December 2

Reading Questions in Preparation for Socratic Seminar

Turn to chapter 4. Use your text to answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.

1. “Police officers constantly placed young men in this [gang] database.” (78)

What Amendment in the Bill of Rights does this seem to violate? What do you think about this police practice?

Next, turn to page 77 where Spider describes the attack on his block. It starts, “I was kicking it in front of my house with some homies and stuff…”.

Answer each question on that passage:

a) Cite three examples where Spider’s language is “informal”.

b) What is the effect of his speaking language? What does his speaking language tell the reader about Spider? Be Specific.



Watch these two videos and note/record 3 details/pieces of evidence from each to use in our Socratic Seminar.

Bring to class Wednesday.




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