December 9

Final Practice

Watch this video–then do this exercise.  Do the test at the end.  (1-10)


Then, do this exercise.



Then, do this exercise.

You must earn a 100 before moving on.  Do the exercise over if you need to. Read the “tips” if you get confused on any one question.


Once you finish these spelling exercises, write a reflection in the comment section of this post.  Answer this:

1)  What part of these two exercises was “old news” for you?   2)  What was “new news” for you?  In other words, what did you learn?  Did anything surprise you?  Please proofread your work before submitting it.


Now, open your books to respond to the next review item.  🙂

Turn to page 105.  Let’s read.  “The Stolen Bag of Chips.”

Take out a sheet of paper to take notes for completing a soapstone chart.


What’s it about? Everything you know about the topic. (who, what, when, where, why and how?

When and why was it written?


Who is the target audience? Who do you think they want to read or hear this text?

(convince, argue, suggest, explain, support…)

What is speaker trying to achieve? What do they want to happen after a person reads this?

Describe person who’s speaking—everything you know about her/him. Is the speaker professional? A grown up? A working-class person? A teacher?

What attitude does the speaker illustrate?

Few tone words: angry, passionate, solemn, reflective, sarcastic, ironic, joyful, indignant, condescending, dispassionate, detached, gleeful, mournful, reverent, aloof, guilty, aggressive, bombastic, academic…

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11 thoughts on “Final Practice

  1. Tababtha Johnson

    I took this class in the spring and i felled it. But I learned how to write and read quoies.Which help me a lot when took in the the fall it was easy for to do the work. I am happy i took the class over. because i leaned in the spring i was abily to get lean the work first and learn the work quicker.this class give me a chance to hard worker on my writing skill.

  2. Robin Winbush

    1. Nothing can ever be old news its a refresher and to make me revise my work more and in detail a simple typo makes work look bad.
    2. “New news” for me was effect and affect which I still have a hard time with the difference but it kind of helped me with learning how to use it in the sentences given. Nothing surprised me I just need to pay attention more and not rush the work.

  3. Benny Zheng

    One of the old news about the two exercises are the one about there, their, they’re. It was pretty challenging for me back in elementary, but I got over it because I used to correct other people’s work and I noticed the difference between them. One important thing I learn from the online exercises is not reading the direction clearly. Instead of selecting the correct sentences, I chose all the wrong answers. The only surprise was the amount of mistake i had even though i read the direction correctly. In both exercises, I kept getting two or three wrong and i had to redo the whole exercise again.

  4. Denisse Romero

    Where this two exercises were really helpful to me. i mean i came from a different country so its really hard for me to spell and get sometimes my ideas right. because English is my second language, so everything that i try to write i think on it first on Spanish and then i translated in English which is bad really bad, because Spanish have a different order than English.

  5. rodrigo elenes

    Homonyms was “old news” to me because ever since I came to America, my teachers have been teaching me words that can sound the same and mean something totally different. For example, something I always struggled with is there, their and they’re. What I learned from these exercises was that there are words that I have been using wrong and now I know the correct way to use them.

  6. Diana Guerrero

    1) What part of these two exercises was “old news” for you? 2) What was “new news” for you? In other words, what did you learn? Did anything surprise you?

    1. The old news was the+ way it was explained to me was old because I remember in elementary school learning the same method. It was not hard or difficult to understand, I just needed more practice. The more practice I would get the more I understood it and the better I got at it.
    2. What was new to me was the way I still make mistakes while doing these type of exercises. These exercises take plenty of practice to get better at. I also notice that I didn’t get to many wrong on the small mini quiz because I looked at the way that these sentences are form, and it helped me understand how to properly use them in a sentence.
    No, this didn’t surprise me.

  7. Yuting Li

    It is both “old news” and “new news” for me because I learn some of the words that has different mean but say it the same before. Since I don’t know some vocabulary that were shown, I have to find the definition of the word. For example, affect and effect have the same pronunciation, but they have different meanings. Although I know the differences between affect and effect, there are words that I need to search it up in order to find the definition. I really like these exercises because it really help me on knowing which word to use with correct spelling. Also because I had trouble with spelling, the use of word, and grammar, they are really helpful for me to practice.

  8. nick clinton

    Now these exercises are both old news and new news. I feel it’s important to stay up to date with the difference of they’re, there, their. So I’m glad to relearn this so in the future my papers will look good. I’ll try to practice these in the future, to keep my writing in top form.

  9. Joshua Dutra

    1) Most of the exercise was old for me but it was good to review because I needed to clarify on things I did not remember and it was a good refreshment.
    2) Nothing was really new news but as I said it was a good refresher and helped me understand some things I did not remember from before.
    I learned that I need to pay attention to sentence structure and I need to read more because there are a lot of words I misspell but need to remember the spelling.

  10. Omnia

    I’ve always been a fan of typing in correct grammar. I used to practice There, Their, and They’re a bunch of times in high school so now it’s kind of stuck in my head. The only challenging part of the exercises for me was when I had to actually figure out if a word is spelled wrong.

  11. Melinda Yee

    Both of the exercises were “old news” to me because I can recognize which is which. Also I learned these grammatical mechanics when I was younger, but I did not practice them a lot throughout my school years. The most I practiced grammar was starting last semester because a lot of people in my English class never seen any of the grammatical mechanics before. This concludes that there was no “new news” or anything that surprised me, but reviewing all the grammatical mechanics I did not know any of titles of the grammatical exercises.


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