March 29

Homework March 29, 2016

Type a reader response to the article.  What lines stand out to you and why.  Include at least three quotes and analyze why they struck a chord with you as a reader.  Did the words remind you of another situation in real life?  What about something you’ve already read?  Is it significant that Dawson is Latina?  Why or why not?  Remember to copy your work so you don’t lose it.

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2 thoughts on “Homework March 29, 2016

  1. nick clinton

    For this article about Rosario Dawson’s open letter to Dolores Huerta, about how Dolores has lost her way as a Latina. From what Dawson said it true, that Dolores doesn’t have real proof that Bernie supporters were chanting “English Only” at a Nevada caucus. Dawson also said that Dolores is “race baiting, misleading, divisive, and inaccurate” information to the public about Bernie. Even though Dawson’s letter seems to be not a disrespectful to Dolores Huerta, but many supporters of Huerta find Dawson to be very disrespectful by saying “No sources cited, you can tell the Bernie campaign wrote this for her and the most disappointing thing here is that she has the audacity to call out Dolores”.
    I find this article interesting on how supporters can misinterpreted a simple letter that was saying “just have the facts”.

  2. Carlos Vasquez

    In this article what really stood out to me was the Latina vs Latina both wanting better for their people yet on opposite support and the aggression in this letter. The first quote that really stood out to me was:
    “By distorting and omitting facts you do not give us, the American people, a transparent picture. You cheat us out of making an educated and well-informed decision and dishonor our voting process and democracy itself.”
    It struck me because it was a very aggressive and without it I feel like her letter could’ve been more effective. The second quote I found :
    “It’s race baiting, misleading, divisive and inaccurate and I hope you both will rectify that immediately.”
    This quote has a loaded phrase in it, race baiting. Implying that Dolores is trying to get the Latino support and vote by using something important or valued in the race to have them lean more so towards that goal.
    The last quote I want to share is: “As a Latina, she should know better that in “our culture” we respect our elders and Dolores Huerta is an elder — would Rosario talk or call out her 85-year-old grandmother like this?”
    Why this quote struck me is because, even though I do side with Rosario in this letter for pointing out that Dolores doesn’t have her facts straight and such is good, there is still a big amount of disrespect in this letter, that without it could have made Rosario’s letter more effective.
    The letter reminds me of how even though you might be right about something, here’s no reason to bash or disrespect your elders, Dolores is a Civil rights soldier and has been almost all her life, and she marched with Caesar Chavez. It is significant that Dawson is also Latina because it’s two people who want better for their people and yet ther’es different sides and arguing.


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