April 23

About Corporations

Consider the film The Corporation. How is the film connected to the above satirical argument? Write several paragraphs that connect the ideas presented in the film to the visual presented by Adbusters. Be sure to include concrete details from the visual above and the film.

And btw, Mitt Romney said, “Corporations are people, my friend.” He said this during the 2012 campaign. The film chronicles how corporations became people and then analyzes corporations as if they were people. This is an important distinctive fact.

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  1. Natasha R.

    Natasha R.
    Ap English
    3 May,2013

    Consumerism has played a large part in American livening since the twenties, buying unnecessary items for personal enjoyment. In the film “Corporations” discusses about how American businesses run our lives with their excessive luxurious items. Big name companies manipulate the minds of the buyers with different types of tactics. These corporations use emotional and imagery to get people to buy their items.
    As seen in the documentary, large name companies like to get the buyers to feel some sort of emotion when considering their items. For example, there are brands that like to label their items by saying a percentage of the profits goes to orphaned kids. Yet many of us do not seem to think beyond the tag and we do not think about how it is made. Children are part of the whole process of creating those items, such as twelve year olds in Dominican Republic making Nike products. The tags are all illusions to the buyers so it can be bought.
    Now a day’s it’s difficult to even to believe a person a company shouldn’t even relied on either.
    Another way industries like to empty out the pockets of the consumer is to use images. As many of us already know brands love to hire celebrities to promote their products. Seeing a celebrate wearing some Vans, will promote the viewers and fans to buy the same ones. Since us humans base a lot of our feelings on sight, it has been very easy for corporations to lure people in.
    Businesses have learned to work with our human qualities to bring in the money they desire. Their tactics have reflected on our constant buying and how esaily we are tricked to giving up our money .

  2. Jose Prado

    Jose Prado
    Period 5

    In the film, “The Corporation”, they talk about how the corporations try to manipulate people to consume their products. They also mention how powerful these corporations are and how easily they can get away with the things they want. Basically what they state in the film is that these big corporations control the United States in a way, because we use their products everyday and the rich corporations fund other businesses or give out scholarships which keeps our education and lives running.

    In the flag above, the 50 stars that originally are supposed to be there are replaced with logos of Americas most important/common corporations. This flag represents that the USA is not build up or represented by its 50 states anymore, instead it is being controlled or manipulated by these big corporations.

  3. Valeria Diaz

    Valeria Diaz
    Ms. Keeble
    Period 5
    AP English

    The films “The Corporations” shows people how Maerica is running with all the componies it has. The United States revolves aroubnd money and this film goes far and byond of the rean United States. The picture above shows some companies that represent the fifty stars for the United States. It is a symbol that shows how much it has taken over the USA. Th owners can care less about the people working for them by taking advantage of them. This is how the USA works for most companies. As long as the corporations earn more than what they are suppose to, they would do anything.

    Mitt Romney has mentioned that “Corporations are people, my friend.” The film also believes how a corporations builds itself out to become like a human. A human being has many different views and thoughts in life. Money can take over a persons life especially living here int the USA where money is everything. If a person does not have money, their life is over. But others can se life different. The less, the better because someone can stay true to themselves. orporations take over the owners life with its success and becomes a greety person that only wants everything. They are people because money is the only thing that makes it function. A person is not fair to others just like a real human being.

  4. Joelynn D.

    Joelynn D.

    In the past several decades,capitalism has become more common and prominent in the United States. With bigger corporations controlling larger portions of the American economy, individuals and the government have less of an influence. In the film The Corporation, corporations are compared to psychopathic people and are given qualities of heartlessness and selfishness. Similar to the message in the film, the satirical flag by Adbusters also portrays the consumerist nature of the United States and the destructive nature of corporations.

    Just as the film showed how corporations act like people and have begun to over run our society, replacing the fifty stars on the flag with corporation logos also demonstrates how the United States now revolves more around private businesses and consumerism than the condition of individuals, the environment, and society. As Michael Moore said, “..the bottom line – how to make as much money as they can in any given quarter. That’s it.” Before, the focus was on creating a better society; now, after replacing the stars with logos, the focus in on capitalizing from businesses and creating profit. So by replacing the stars, which represent the fifty states of the United States, with corporation logos, it is essentially signifying the shift to capitalism in the U.S.

  5. Zoey Madsen

    Zoey Madsen
    period 5
    AP English
    2 May 2013

    The film “The Corporation” uses a variety of social, economical, and corporate evidence to address the corruption and power the corporations in America have created since they were founded. The satirical argument represented by Adbusters is illustrating how dominant and in control corporations have become in America, so dominant they could practically serve as a symbol on our country’s flag. Adbusters and the film both tactically analyze the corporation and represent it in strategic, meaningful ways that people in American can identify.
    In the film, interviewee’s are asked what they think when they personify various popular brands owned by corporations. Interviewee’s viewed certain brands as “young, energetic, outgoing”, and others as more of a classy persona. These “personas” in the film are purposely represented by corporations to create a closer relationship with their consumers instead of revealing the diabolical side of their so-called “persona” with their sweatshops and irreverent work conditions. The corporations portray themselves as people because they want us to see them as just that, so they can continue to intrigue us and get our money. However, corporations are not common people. The Adbusters illustration shows the corporations representing America not as people, but as being so controlling, powerful, and large that they are a resemblence to our 50 American States placed in the top left center of the American flag.
    The film “The Corporation” distinguishes the power of the corporation in America and presents different ways it affects American society and culture. The Adbusters argument illustrates the same condition boldly on the American flag.

  6. Alexia George (Period 1)

    In 2004, filmmakers document the way big businesses run this world through the video, The Corporation. There are many satirical strategies used by the filmmakers to explicate their ideas how, in which is their only focus, corporations make money. The corporations have enough power that they act as a person and have their own constitutional rights. Through the use of pictures, facts, logos, interviews, raw footage, and documentaries, it is shown our consumerism feeding these corporations. As long as Americans buy, the corporations are happy. It seems to be a win-win situation, until it is discovered that the corporations lie, cheat, and harm the environment.

    Just as presented in the film, the American flag shown replaces the fifty stars with logos. Most of the logos on the flag are identifiable by your average American and are widely depended upon. The stars on the flag represent the states that form America. The film portrays exactly how the large businesses and corporations run the entire United States of America. Notice that states are granted their own rights, just as the corporations are. One of the speakers featured in the film said, “If you remove corporations, the picture is incomplete.” That speaker is referring to the economy and world in general. Without corporations the market could drop because they do power the economy. America relies on the consumerism and commercial enterprise, making the “American Dream” a manipulation.

    There is a great relation between the film and the flag; the film breaks down how each business logo on the flag function. It is not long until the logo flag actually replace the American flag. It was said in the film, “Corporations are running our lives.” That statement was proved to be true by both the footage in the film and the logo flag.

  7. Amacalli Duran

    The film, The Corporation, acknowledges how society’s consumerist mentality fuels the progression of corporate business. Using a satirical lens, the film introduces how the Supreme Court ruled business as people, granting them constitution rights. Then in a more humorous form, emphasizes how people have accepted business as people, even more so, their friends. People support business, regardless of their actions, just as they do for others they care for. As well, they create excuses and defend business, from attacks against their unethical actions. Society and business treat each other as the “gullible friend”. The “gullible friend” is to make the person appear better, just as the purchasing of material possessions increases the class of an individual. Furthermore, the “gullible friend” is only used when beneficial, just as businesses use and manipulate people and resources. Businesses and people have united in a complex and manipulative camaraderie, where both parties seek self-satisfaction.

    In the image above, the 50 stars of the United States were replaced with the 50 most relied and used corporations. The flag of the United States, created by Roberto Heft, describes the unity of that America, as well as, the blood shed for freedom, unity, and loyalty. Replacing the logo emphasizes how technology has united the country, and instead of blood, the money spent for satisfaction, greed, and amusement. The government of the United States is our technology. Not due to the simple fact that Americans follow, cooperate, respect, and listen to corporate business more than they do their governmental officials. Or that Individuals research Jordans, computers, and make-up, more than they do the campaign of a political official. It is because our own government controls the actions of the corrupt business. They have deemed it ethnical and humane to exploit resources and contaminate the environment at the expense of our satisfaction. As a consumerist society, we have allowed our infatuation with technology, to go so far as to lead our country, as long as we are satisfied.

    The film and the logo are related, because the film describes the meaning of the logo. The narrator of the movie stated, “What price must be paid to preserve our ability to make informed choices?” Americans, regardless of their denial, know and understand that there are negative consequences to the mass production of material goods. Yet, easily ignore them as to not feel ashamed of your own guilty pleasures. The logo represents how America has unified through the use of consumerist items. The film, explains not only how we began our consumerist mentality, but the negative impacts of it. Americans find no fault in satisfactions, due to the belief that our “government” was created to abide by our needs. But our needs have resulted into the exploitation of our lands and resources. As the logo and film describe, we are unified through money, and although commonly mistaken as satisfaction, the more appropriate word is greed. The movie and logo, only slightly represent how our greed as shifted the unity of our country, and furthermore our morals.

  8. David M.

    David Martinez
    Mrs. Keeble
    AP English 11

    The movie, “The Corporation,” reflects a lot on the world we live in today. The movie is about big corporations and their spheres of influence through out the world and to the eyes of the American people. Sadly these Corporations are the American people and they are under the law and allowed to do what they please and run this country from the shadows. In reality these corporations are what make up America, no longer is it run by the people, but by the corporations behind those people. Motivated only through self interest and with the strive to become richer.
    The Film is connected to the picture of the adbusters because of the idea that corporations are America. The stars that represent the states and its people are no longer there and now it is represented by Company logos and representing that person. “A company is a person” they say and they do whatever it takes to get ahead. These companies hire sweatshop workers and treat them like garbage just to make a couple more bucks for their company. They continue to grow and would do anything to make that happen. Corporations have truly become a blight on this country.

  9. Diana Larios

    Diana Larios
    AP English 11
    Period : 1

    The film “The Corporation” and the visual of Adbusters shows that America is sustained solely on large corporations and is needed because it has become a way of living. These corporations have taken over America , the land of the free? More like the land of Corporations.
    This film illustrates the way we view our country and that is through all the large corporations such as Google, Nike, Apple, etc… It’s sort of like we live in a democracy but we are dictated by these corporations. Phil Knight, owner of Nike pays his workers all over the world cents per day while he makes unimaginable profits from each pair of shoes produced. He was asked how the qualities of the working conditions were , he could not figure out a response because he’s never been to one of the hundredths of factories that he owns.
    This film educates us by letting us know that corporations have taken the characteristics of a living person. Mitt Romney states “Corporations are people my friend”, not like a regular businesses but a person with rights and rules to protect them. It is all unfair and consumers do not yet all see. Advertisement is everywhere , our people are being brain washed everywhere they go, Corporations are building power and most of the populations isn’t aware of that.
    All in all , the film and the visual of Adbusters shows that day by day corporations are growing in power and we will consequently have to rely on them to sustain our entire country if they don’t do that already.

  10. Kiana Ledda

    Kiana Ledda
    AP English, Period 5
    30, April 2013

    In the documentary, “The Corporations”, the filmmakers highlight the various ways on how corporations gained enough power to manipulate America’s citizens, society, and economic system. The filmmakers also want to inform consumers that corporations are very selfish and that they are so desperate for money that they are willing to do almost anything, which includes exploiting the environment and many other things.

    The visual and the film share a relation because the corporations are in place where the stars should be, meaning that corporations are representing America instead of the states themselves. The representation of the American flag is supposed to revolve around freedom and justice, but we have become so absorbed in buying the next new thing, that we have forgotten our morals. We are more focused on the economy and businesses than anything else, because all we care about now is money! Corporations have corrupted us so much over the years, and I believe that they are the main reasons why the economy is the way it is: a never ending rollercoaster. By rollercoaster, I mean that the economy can gradually come up slowly, but it can also come down very fast.

    The film and the given visual are both great resources and pieces of evidence that proove that America has become absorbed into the power of corporations.

  11. Oscar G.

    Oscar G.
    April 30, 2013
    In the film, The Corporation, the film makers attempt to inform consumers of what a business does so that people like them, average consumers, buy their products. As times and needs change corporations change the way that they advertise, make and manufacture products.
    The image, presented above, takes a step further than just sponsoring big name companies such as: Apple, Verizon, Microsoft and many others. It shows that we are no longer a nation being ran by the people, now it is being manipulated from big name businesses to get people of the nation to what is they want them to do. “It is a game to manipulate people to buy products.” Ideally like mentioned in the video the most secure way, the only way, to go against corporations is by holding your dollar and buy based on necessity and not what you think you need, but really just want.
    The use of persuasion from big name companies has worked top notch for the past years. Kids now a days believe that their Air Jordan shoes will make them run faster and shred in and out of the field. Another company that has excelled in over-advertising their product is Apple. Today there is rarely any kid who does not yet own an iPod, iPhone or iPad. But Apple does not simply attack the child, it also attacks the business man, tricking him/her to think that it is what they need in order to succeed with their business.
    All in all, nasty approaches are being made towards our society, but it is up to us to put a stop to it! How long will it be until consumers use critical judgement against themselves, to help themselves?

  12. Gonzalo Haro

    Gonzalo Haro

    The film, The Corporation, argues that big corporations have a great influence on society, politics, the environment, and consumers. Big corporations are “seen as ‘people'” in the eyes of the government, but instead of regular people, they get special privileges and powers. These corporations have become so big and influential, that in a sense, have taken control of the United States.

    The image by Adbusters portrays and American flag with its stars replaced by logos of large, well-know, influential, and powerful corporations. This symbolizes the power and influence they have on the politics and people in the United States. Politicians have been known to take advice from corporations in order to protect their interests in exchange for funding for their political campaigns. Since these corporations are backed by powerful people in the government, little is done about the abuses, crimes, and actions done by them. Corporations have shaped the U.S. into a consumeristic, materialistic, information-deprived country with its power and influence.

    Big business controls a lot more of our life than we might think. They influence what we buy, control what chemicals we ingest, influence our government, and worst of all: no one can touch them. The United States has been transformed into a country that seems to be run by big corporations rather than the government.

  13. Ryan

    Ryan C.
    Ap English

    The film, “The Corporation”, has very similar ideas as the visual by Adbusters. The visual, showing several corporate logos in the American flag, is presented in a way that the United States is controlled by corporate businesses. So in similarity, the film connects how corporate businesses control the United States and shows it audience ideas in facts, visuals, and commentary. Huge Corporations are unique on how much power and influence they have over everyone and to us they are a person by law. These corporations tend to focus on themselves, disregarding peoples wellbeing.

    So, what is shown in the film goes back to what is shown on the visual, how Corporation control everything. Big corporations love to send their work overseas to get very cheap labor. So they make extreme amount of money from overseas labor than minimum wage around here. Then they like to brainwash young kids so they can get them hooked on buying things they don’t need, therefore starting the trend when they are younger and increasing profits. So these corporations will get so big because they are trying everything they can to turn a big profit, increasing influence over people to purchase more of their products. So in the end, everyone is mesmerized by corporations, being controlled to buy more.

    So the flag, representing us Americans and the stars replaced by logos depicts who has the influence and power over the people. The U.S. is not completely under control, but these corporations has the most influence and runs the economy.

  14. Dartise

    April 30, 2014
    AP English

    In the film, The Corporations, talks about how companies control the United States. Also, how they only care about making profit instead of the people they sell it to. Like for example, how they give the animals chemicals to enhance their production on a certain product so they can make more profit, but it affects the animals and some times the consumers. This shows the true intentions of these corporations, and how they only care about making money.
    The flag symbolizes how big corporations define the United States and its citizens. Since America mostly capitalist, it is all about ranking up in society, and making money from all of the work you put in. So Americans depend on the companies making the money so they give jobs and keep the money flowing in our economy.

  15. Rachel N.

    Rachel N.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English Language & Composition
    1 May 2013

    The film, “The Corporation,” is connected to the satirical argument presented by Adbusters in various ways. The film portrayed how corporations may seem pure on the outside, but really possess selfish ulterior motives. The American flag that Adbusters uses conveys that our flag is usually seen as a symbol of life, liberty, freedom, truth, and he pursuit of happiness. What the flag is showing though is that our country actually desires to take our money and is completely independent, not unified. The film compared corporations to people who are labeled psychologically as sociopaths. The lengths that companies are willing to go to are dehumanizing. The flag also displays that we are not merely a country that consists of states, but one that consists of businesses with the intent of making money. Adbusters hopes to reveal the darker corners of the United States where its true colors are unearthed.

    1. Rachel N.

      Corporations are going to remain apart of America for a very long time. The culture in today’s society is to be materialistically abundant. Without containing America’s craving for financial success, corporations will stay vicious.

  16. Heather H.

    Corporate Capitalism is inescapable in the United States. The Corporation showcases how corporate capitalism has given corporations the power to manipulate citizens, making them eternal consumers, and the power to control the information that is available to these citizens. The narrator of the film states, “ In a world economy where information is filtered by global media corporations, keenly attuned to their powerful advertisers, who will defend the public’s right to know? And what price must be paid to preserve our ability to make informed choices?”. I believe that this is a flawed question, as it assumes we currently have the ability to make informed choices. We do not. The typical citizen does not have access to the deep, dark secrets of some companies such as the animal, human, or land exploitation necessary for the company to flourish. I do not think, however, that people want to know these dark secrets. It is far more comforting to drive to a KFC and order some chicken in a haze of greasy ignorance than it is to be informed about the terribly disturbing practices of the company and have the images of struggling workers and slaughtered baby chickens haunt you.
    In this day and age, you are what you buy. Corporations have such great influence that buying an Apple product or shopping at Wal-Mart is a detail that somehow shapes other people’s perception of you. In the visual presented by Adbusters, the stars on the American flag, which represent the states, have been replaced with major corporation logos. With this visual, Adbusters has perfectly captured the path that Corporate Capitalism has taken, making it an integral part of our national identity. We are a nation of consumers. No longer is America made of 50 states and divided along those lines. America is now made up of huge companies and divided along the lines of brand loyalty.
    There is no hope for America to escape the grips of corporate control, even if it wanted to. Consumerism and capitalism have become the values of society and change would be impossible. Each major corporation would have to go through a complete structure renovation in order to meet ethical standards. There is no time or money for that. We must simply continue on, exploiting workers and consumers, in order for these companies, and therefore the country, to survive.

  17. Desiree N.

    Desiree N.

    Ms. Keeble

    AP English 11

    29 April 2013

    In the film “The Corporation,” producer Michael Moore expresses his and others’ opinions about corporations. Most believe corporation are corrupt but they are vital to America’s system and society. The visual from Adbusters shows big, well-known, corporations that Americans depend on. The message presented in the image is that corporations are a part of America and are the foundation of our system. This message from the image ties in well with Moore’s message in his film.
    In the film someone stated, “The Corporation is a jigsaw, if you remove it the picture is incomplete.” this person understands the importance of corporations in our society. Whether we like it or not, corporations are everywhere. People shop at or use at least 10 of the logos in the image. Picking the most well-known corporations puts things into persepective in terms of just how many corporations are in our daily lives.
    People get angry and upset with corporations for taking in all the money for themselves and not caring about their employees. Even though most people loath them, they still them in one way or another. For example one may shop at Walmart for food while also using Verizon for their phone. There is no way to get around corporations.

  18. Abraham N.

    Abraham Nelson
    AP English 11
    Ms. Keeble
    29 April 2013
    Period 5

    During the film, “The Corporation”, the filmmaker attempts to get his point across about how shady and conniving people of power are in relation to business, and how they get away with certain tactics they do like outsourcing and conspicuous consumption, to rule the American public, which makes the visual of the various name brands in replace of the fifty stars on the American flag ironic because the meaning of the picture is that corporations run and fuel America.

    Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney said it best when he said that, “corporations are people, my friend” because even thought a corporation is not a human being that can make decisions and has a thought process, corporations decisions are made up and backed by living human beings who are trying to make the best choice that will fill their wallets, but at the same time, they run the risk of that choice hurting many people, though it is a risk that many owners will take in order to make money. One example would be inflation, because if a designer jacket costs $1.78 to make, and the owner of the company decides to make the price $178, that is a $176.22 profit, which helps the owner but hurts the average American who buys the jacket.

    One way that the image and corruption in corporations go together is that of conspicuous consumption, or people buying things they actually do not need. Many people buy things to either brag about having it, or just because the item looked enticing to them at the time because of the name or logo of the brand. If people look at the image, it is a safe bet to say that many people will know at least five of the company logos. Finally, advertising and consumption have became the norm so much that there are even apps that even quiz you on how good you know a company’s logo, which goes to show that corporations really do run America.

  19. Dan M

    The film The Corporation shows how corporations have become a grimly integral part of daily life. The documentary does this through a satirical lens of an extended metaphor. The Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people, with constitutional rights. The documentary humors this perspective and examines the psyche of this person.
    The above image relates to the same theme of the documentary. It makes the point that corporations are now a part of the government, enough that government interests are now pointed towards them and not towards the people it governs. Of course, corporations are people too. If you wanted to take this metaphor farther, or simplify it (depends on your perspective), you could say that the corporations have replaced the states on the flag, and now the whole of the country is geared towards these entities.
    With so much interest geared towards such a small group of people, who could say that this wouldn’t be a future flag? In a dystopian neo-feudalistic future, the few lords and their vassals could have serfs around the globe working not to thrive, but simply to survive. If we look at how corporations treat overseas workers, this idea isnt so far fetched. The needs of the few are being placed above the needs of the billions.

  20. Yarelli Lopez

    Yarelli Lopez
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English Language & Composition
    29 April 2013

    As shown in the visual, the United States of America flag contains several logos of many successful businesses that run the show in America and all around the world. Nowadays, we live with what the corporations provide for us. It has become extremely difficult for us to live in a society that does not involve corporations. Recently, I had the chance to watch the film, The Corporation; it informs consumers about the tactics that are used by successful businesses, in order, to persuade people to keep on buying their products. It shows how influential the companies have become, in both, society and politics.

    In the film, one of the several speakers
    mentions, “it is a game to manipulate people to buy products.” Politics are involved because many famous celebrities including people in the politics or sportsmen are sponsored by corporations such as McDonald’s, Nike, Coca Cola, and many more. Therefore, trying to go against these corporations would mean to have to work hard for your own money and not be able to take advantage of these sponsors that have a lot to give. For instance, I’m a student and I have don’t have enough money to afford going to college, yet, thanks to the many foundations and the scholarships that corporations like McDonald’s offer; I am facilitated with the help to go to college. So yes, I do agree that most of the corporations that are ridiculously rich have the ability to control America as a whole.

    In the flag, one of the most growing technological companies, Apple, has become very popular among the younger generations. For instance, kids, they are very easily persuaded to buy products that include having fun. Now connecting this with apple; this company has a large amount of cellular devices and others such as the well-known, iPhone; the iPad; the mini iPad; the iPod; and the list goes on. Most of these are sadly being used by kids that are simply carried away by technology. From the film, Susan Linn says, “corporations are also manipulating children to buying products.” Unfortunately, it is true; corporations today are now trying to find new ways to maintain their young consumers.

  21. Sidney

    AP English
    29 April 2013

    In the film, The Corporations(2003), filmmakers inform consumers of the businesses they support connecting corporations behaviors to the world with specific examples of its greedy ways. Throughout the years, money has driven corporations to manipulate its consumers, societies and the environment.
    In the above image, Ad busters present an image of the American flag with company logos in place of stars. The image translates a similar message that the film did. They both concur that companies legal status is of a person with equal rights as a human being, This meaning that they have their own identity where they are to pay taxes as humans do. The catch is that companies get taxed like an individual would if not less because of the welfare provided to them. Because of the millions companies make, they are slowly taking over the country and originating how we think and react to society. In the image the top companies of the country are listed to represent how the US government no longer fight for “the people” but rather to benefit corporations in pursuit of wealth.
    The United States has become so manipulated and controlled by corporations, that the image by Adbusters and the film The Corporation have become evidence that America has become a country infatuated with money and lead by greed.

  22. Dominique

    Dominique N
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11 2

    In the film The Corporations, filmmakers emphasize how business corporations are similar to humans, meaning they have control over our lives. American business corporations are what keep our nation running. Some corporations are at the top of the food chain and control smaller ones below them. The film The Corporation is very similar to the Adbusters visual presented above in many ways. Many connections can be made between the film and the visual, for they both illustrate how business corporations work.
    For example, both the film and the visual include huge business corporations that rule America. Corporations like McDonald’s, Google, Apple, Verizon, CNN, and many more are illustrated on the flag in the visual. The film talks about corporations like these and how they have impacted our society. Corporations are the heart of American consumerism and the main source of our prospering economy. To represent them visually and talk about them constantly in the film is a big deal, and by doing this the author suggests corporations control America.
    Both the visual and the documentary demonstrate how corporations have control over our lives, by using factual information to support their claims. If the American society took the time to recognize how these corporations have tricked us into buying their products by using advertisements, we would not be sucked into such an outrageous game of cat and mouse. Sadly, a majority of Americans have no clue what we have gotten into.

  23. Raymond P

    Raymond P.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11
    29 April 2013

    The documentary, “The Corporation” connects how huge money making companies are ruining our society of today. Not only is the corporation’s damaging our and other society’s, they are also expanding and getting stronger.

    Tons of corporations are not located in America, but they are located in other countries were people could work for cents a day. The corporations work places are dangerous places were many people get hurt everyday. Corporations are ruining peoples lives with the harsh conditions and such low wages. Americans are not aware that the items they are wearing are made by people who work for nothing a day. Americans are taking things for granted, and we are not aware of reality.

    We as a country are getting to dependent on the things that are being made. Corporations are running our lives, the things we wear are because of them and we are not seeing the big picture of reality.

  24. Efrain Enriquez

    The film, “The Corporation”, discusses the vice-like grip that businesses around the nation have on their consumers and on society. It highlights the greedy, profit driven attitudes of businesses and how that attitude has affected both people and the environment. Corporations have grown from simple businesses to economic powerhouses in the United States, and their influence has spread to the four corners of the globe.

    The visual above is the flag of the United States; however, instead of stars the flag has the logos of various corporations. This visual presents the same idea that the film does; corporations control American society and even American politics. Corporations control the lives of everyone under their sphere of influence. People across the nation are exposed to the control of corporations daily. These business establish themselves early in the lives of their consumers and force themselves into the lives of everyone that comes across their advertisements. In “The Corporation”, an interviewee says, “Corporations don’t advertise products particularly; they’re advertising a way of life. A way of thinking. A story of who we are as people and how we got here and what’s the source of our so-called liberty, and so-called freedom. You know, so you have decades and decades and decades of propaganda and education teaching us to think in a certain way.” Business try to make their consumers dependent on their products since their birth, and they use whatever means possible to control our way of life and our freedoms.

    Corporations have gained so much influence in politics that they are even legally recognized as living people with rights and feelings. The problem with this is that corporations do not have the limitations or morals that normal people have. It is like Michael Moore says in the film, “I believe the mistake that a lot of people make when they think about corporations, is they think you know, corporations are like us. They think they have feelings, they have politics, they have belief systems, they really only have one thing, the bottom line – how to make as much money as they can in any given quarter. That’s it.” Businesses only seek to improve upon their massive profits; they do not care if they hurt the environment or other people. Corporations feel that their main priority is not to improve the world or give back to the community; their main priority is profit, profit, profit. Any negative consequences that result from their profit does not concern them.

  25. maria f

    In the documentary “Corporations” (2003), is based on how companies dont tell those buying their products about how the environment of where the product came from and how they basically brainwash their customers into buying what they sell. The speakers inform the audience about how many people consider them as humans because they make up who everyone is, whatever someone purchases comes from corporations. The speakers inform the audience in an critical and informative tone.

    Today, Corporations are very powerful, They practically brainwash people into buying their products and some even having them addicted. The government also believe greatly that corporations are people. CEO’s convinced them in believing that corporations are like people.

    The American flag that has been edited to has been edited to have all these companies names basically symbolizes how corporations are taking over america.

  26. Veronica

    April 29, 2013
    AP English

    In the film, “The Corporation”, shows how these billion dollar companies have been manipulating us since we were young so when we get older they can trap us in their scheme to get richer. Our dependence on them has made the society plunder into darkness with millions of Americans wasting their hard earned money on their products. Even children nag their parents to get them these advertised products which basically makes the child the consumer. We have been living in a world where we consume and consume while making these corporations richer without even noticing they are brainwashing us.

    This film also introduces how these corporations are doing harm to society and the environment, but the government not doing anything about these problems. The reason why the government doesn’t interfere with these companies is because they treat these big corporations as if they were people which gives them the right to technically manipulate and brainwash Americans.

    In the image depicted above clearly shows how the United States has been made up of all these billion dollar companies and how they are shaping this country as being the most powerful. By replacing where the stars should be with logos of many corporations, shows how Americans are being brought up to be consumers when they are young and later on realizing they haven been brainwashed into helping the society become more and more dependent on these companies.

  27. DaJohn Wade

    The film, “The Corporation”, connects the ideas that these multimillion dollar corporations have been manipulating our lives since we could remember. The dependency we have on them has crippled our society, but has strengthened their power and expansion.

    The corporation has been corrupting society by keeping our daily lives revolving around their products. They are considered humans and are acknowledge by the Supreme Court. The way we support, advocate, and invest our time and money into them, they should be considered humans. Our stability lies on the production of these industries. We have expanded our intelligence, widened our resources, and are producing inventions and gadgets that could change the world as we know it. Despite the fascination behind this, we forgot the critical part; the longevity. If our expansions halt and resources run out, what will we do then? If we experiences a plummet in stocks, what will be the back up plan? It seems as if the deeper we feed into the consumption, the more we are putting ourselves at risk.

    The image above depicting the American flag with corporations as the stars illustrates where our true pride and values are. It seems as if the people are expendable and not the companies. The United States is slowly being corrupted and transformed into the United Skyscrapers, since those buildings house the very companies that have made society the way it is today.

  28. Phuong-My N.

    Phuong-My N.
    AP English, Per. 2
    28 April 2013

    The documentary film, “The Corporation” (2003), showcases how companies work, the different characteristics they possess, the workers behind the making of items, and how the workers are treated. The film is connected to the visual presented by the Adbusters in many different forms.
    For one, the renovation of the American flag above is hinting that our country thrives off of companies/corporations and is proud of it. Instead of fifty stars to represent the states in America, there are thirty logos. Thirty top brand companies that composes our country as well-known and powerful. What many people do not know is the workers that are behind the success of those companies.
    Take Nike for example; Nike creator, Phil Knight, has hundreds and hundreds of factories all over the world, especially in third-world countries. When asked about the working conditions in those factories, he did not know how to respond due to the fact he has never visited any.
    Companies have taken over this nation that was once built by the people, for the people.

  29. Bilguun Batdorj

    Bilguun Batdorj
    Ms Keeble
    AP English 11
    Apr 28 2013

    According to the U.S supreme court, corporations are considered in law as an individual. The film “The Corporation” showcases all the characteristics that corporations have to be considered as psychopaths. Many corporations have an “incapacity to maintain enduring relationships, incapacity to experience guilt,” and various other reckless traits that a person with a mental disorder would have. With all these reckless traits in mind, corporations are still treated as a person. Instead of being in a mental hospital, corporations as a whole have the right to declare bankruptcy, take loans, sue “real” people, and also get sued. This results in a fallacy whereas corporations will tend to lie in court and use up as many tricks, like creating false evidence or bribing the judge, in order to win.
    The picture presented by Adbusters showcases the stars of the American flag have been replaced with the logo of various corporations. The stars of the American flag symbolizes the 50 states that make up the United States of America. Because of the fact that the stars have been replaced by logos of various corporations, it symbolizes that in reality corporations influence the very governance of America. Big corporations can easily influence the creation or deletion of any law. They’re like an unstoppable robot the size of Godzilla that can step on many obstacles like environmental groups, and the UN.

  30. Brittany-Ann D.

    Brittany-Ann V. Dela Cruz
    AP English
    28 April 2013

    America is no longer the land of opportunity and freedom. It is the land of the corporation. The film The Corporation and the visual of Adbusters illustrates that big businesses have become the new American way of living. It asserts that the United States of America needs the corporation in order to achieve sustainability.
    The film and the image show America being dependent on the corporation. They both provide facts which prove businesses such as Google, Nike, and Chevron is America’s pride and glory. The image, instead of showing the fifty states, depicts different corporations controlling our society. The film states, “Corporations achieve a big influence on people’s life.” This demonstrates the corporation has influenced our people so much that these businesses have gained the qualities of a real human being.
    Corporations have achieved the chance to be a regular person. Both the film and image show businesses as a human. The film offers experiences in which businesses treat their workers wrong and the image shows the logos instead of the people of the fifty states. Mitt Romney states, “Corporations are people, my friend. Instead of the corporations acting as a business, they are eligible to have the rights and rules to keep the power within their circle and away from the actual people.
    America has become overran by the corporation. Both the Corporation and Adbuster’s visual serves as proof in determining that the United States has become the land of business and ultimate power.

  31. Alicia

    Alicia Oseguera
    AP English
    Ms. Keeble
    28 April 2012

    The film The Corporation and the visual presented by Adbusters both argue and emphasize the idea that the United States depends on the corporations to be able to sustain itself and keep on growing to be wealthier. In the film many people give their opinion on how the corporations are ruling the world by one person saying, “corporations achieve a big influence on people’s life’s “ this already emphasizes how the citizens who are basically the United States are being ruled by the big corporations being caught by their advertising and catchy slogans. While, in the visual ad presented the American flag instead of having the fifty stars it is being replaced by logos from brands and companies indicating how those big corporations are the ones that are sustaining the United States not the fifty states.

    In the film, many civilians are voicing out their opinions towards corporations mentioning how many workers in many places get 0.75 cents for working while that certain item is being sold for 178 dollars. These corporations are just playing their people acting as if they were really people just like mentioned by Mitt Romney who said, “Corporations are people, my friend”. In this case the corporations being injustice with their own workers shows that they are even acting like a person taking advantage of others innocence just like many real people do. This connects to the visual ad by showing how the American flag instead of being shown with the fifty states composed of people it is being shown with the brands and logos of corporations emphasizing that they are people too. All in all, both are showing how slowly the corporations are using their “human qualities” to be ruling the United States and not let anybody else take their power away.

    Not only that but the way that the film compared the corporations with monsters who are just trying to make as much profit as possible shows how the corporations are just achieving one major goal which is to get the citizens attention to make them buy their stuff without hesitation. By this the corporations are getting more and more power by the United States being a consumerism country that is just buying and buying making the corporations keep on getting the power they want. Just like in the ad it shows how the American Flag is a consumerism country since all the logos have been inserted emphasizing that this country is powerful because of the corporations. The United States is who it is because of the corporations and it can be said that the United States is the corporations because they are the ones that have the power in this country.

  32. Johan Ocegueda

    Johan Ocegueda
    AP Ebglish
    4 April 2013
    The film “The Corporation” and the argument shown above connect because the both argue that the united states and its stability depends on the corporations in the country. There is one percent wealthy in the U.S. and that percent is mad up of the corporations. They are on top, not caring for those on the bottom, in this case the corporation does not really care about he employees. The United States overall is made up of corporations, this country is made by corporations and ran by the corporations and the money.
    The reason in which both Romney and the film stated that corporations are people is simple. Because they are the ones that the government are with. They keep up the economy, they get more money than anyone else in this country. The more the government helps, the richer they get and the more poor the others get. The government does not take away from the upper class, they take away from the middle. They are t people the government is with. They are those rich people that fight t keep the ones in the bottom to keep themselves on top.

  33. Jonathan v

    Jonathan Victorio
    Ms. Keeble
    Ap Eng and Comp
    Period 1
    The documentary film, “Corporations” expresses the various viewpoints that the big bosses and CEOs see in the modern world along with the opinions of the day to day civilians that are under the constant bombardment of unnecessary consumption. According to the history books, the industrial revolution gave birth to many of the modern day corporations and to monopolies that mix emotions between I need and I want. In the film there was a woman that compared the modern corporations to a whale that could swallow you whole in an instant. That comparison in a clearer sense means that these big corporations see us as tiny little krill their food, our money is their krill they need the food to live. These corporations are also seen as artificial creations that need human input to get their desired output.
    In the ad the Adbusters created, there can be a clear message of what it is trying to portray about the United States of America. As we can see that in the modern United States flag there is fifty stars that represent the fifty United States, but in this ad there is logos of companies that make up for every of the states. Sates have their population that make up that state, so do these companies have their people consuming their products keeping them thriving on forward. For example, McDonalds Is one of the best fast-food restaurants in the world, they own more locals than other fast-food restaurants, they know how to advertise well it is what keeps them thriving. Another example is Nike, and how it is classified by people as young and eccentric, to the people this is a human being that tries to advertise its merchandise. Even though these corporations seem to get at the consumers on a positive note, they do a lot of under the table things that hurt the environment and the well being of the people.

  34. Kiala A

    Kiala Aranas
    AP English 11, 5th
    28 April 2013

    The film, “The Corporation” is connected to the image presented by Adbusters because both the film and the image assert that the United States are overrun by the corporation. In Adbuster’s illustration, the American flag is depicted; however instead of the stars that represent our fifty states, various top brands and logos are in place. In the film, many guests speak on their view of the corporation, ranging from both positive to negative, and also indifferent.

    In the film, civilians describe huge corporations as people. For instance, a couple described Nike to be a young, energetic, and outgoing person. With that being said, Corporations were given a personality diagnostic test which evaluated the corporation as a psychopath. The film included many examples that supported this evaluation. This personality test showed the humor and awful truth behind the corporations.

    In President Abraham Lincoln’s speech, The Gettysburg Address, he states that the government is a “…government of the people, by the people, for the people…” The government define corporations as people, and on that note, The United States is taken over by corporations. In light of the picture provided by Adbusters, the film supports the satirical argument by claiming the corporations are tyrannically taking over the United States and, eventually the World.

  35. Kiloni D

    Kiloni Driskell
    April 28, 2013
    AP English

    In the documentary film “The Corporation,” connects to satirical arguement because it exposes the “personality” of self-interest in a corporation. Sevaral speakers of the film informs the danger of what these corporations are doing to the enviroment and illustrate what they are doing just to make money. The speakers informs that the corporation is not a person and that the profits are so much higher in their minds. It is always about competition to get to the top, because if you are at the top then you are making the most money. It is about competition, market sales and shareholders.

    The corporation also tends to manipulate the consumers. In the film “The Corporation”, it highlightes how the corporations manipulate children to buy new toy products by advertising media. The “Nag Factor” study was designed not to help parents cope with their children’s nagging, but to help corporations devise their ads and promotions so that children would nag for their products more effectively. In the film, they told the parents to write how many times their children nag about a product.

    The Corporation has emerged to be today’s dominant institution, one that creates great wealth but also great harms. The paper mill factory was dumping their waste into the river making it contanimated. Most corporations are ran by wealthy white men, so they do not know the reality outside the world. They only see dollar signs. The film informed that the government was setting fires to the oil well, raisng the prices to $13 to $40. All the corporations was posoining and deminishing the enviroment. Also species were on the verge of being extinct.

  36. Jessica A

    In the documentary film “The Corporation,” various speakers present their concerns with the modern corporate world. To begin with, the film details how the Industrial Revolution gave rise to corporations. Next, the speakers evaluate different ways in which corporations are considered unhealthy- for the Earth and for our own health. One speaker mentions that “corporations are artificial creations,” and that like a whale, “[a corporation] can swallow you in an instant.” In a more literal sense, the speakers attempt to convey how corporations consume our world and induce a materialistic craving within us. The filmmakers asked for random people to provide words with which corporations are associated with. One couple said, “Nike: young, energetic.” Another woman replied, “Disney: goofy.” Essentially, the film is portraying how corporations have become substantial in American culture and their primary goal is “to make as much money as they can.”
    In the visual presented by Adbusters, the stars of the American flag have been replaced with a logo that is supplemented with the name of its corporation. Because the American flag is a symbol of strength and unity, it’s ironic that our strengths lie within corporations. Corporations torment people in other countries where poverty is inevitable. For example, in El Salvador an individual may work all day to create jackets that are worth $178, but that individual gets paid only $.75 per hour. Adbusters is asserting that corporations are the reason the United States is so well off. It also suggest the American way of life in which one may experience conspicuous consumption even though they’re far beyond just sustenance. In both the film, and the visual, American corporations are presented in a negative way.

  37. Aaron Chon

    Aaron Chon
    Ms Keeble
    APENG 11 P2
    26 April 2013

    In modern society, many compare the relation between the corporation and the people to that of Doctor Frankenstein and his abomination, describing it as a creation that has grown beyond the control of its master. The corporation has become an inseparable part of human life, and in spite of the many benefits that it produces, there are also the many elements that go unnoticed by the public eye, mostly because the corporation does its best in order to conceal its darker side. The satirical visual created by Adbusters depicts the American flag, except in the place of stars there are brand logos for various companies and large businesses. This connects to the ideas presented by the documentary film “The Corporation”, which depicts the various consequences of having accepted that “corporations are people, my friend”. The satire is meant to depict a nation compromised of numerous corporations in the place of states, not only being the inheritors of the various rights granted upon individuals, but also becoming the very definition of American society.

    Firstly, the satire demonstrates that the corporation as an individual in the same way that “The Corporation” manages to. In 1886, a heated debate was taking place, but since no conclusive resolution could be reached, Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company was taken to the Supreme Court, where the unanimous and uncontroversial decision was reached by the conclusion that corporations had the constitutional rights of a person. Because of that court decision, corporations, which are in essence a congregation of individuals in a building, were entitled to the same rights as an individual that has a conscience. This granted the corporation a large number of protections and abilities, such as the right to take individuals before a court of law, as well as becoming the target of a law suit. Because of this, the corporation became virtually invincible by law, minimizing losses and potentially eliminating all that were in opposition to its policies. As it was stated in the documentary “The Corporation”, “Corporations do not have a conscience. Corporations do not think. People think.”

    Corporations are also depicted as the very composition of the United States, and while they are usually international entities, the idea presented is a fearsome one that has many consequences. It is easy to say that the collective assets of the corporations operating within the United States greatly outnumber, possibly by a number of times even, the wealth possessed by the government and the people living in the country. From a statistical viewpoint, nearly everything that any person in the nation owns originated from a corporation, and many other individuals offer their professional services to such a corporation, whether it is in basic labor positions or a managerial level. On that note, such an example would the Walt Disney Company, which has the best lawyers in the entire world, making them practically invulnerable in a court of law, and whatever they lose can easily be overturned with a gracious sum of money. Because the corporation is in possession of power, it is only too easy for the government and other entities to take their side, either for personal benefit, or overwhelming pressure.

    Many people acknowledge the situation that has arisen within society, the age-old problem that began with the rise of consumerism. However, they too follow the mindset of benefit or pressure, doing very little to change their situation, or ignoring the issue completely. The corporation is America, and to resist the churning river that is the corporation would to become a small pebble on the bottom of the waters, getting tossed about without a drop of mercy, until reduced into irrelevant sediments that drift off into the eyes of God. To attempt the termination of corporations, however, would be rash as well, as they have become so embedded into American society that removing them would devastate the known system. This is a risk that very few are willing to take, and a sacrifice that nobody is willing to make, as too much has been put into the hands of corporations, and the act of doing so is the same as entrusting them with everything. There are many things that a corporation provides, and regardless of whether said provisions are for better or for worse, they are something that people will have to tolerate if they are not willing to take the first step forward into the unknown.

  38. Alexis l.

    The film “The Corporation” connects to the satirical argument that the U.S. is basically run by corporations. The U.S. is the center of all the corporations interest. Many people against these businesses say that these companies only want money, no matter the cost. These companies use advertisements that literally lie in the face of there consumers. Their elaborate sales approach these businesses have are impressive but deceitful.

    People in the U.S. don’t know the true power that these corporations have. One simply believes the complete distortion of the facts, but almost never do we question these corporations. The people are too used to these businesses lying to them, that themselves don’t know if it’s a lie or not.

    The flag presented by Adbusters signifies how integrated these companies are in the U.S. There is always some corporation in every U.S. state. There is no end to the evil these corporations have. They only provide abuse to the people of the U.S.

  39. David .D

    David Delgado
    Ms. Keeble
    Ap English
    Period 2
    25 April 2013
    The video “The Corporation” connects to the satirical argument because both express the fact that the USA is mostly runned by the corporations. The top corporations like Nike are really successful, and practically run the United States. Corporations are really wealthy, and do not care much about their workers; in addition the corporations are only in it for themselves their main goal is to make money. There does not go by a day when people do not see any advertisement for corporations. The corporations are being manipulated simply by creating products such as toys, video games, clothes etc; as a result people get brain washed.

    Corporations today are extremely powerful which is why they practically run the United States. In the film it clearly states that “Corporations are people, my friend.” The CEO’s of these corporations have persuaded the government that they are people. Since the government of the United States is mostly runned by wealthy people; the government would obviously help them. The corporations are always selfish, and they never get enough. The CEO’s eventually become tyrants and become power hungry and want to end up owning as much land as he/she can get.

    Corporations almost own the United States. The altered American flag by Adbusters symbolizes that corporations run the USA. The reason why is because the 50 states make up the USA, but in substitution there are multiple corporations where the stars are supposed to be. This signifies that the corporations make up the USA not the states itself. Today there are evil intelligent people who are payed to manipulate and brainwash the government in order to get what they want. it is easy to say that we live on a land that is mostly runned by corporations not the government.

  40. Mercedes G.

    The movie The corporations is about how company’s now a days are running our lives and basically how we live it. So by the picture showing corporations this wraps up how the United States actually is. The United States are just a bunch of corporation competing one who sells more and who makes more. So that picture explains what Americans are just a bunch if greedy people who always just wan something and can never have enough. The corporation shows how much corporations mean to us, they are all the per the place by either advertising or having thier shops on every block. The corporation do not really see the people as people but as dollar bills that are going to help ten become richer. So the flag represents how much Anerica has been taken over by a bunch of these huge corporations.

    The corporations also talked about how these corporations are breaking the law and most I of the citizens do not even know what these corporations are being sued for. By now Ameeica is so into to having so many corporations run the people’s everyday lives that the United States even made it that corporations have the same rigt as human beings. In no way are corporations people, but some how America seems to believe that they are. “Corporations are people, my friend” this explains everything like how people are surrounded by some many corporations that propel are starting to treat them and give rigts to them as if they are actually people.

    I think that The Corportaions was to show how much America is all about Corportaions and advertising. The citizens can not escape any corporation it surrounds us no matter if we want it to or not. America is not really a free country anymore for the fact that America’s own people cannot escape any business even if they would want to. Showing the American flag filled with different big business is a very accurate showing about what the United States is and tells everyone who really runs America.

  41. Tanzeel H.

    Tanzeel Hak
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English, Period 2
    25 April 2013

    The film The Corporation connects to the satirical argument above because they both illustrate the fact that the United States very core is corporations. Corporations make up a huge percentage of the wealthy class. The ones at the very top not only run corporations, but also the United States. They live only for self-interest, not having any sympathy for their workers. The corporations defines what the United States are today. Corporations exist across the whole country. We see them on daily basis. Their products are impressively brainwashing, while the corporations behind them are manipulative.

    Today corporations are extremely powerful. The film states, “Corporations are people, my friend.” CEOs have convinced the government to consider corporations as people. The government are favoring corporations. Most of the time the United States government is ran by many wealthy individuals, so of course they would help corporations move forward. All of them have selfish incentives. Then the film explains that, “Corporations patent genes.” The government has changed the laws that used to be in place that stated living organisms could not be patented. The people at the very top of corporations want as much power as they can and by owning every square inch of the world including resources such as water, will give them just that. Corporations’ richest work along with the government. As they say, money brings power and this is a great example of it.

    Corporations have the United States in the palm of their hand. The altered United States’ flag presented by Adbusters signifies how every single state in the United States are homes to corporations. On the flag the first noticeable difference is the fact that there are no stars that represent our 50 states. In its places are corporations. This portrays that the states do not hold any importance or represent the United States, where as big businesses do. When someone says, “United States.” What is the first thing that comes to mind? Do any of us think about historical background like the formation of the 50 states. Probably not, the first thought that comes to mind is the land of opportunity, the country where someone can go from rags to riches, like many fortunate CEOs. Initially everyone’s first thought eventually goes straight to corporations and their products. They are evil geniuses behind them brainwashing constantly and controlling the government like puppets, pulling strings constantly. We all unarguably live in the land of multimillion dollar corporations.


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