May 2

Response to The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans

Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans, The Atlantic


Type a reader response to the article.  Post your response here.  Be sure you first include all the (soapstone information [subject, occasion, audience, purpose, article’s title, speaker persona, and tone]).  That might be your first paragraph.  (Don’t forget to use your appositive sentence structures to add extra information.

The remaining paragraph (s) should include your analysis based on specific details presented in the article.  Proofread your work and copy before submitting.  This is due before the end of class.

You may next begin work on your Patterns activities.  Those are due before class Wednesday.


Here’s the Patterns assignment:


First, turn in your homework. I need all of your written response to Wednesday’s article.

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If you do not have an account, create one.


After you create your account, complete the following exercises in preparation for completing your research paper.


#849. MLA: Avoiding plagiarism



#845. MLA: Summarizing sources



#761 Choosing effective thesis statements