August 26

Your Connections

Think about the Umoja and Adelante concepts of  1) Ethic of Love;  2) Recognizing Diaspora, and; 3) Power of Language.   

Choose one of these concepts and apply it to your own experience.  How does it fit into your education?  If it doesn’t how could it?  Write as much as you like.  Copy your work before you “submit” or you may lose it.

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14 thoughts on “Your Connections

  1. Vi Tran

    The Umoja and Adelanta concept I choice power of language because language is way that we can communicate, we are getting information and knowledge while we talk about something. This world is really big, people with different language all around the world, and here in America, we are having the same language, that the way we communicate, talk , learning, get knowledge. Different language have different sound and word, being able to learn different language, we able to go around the world and talk those language with different people.

  2. Luis Quintanilla

    Pawer of language I choice because in my on experience people in many country in Central America they used the same language but people use different vocabulary. Also people in Unite State people try to learn Spanish because when they fly to this countries they can speak with people and try to learn culture and try to show what culture they have. I think in my own opinion is important to learn many language because I know in the all world people not speak the same language and is important to learn other culture and how they thing and how they feel because people yes talk and discriminate or yes comment about to the situation of this people but they didn’t know why people need to move for this reason is important to learn other language and culture.

  3. tashak38 (Post author)

    The umoja concept that I chose is Power of Language. I chose it because everyone has a voice and we could do so much with it. Being able to use my voice can be influential. It’s a tool that I have and having to do with education, I can allow myself to use it and to talk to others.
    -Analicia Castro

  4. tashak38 (Post author)

    language is very important in our life it helps you a lot for knowing defferent culture
    and communicating with people. language makes people strong

    Sayeed Jaweed

  5. tashak38 (Post author)

    One of the concept I can relate to is Power of Language. It applies to me as having a voice to speak point of view or what comes to mind to make a positive change. When I lost one of my family member by getting shot while walking to his grandmother’s house. We decide to use our voices to speak lost of a family member and talk with the community. The Power of Language is the fundamental of education and structure because teacher use their voice to influence the next generation. Just influencing and given the curious mind a voice to hear is priceless. This leads to people make new ideas that can change the world, started by teachers using their voices in schools.
    -Xavier Salazar

  6. tashak38 (Post author)

    The Umoja concept that i picked is the power of language because i have learned that many people speak in a different type of language. Knowing that there are different types of languages, you can learn from another person by communicating with them. Being able to learn new languages is really good because you can use it to your advantage when it comes to talking with other people who knows a different language.

    Emmal A.

  7. tashak38 (Post author)

    I think it will fit on my education, because anything I learn it will help in your education . Also doing something different, having a conversation into groups I think I will discover something new about myself and of course and other people point of view .
    -Guadalupe Santillano

  8. tashak38 (Post author)

    My education revolves around the power of language, it lets me connect with other people and express my thoughts and ideas to others. The power to understand the people who share the same tongue as me, both English and Farsi, thus moving my education forward by creating a web of information, sharing with others and assimilating for myself.
    -Omar Kohgadai

  9. tashak38 (Post author)

    I personally choose Power of Language, I believe that power is what everyone has and language is something that everyone should have as a human being. Power of Language is a way of having communication with someone even though others speak different languages. It fits me into my education as a technique to help others and talk to others even though they speak a different language. Power of Language to me is like finding a way to talk to others it may be in trying to point things out. Another way it could fit into my education is by being open and helping other people in many other different ways, language doesn’t particularly mean speaking, it means a way of communication you have with others. -Marisela S.

  10. tashak38 (Post author)

    Ethic of love.

    For me ethic of love in regards to my education are my guidelines to fulfilling my goals, I must love my ideas not discourage them, I should love others so they can grow, therefore I will grow. Loves invites positive energy and light into any situation.

    – Jonathan

  11. tashak38 (Post author)

    3) Power of Language
    One language represent a kind of culture, it show where you come from.
    it’s also a tool for people to communicate.

  12. tashak38 (Post author)

    The umoja concept that I picked is the Diaspora the reason for picking this one is with the current knowledge I have learned I am aware that there are many different types of people in the world. Knowing that there are different type of langue’s that are being spoken around the world is always something new to learn. Being able to learn something that isn’t normal to you is always a strength in everything you do. Recognizing diaspora where ever you are is a new sight to a new living or learning of there morals. Always take that their practices are different an not like yours but you can learn from another always take what you have learned an teach someone else to the best of your ability.

    Desirae Velasquez


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