April 23

About Corporations

Consider the film The Corporation. How is the film connected to the above satirical argument? Write several paragraphs that connect the ideas presented in the film to the visual presented by Adbusters. Be sure to include concrete details from the visual above and the film.

And btw, Mitt Romney said, “Corporations are people, my friend.” He said this during the 2012 campaign. The film chronicles how corporations became people and then analyzes corporations as if they were people. This is an important distinctive fact.

April 10

Response for “What Are Homosexuals For?”

Gay pride 365 - Marche des fiertés Toulouse 2011.jpg
Photo Credit: Guillaume Paumier via CompfightSullivan makes a compelling argument in his essay. First, explain exactly what you believe his argument is and then choose three of the concrete details from your TEJs to illustrate how he supports his argument. In other words, how does what he said support what your saw? Be sure to thoroughly explicate your quotes from the text. Proofread for pronoun antecedent agreement. Due Friday!