November 30

Homework Due Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Here is the link to the Exercise Central Website.

Please go here, click “Sentence Grammar”, then “Subject-Verb Agreement”, then “Correcting Errors in Subject Verb Agreement.” Complete exercise 141.

Then, go back to opening page.

From the opening page, click “Mechanics and Spelling,” then, “Capitalization,” then “Capitalization with titles.” Complete exercise 66.

Read Chapter 4 closely and prepare for Socratic Seminar on Wednesday. Everyone will receive a participation grade for their work in the Socratic Seminar. So, in other words, have something to say!

November 30

Chapter Four of Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys

You will be responding today to chapter four of our text. You may work with a partner or you may work alone. Take out a sheet of paper. Follow the directions.

* Turn to chapter 4. The page for my electronic edition is page 73. On a separate sheet of paper, write the answers to these questions.

1) What is your interpretation of the title of this chapter? In other words, what exactly does Rios mean.

(Please use the question to lead you to write your answer. For instance, “I interpret the title of this chapter as Rios suggesting that … ”

Answer then explain why you wrote what you wrote.

2) What is the purpose for Rios in writing this chapter? What is he trying to achieve? Be specific.

3) Find three excerpts of at least two lines that strike you as packed with meaning. Make a little evidence interpretation chart on your paper and interpret the quote.

4) Check out this explanation of the Bill of Rights (the ten rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution):

After reading them, try to recall any instances where the boys in the text had their rights violated by an authority figure. Discuss with your partner. Write out your answer.

Finally, imagine yourself in Spider’s situation. How do you think you would have or would respond if placed in the same environment with the same expectations?

Watch this preview video and read this article. Come back ready to have Socratic Seminar on mass incarceration.