March 29

Homework March 29, 2016

Type a reader response to the article.  What lines stand out to you and why.  Include at least three quotes and analyze why they struck a chord with you as a reader.  Did the words remind you of another situation in real life?  What about something you’ve already read?  Is it significant that Dawson is Latina?  Why or why not?  Remember to copy your work so you don’t lose it.

March 14

After Reading the “Get ‘Em Out” Article

Background Submit your response below after to write it out on a separate sheet of paper.  Don’t skip this step.  Here’s a copy of the article if you need to review.  Trump Article

View the video in the middle of the article.  Trump gets shaken by a pouncing spectator.


Then, type and submit  a three to four paragraph response to the article and video.  What is your overall reaction?  What opinion do you form about this Presidential race so far?

Cite specific phrases  from the article to support your reaction.  Place your quoted phrases within quotation marks.  Remember, you must provide evidence once you make that assertion.  For instance:

Example:  The Trump rallies are out of control.  Trump’s fans and protestors, who appear way past the fighting stage, get more fired up when he yells, “Get ’em out.”  …

Do you see how I added descriptive information in the middle of that second sentence?  Do a little composing yourself.  Add something descriptive (and true).  Those of you who’ve been out of class, absent, you’ll need to catch up with the sentence composing exercises.  Pick up in class.

Come to class ready to share some more about the election.  Who will win the Super Tuesday votes tomorrow?  How does that change anything?  See you in class.

Here’s the link for sentence composing exercises.  Do not print them or type them. Please write out your answers.

Sentence Composing