a connection between something in your life or in the news?  You need to respond to three points.  Please proofread for spelling, capitalization and punctuation.  Due Wednesday.

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  1. Luis Q

    In the film grey to show how people can be similar but soñé people the k the aré not part of the sociaty be cause they need to take any job. Many people beliave latinos or indians are criminal but another people are try to help this people also most people didnt go to school but they want to learn to read and understand what ither people minds. Any ways if people didnt know how to raed and dont understand what other say they beliave people need to work in farms

  2. Leping Cai

    In the film “Latino Americans” mention in the beginning that the U.S is like a paradise. “There is jobs for everyone. I can relate to this. Many immigrants migrate to the United state because they wanted a better life. They want more money and an better educations for their family. This is why my grandparents decide to move to America. Then later brought my family over.My parents want us to have an better “eduactions”. It don’t matter if they have to start out fresh. Claims that the America will have jobs for everyone.

    Second fact that i find very interesting was “ San Francisco’s populations grew from 200 to 36,000 because of the gold rush”. I find that’s very crazy because people leave their country, leaving their family behind just come to SF to have a chance getting gold.I mean is gold which is worth a lot of money. After all the gold was gone, the squatters were staying at california. They didn’t want to leave. They wanted to populate at the US.

    The final fact I found very interestings was Americans pass “Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo” where they conquered the mexicans. The treaty provide certain rights and protections for the mexican citizens.The protections for land rights.Claiming that they were treat as other american citizens sharing the same rights.Richard Manson declared that “ The mexican and American will be the same people”. However all these claim are very vague and soon starting to disappear.I can compare this to the US now. Government’s claims that we have freedom,protections and equality. But why Edward Snowden got charge for Revealing details of classified United States government surveillance programs? Why “Black life matters”exists? Why is there only 2 options that gave to us either Hillary or Trump to become president?

    • Miss Jiménez

      Hi Leping,
      Thanks for posting! I see the movie stirred some deep thinking, and I’m glad to see you questioning things. A step deeper than questioning, I was curious how you connected some of these events to you personally, such as the Gold Rush and the government’s claim of freedom, protections and equality; how does this affect you or connect to your life in some way? What did you feel as you thought about these things? Lots to consider – thanks for sharing!

  3. Shurentsetseg Battur (Rose)

    In the film ” Latino Americans” I didn’t have so much connections, but I did find some connections and things that was interesting. The first thing that made me stop the film and think was when this lady said ” Mexicans, but not Mexicans” I exactly know what she means. In Mongolia there is Mongolians that are in China and also in Russia, they look Mongolian and they conceder their self Mongolian but they are not Mongolian. The once who live in China they speak Chinese and also the once in Russia they speak Russian, they are Mongolian but Mongolians that lived in China and Russia many many years ago. The second one that made me pause was the culture, Mexicans and the Mexicans that who lived in California had different culture. Same as the first pause the Mongolians who live in China and Russia have different cultural things then the Mongolia I am from. My third pause was when the three bothers stood up for whats theres. They were this white masks to hide their identity. Later the three bothers and forty-nine others the fence cutters where arrested. The Spanish people always wondered where their land went, because they had many lands.

    • Miss Jiménez

      Hi Rose, thank you for your thoughts! It’s interesting that even though you stated you didn’t have a connection, you were able to see that different ethnicities living in different cultures actually have similar identity issues all over the world. So interesting! Really great point of view to consider.
      I was especially curious about the other two ‘pauses’ you had from the movie. “Mongolians in Russia and China have different cultural things than the Mongolia I am from.” This is such a layered sentence! I’d love to see what some of those differences are, but most importantly, how they affected you? Also: “Three brothers in white hoods stood up for what was theirs.” Again, what about this event caused you to pause? How did it connect to you? Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Ana Valencia

    In the film “Latino Americans” I found various information that had me at awe that I felt like I knew about but not entirely.”My father thought that the United States would be like paradise” is something that I can truly connect to and compare to today’s news. Many immigrant families leave their family back in their home land to chase after the “American Dream”. I believe that a lot of families come to the United States with the illusion of becoming wealthy, but once they get to the United States they realize their struggles are even worse, and that they are discriminated and payed a very low wage that can hardly feed their families, and barely spare enough to send back to their families back home.

    The second point that really interested me in the film was how Juan Sagine was very confused about his identity and who he wanted to work with. I can relate this with today’s news as well, I feel like there are many people in the world who want to work with two parties(other countries) but the way they are seen in society makes them feel like they’re betraying one another. I feel like this is important because in this case Juan didn’t really seem to understand himself and what he really wanted so he chose to work for both parties with cause him to “betray” the other party. He had to make a choice that could break him.

    Lastly, what really caught my eye was how Mariano Vallejo, the most powerful man in Mexican-California welcomed the American settlers only to find himself their own prisoner. This made me feel some type of way because its so amazing how you can welcome someone to your land and introduce them to your people and your culture just for them to betray you and make you their prisoner, a perfect example of betrayal.

    • Miss Jiménez

      Hi Ana, thanks so much for your well thought-out posting! I’m glad the movie had you in awe and really got you thinking about the world we live in. While you’re very insightful to see how others are affected–such as the struggle of immigrants, Juan Sagine’s confusion of identity, and the betrayal of Mariano Vallejo–I’d love to see your personal connections to these events; What did they make you feel? Why did these particular events stand out to you? I’d love to see your personal take on this too!
      Thanks again for sharing, Ana!

  5. Maya Cisneros

    In the video “Latinos Americans” it was mentioned that in the eighteen hundreds there were missions that was the centerpiece of spanish colonial life.This was interesting to me because it made me think about the hardship the native people had to go through within these missions. This made me feel upset because the natives lost a tremendous amount of lives staying in these missions.

    Another scene that was interesting to me was how important land was to california’s identity. This was interesting to me because to access land meant access to honor dignity, although Esperanza in the book The House On Mango Street, felt as if she didn’t have a nice enough house to point to and acknowledge with honor.

    The last thing that I found interesting was the people taking great pride of their clothing and culture. I found this interesting because despite the fact of how long ago this was, people still take great pride in their culture today. It reminds of the mexican clothing that I have from my grandmother, who use to wear it with dignity.

    • Miss Jiménez

      Thank you for your posting, Maya! I’m glad that you were were able to pull certain events from the film and relate them to you personally (and even in our reading of ‘House on Mango Street!’). I also love that you mentioned your grandmother, and that you still have some of her traditional Mexican clothing. How special! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Fahad Ahmed

    In the film “Latino Americans” it mentioned whoever wanted to settle in Mexico had to be catholic. I was interested in this because it made me stop and think about how much of an impact religion had on culture, also how much time has changed; now you can believe in any religion and live in Mexico. I think back then Catholicism was Mexico. What I mean is you had to be that religion to be Mexican at that time, so seems to me many cultures were determined by the religion. It would make me feel I had no freedom of belief if I had lived in Mexico at that time. I do not see a connection in my life, but I know there are still countries out there that requires the people of be a certain religion.

    Another point that I thought was interesting is how over three hundred Mexicans were lynched during the Gold Rush by Americans. This interests me because I didn’t lynching was something they knew back at that time and I didn’t expect the Americans would be that cruel even after the Mexican general gave up California to the Americans. It made me think how Mexicans were powerless because the Mexican government did not take any actions for their people. It made feel a bit upset, because I wanted Mexico to do something about the lynching instead of acting like it didn’t happen. The connection I see in the news, is how I keep hearing Mexico not doing anything about the drug trafficking in their country, instead lots of innocent people are dying, and the government is too scared to do anything about it; which again shows a symbol of being powerless too me.

    The last thing I found interesting in the film is, how much power land represented. I find this interesting because land had great power, even foreigners can come and take over other peoples land and it would change their life. Land represented honor, dignity, and wealth. This makes me think if someone had land back then they would be respected and known as good. I feel the power of land just shows wealth and nothing else, because land does not determine a persons life skill or who they are. I can assume someone had money if they have a lot of land, but I wouldn’t think that they should be honored or respected just because they have land. I don’t have a real life connection to myself or the news, but I know in many countries if someone has a lot of land they are treated very well because people assume he is rich and he must have done something good to have that much land.

  7. Jonathan Sanchez

    In this video, I heard the words “My father thought that the United States would be like paradise.” This made me think about the disappointment of those that found out that living in America was not easy. People of other countries believe that America would relieve them from their hardships, but the reality is that they come to work just as hard as they did before in their country of origin only achieving minimal success. Aside from that, immigrants are those that have the least power in society. I believe that for many people, the United States is no paradise, but simply an illusion.

    What I also found interesting was when the historians began to speak about California. They mentioned how most coastal cities came to exist because they were missionary cities. It just made me think of how powerful religion can be because it truly does brings many people together based on their beliefs. However, in the news I have seen that religion can split up groups and cause violence recently. I also found this interesting because I’ve lived in California my whole life and I never knew that a major contributor of the state’s existence was religion.

    I found the manifest Destiny very interesting.The Europeans believed that it was their right to expand west and move the natives away. This made me feel that it was only an excuse for people to act for the own greed and self interests. I think this has carried on into today’s society because people have beliefs that only benefit them and do not care how it will affect others.

  8. Makayla Valadez

    In the film “Latino Americans’ It mentioned many children migrated at a young age . It made me pause because i can only imagine how the children felt very scared . Some children were taken from there parents .It made me look at these people very cruel. How can u take someone kid away from them ? The kids can be Traumatized for the rest of there lives . The only thing in my life that makes me think of being taken from my family is going to juvenile hall . In the film the elderly lady pointed out that if u didn’t do what you was told you will be punished . In what really shock me was when she said depending on how serious it was some people got beat for 25 mins straight. It made me think that i would hate to live in this time period .I hate being told what to do and when to do it . It made me feel like the people felt like they had a lot of power over them . When i was a kid If I didn’t do what my mom told me she use to beat me with a belt .In the film it also pointed out that people had to be accepted if they wanted to move . It made me stop in think like they was very strict and had expectations. It made me feel like why couldn’t everybody move if they wanted. why are these people trying to capture them ? This is a connection to slavery not letting everyone free to do what they want .


    this story tell us about how foreigners came to this country and destroyed all the native American cultures and how these foreigners invaded the Mexican lands and now they are immigrants and they don’t have equal rights in their own land after the American invaded California Mexicans struggled to take it back but they didn’t make it after a while all Mexican flooded back to California as an immigrant to seek a better job but Americans don’t respect them how they welcomed Americans before in CA.

  10. ahmad wais nejati

    In this film, when I heard Apollinaire Lorenz saying “The Government gave as away like puppies to the local residents”
    It really touched me. I think they were treaded if they had no voice to defend their selves and the government to their own needs. it remains me to “Black Lives Matter” in this organization
    Some people were treaded bad and now they intent to build connections to make other hear their voice and be tread equality and respectfully.
    Vallejo’s wife Francisca Benita has to many servers. People who were power holder, state holder and economic politics in their region. Marked the future of how mexicans and others were going to be treaded in the united states. Its make me think, of when I watch the news and they have topics related to people who are abused by the people who has money or power and the victims don’t do much because they are scare because of their status in the U.S
    When I finish watching the film Latino American what it comes into my mind it was “Trump” when he was saying to build the wall and send the people to their countries, but I analyze that, this country was made up by different cultures, why he want to waits time on this? stead of helping fight against racism. He wants to trips people away from what they have build now here. In my own opinion in some actions of the film connect to the “Trump” words

  11. lupitasantillano

    In this film, when I heard Apolinaria Lorenza saying “The Government gave as away like puppies to the local residents”
    It really touched me. I think they were treaded if they had no voice to defend their selves and the goverment to their own needs. it remains me to “Black Lives Matter” in this organization
    Some people were treaded bad and now they intent to build connections to make other hear their voice and be tread equality and respectfully.

    Vallejo’s wife Francisca Benitia has to many servers. People who were power holder, state holder and economic politics in their region. Marked the future of how mexicans and others were going to be treaded in the united states. Its make me think, of when I watch the news and they have topics related to people who are abused by the people who has money or power and the victims don’t do much because they are scare because of their status in the U.S

    When I finish watching the film Latino American what it comes into my mind it was “Trump” when he was saying to build the wall and send the people to their countries, but I analyze that, this country was made up by different cultures, why he want to waits time on this? stead of helping fight against racism. He wants to trips people away from what they have build now here. In my own opinion in some actions of the film connect to the “Trump” words.

  12. Noel Burton

    “Juan Sagine has a conflicted identity”. Juan Sagine was going through a conflict with his own identity. He was trying to work with both groups, but he ended up being betrayed with one and joined the other. It made me think about my own personal experience with my own identity. It made me feel connected because he was deciding what to do with his own identity. It connects with me because I’m currently figuring out my own identity.

    “The first European Language that was spoken in what would become the US is Spanish”. I originally thought that English was the first European language; however, Spanish was the first to colonize the New World. It made me feel shocked because I didn’t know Spanish was the first language from Europe. Spanish is the native language for my family. My family never taught me how to speak or write Spanish, but I learned some in High School.

    “There was a missing piece in the Latino history that needed to be rediscovered”. It made me think about how can a piece of history be possibly lost and what certain aspects of it were unknown. Was there any important information that could’ve been helpful to them during that time that they might’ve not been aware of. It made me feel disillusioned because if a part of something is missing, then the entire picture isn’t clear. I feel like it connects to everyone, but in a different sense, because people are always looking for something to find them happiness. That happiness may never be the same and we may have to rediscover it every so often.

  13. Omar kohgadai

    I was really interested in the section with the Battle of the Alamo, it was an intense battle and everyone defending was wiped out
    The Gold Rush section of the video made me feel very uneasy, the Angelo Saxons arrive at California, squat on the land of the Californios, slaughtered their live stock, and took over their land was so jarring.

    When the missions were split up into ranchos and given to Mexican families when they should have been given to the Native Americans made me think about how unfairly the natives were being treated, not only did their land get taken away from then and had a foreign religion pushed in their face, but they also had to work for the same people who took their homes away from them just to stay their if not they had to move somewhere that wasn’t owned by anyone.

    The part where Mexicans were being lynched and it was being put on post cards made me feel very uncomfortable and I came to a grim realization execution was made public and was also a morbid form of entertainment for some.


    “Americans and Mexicans will now be one and the same people.”, it interest me because I can’t believe that The American and Mexican War make a good relationship between these two countries. but it also make me to realize that both of them fighting for benefit, once they get benefit in this war ,they will stop the war and cooperate.
    “Immigration means it all gets to be part of your identity.” United States is a immigrant country. it’s a country gather different people. but once people in the world immigrate in America, they get a new identity. they all become American and begin their new life.
    in addition, I was little mad when I saw American people invaded Mexico and got their land. That’s really unfair, but Mexican can’t resist Americans, how cruel the reality it is ! Stronger people get more and more, however the weak always get suppressed.

  15. 10892199ms

    “Missions all over California starting from San Diego to Sonoma” made me realize that the missions were very important to the priest and were like a refugee to several people for example Appainara who was an orphan, she moved to the missions. She was brought to “US” to create more families. It made me think that people who were transported from the south to the north “USA” were being helped by some certain people such as the priests. Priests were trying to help the people who were being taken away from their families. A connection that I would make would be that the priests wanted to create missions from San Diego all the way to Sonoma to help people who need to be protected in my eyes.

    “300 people were lynched while Gold Rush was going on”. This caught my attention because why would people want to kill others just for land. It made me think that maybe the people who lynched the Latin’s wanted revenge because they probably assumed that it was part of theirs. It made me feel we really disappointed because people are killing each other for more land. I know that they did that before our generation but it shouldn’t go like that. I also think that it maybe they did that because they wanted to feel superior than the indigenous. A connection I made was that back than people would kill people to get what they want and now in this generation people want to buy people by money just to give away their property.
    “Railroads were a threat to the Latin’s”. I think that the Latin’s felt threat because they thought that the railroads would be a part of buying them. The reason why I think that is because like I said in my previous paragraph US would do anything to get what they want. They will convince the Latin’s to allow them to have their railroads instead they decided to actually do the opposite and go on ahead and do the railroad without any permission like if it was their land.
    -Marisela S. Class 10am

    • Anonymous


  16. Anonymous

    * First European language Spoken was Spanish*. the item of interest is that in Europe their first language was Spanish not English.This makes me pause because i never knew that the first language that was spoken in Europe was Spanish.
    *Americans had been coming to California Since the 1830’s* The item of interest is that in California before 1830 Hispanic people used to live there before the Americans. This makes me pause because the people in California was Hispanic people before the Americans started coming.
    *Mexican-Americans were seen as Conquered People*. The item of interest is that Mexican-Americans are now seen as a bad race to many people. This makes me pause because the Mexican-Americans were seen as a terrible group in peoples eyes.

    This made me think about my homeland because once my homeland was taken over by different people and it caused so much chaos and people were seeing them as terrible group of people. made me feel sad because Seeing the native Indians being punished by the Spanish for not doing what they are told is cruel and inhuman.The connection I can relate to is when lynch mobs hanged African American just because they are unpopular in the community and has similarity because they hanged Mexicans to show they are unwanted in the area.

    Emmal A

  17. Analicia Castro

    In the beginning of the film, a lady says, “Immigration means it all gets to be a part of your identity. It’s crucial that we know who we are, where we come from, and what its been like.” That quote stood out to me because it’s true. Me personally, I believe in knowing about my family’s background and where my great-grandparents come from and what they went through coming to the United States from Italy.

    Another thing that interested me was a historian saying, “Life really does revolve around real culture.” I want to be able to embrace my culture and then also continue on the tradition. Getting to know yourself means you start to discover new thing: realizing who you are and how you plan on continuing the tradition. Who are you if you don’t know anything about where you come from, about your origins, your family, your language, your own culture?

    The last thing that caught my attention was how the Californians lynched almost 300 Mexicans during the Gold Rush. They made it a public display. They were intended to send a message to Latinos about their place in California. They took pictures of them being hung and made them into postcards and souvenirs. Hearing that being happened was very shocking that Mexicans went through so much and suffered from it.

  18. Anonymous

    Captain Juan Sagan was the son of a leading Mexican family of a San Antonio Texas was the only service that lived from the Alamo 1836. Became a hero an mayor of San Antonio an a senator of the republic of Texas but since he is a different race his group of people that he stands with will go against him.
    21 orphan children was took from there land and taken north to California to populate the area with their people this work was done by the Spanish government. The first European settlement was in Saint Augustin in 1565. The first langue was Spanish in the Americas. In the 1800 there was a lot of missions that went on to teach them the langue and the religion. When the Spanish came to land they brought deses with them sickness with them by them having this they it made a big drop an decline in the population of the Indians low leaving them vulnerable.
    1821 the 10 year that was fought between Mexica and Spain Mexico had won its independence from Spain. Land grants was given to the people that was there Californians Is what the people was called. So Indians that lost everything went back home or went back to work on the ranch living like this there was only these two choices. When the new world came to effect.
    By the early 1800 people began to move west because of the belief to expand across the content with liberty and democracy.

  19. Jonathan Anabo

    Manifest Destiny: The thing about this that makes me pause is how the anglos believed that it was a “God given right” to move and expand west even though there were indigenous people already living where they wanted to obtain land, and nothing was to stop them. I just feel some type of way because the religion that anglos practiced only looked out for them and dubbed everybody who wasn’t white to a sub-human category.

    Missions used as enterprises to convert Natives into Christians: And used them as laborers. Some rebelled and to those who did they were punished. I’d rebel too if my land was striped from me and forced to live a different life.

    Foreigner in my own land: Indigenous people like the Native Americans were kicked out from their own land, and the driving force of all this was the westward expansion, so what little the Native Mexicans had they too were expunged and force to face the Caucasian invasion. Today The stigma on Mexicans or any outside entity are known as “aliens.” I had to pause and connect the dots and calculate the facts myself. Latinos or any minority group face discrimination on a daily basis because our science, our media, our political system (in the western world) favor one race, favor one class.

  20. Xavier Salazar

    I find it interesting how foreigner could really change people’s life just by taking over their land. I pauses when I saw the orphan girl lose her property she has worked on for years from foreigners. It is depressing to me because she sacrifice time to be where she is at and now it is taken away from here. The connection I can make is part of our society wants the next president to deport immigrants. Some immigrants are trying to make a living and will sacrifice time to have a better future for their family. It relates to the orphan girl because she worked to be where she is at in her life and also the immigrants for a better future. For someone to take their life away where they work for is immortal.

    It is interesting how the Spanish evaded Indians on their land influencing their belief while using them for slaves at the same time.
    Seeing the native indians being punished by the spanish for not doing what they are told is cruel and inhuman, which cause me to pause of being shocked. It feels disturbing they made the indians slaves and especially since they are not native in the area. When I saw this the connection I can make is when slaves were brought in for sell for plantation work and were told to do something. They are kind of relate in the sense they would get slash for not listening to orders and treat with punishment.

    I find it interesting the Gold Rush change the west coast by people from different areas from the world looking for gold. I pause at this part of the video because I never knew they lynch Mexicans in the Gold Rush for public display to send a message immigrants don’t belong here. I felt mad seeing them lynching people just to show a message and tells me they are sick people doing this cruel act. The connection I can relate to is when lynch mobs hanged African American just because they are unpopular in the community and has similarity because they hanged Mexicans to show they are unwanted in the area.

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