February 22

Class Cancelled Monday–Homework

Hey Guys:
I’m sickūüė©. Your homework is to read pages 10-18 of the “Introduction”. Create a list of vocabulary that is new for you. Write a response that includes your personal thoughts about this section–choose three quotes to share with the class. I will see you Wednesday. No matter how I feel. Bring your homework to class to turn in. We will discuss your narratives.


February 10

The Price of Nice Nails–New York Times series



Reader Response.

  • Scroll down to the bottom and find the empty space where you type your response.
  • Remember to copy your work before you hit “submit.”
  • You only need to include an email address to submit your response.
  • Type a response to the article:

Summarize it briefly.  Then, share some of your thoughts about the piece.  What was your original reaction?  What surprised you?  What affected you most?  Can you think of any solutions to the problems presented in the article?

February 3

Assignment, English 102 A/B, February 3, 2016

Due Monday:


1)  Copy and paste this address into your browser and create an account using your email address.


102 B students, create account and complete assessment.  

Also, read this article from the New York Times and come ready to discuss it along with “Fish Cheeks.”



Write down notes on the article for discussion purposes.  Find five quotes to share with classmates.