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  1. Kiala A

    Kiala Aranas
    AP English 11, 5th
    4 March 2013

    1.In his essay, Gould draws from biology, sociology, and philosophy to support his assertion(s).
    4. Clearly, there are physical differences between males and females which can restrain one gender from doing what the other gender might be able to naturally do. Men and women have different roles, and here is where society is confounded by socialism; different roles, but EQUAL roles. When all of the gender controversy is boiled down, all that is significant is the individual and his or her personal conduct; what one individual can contribute to the life or lives of others.

  2. Kiloni D

    Kiloni Driskell
    4 March 2013
    AP English

    1) The different fields of intellectual inquiry of science, sociology, history and literature.

    4) I believe the differences that might exist between genders are due to nature because men were born to be physically strong. For example women are to be smarter than men and girls have better hand writing than men. My attitude and the way I speak is from genetics of how i was raised.

    • tashak38

      Is this logically sound? Revise for assumptions and over-generalizations.

  3. Jasmine J.

    1. Gould usess historical, sociological, intellectual, and scientific inquiries to write his piece.

    2. The differences between genders is due to both nature and nurture. In my opinion, nurture has played the biggest role in gender differentiation. Most girls, like myself, were always taught to dress lady like, talk like a young lady, and act like a lady would. On the other hand, boys have been taught to toughen up and be a man. As a child, I was bought dolls and other “typical” female toys like play kitchens and dress up clothes. My brother received video games, play tool boxes, race cars and other “typical” boy toys. Nature has an impact in the sense that our emotions differ due to estrogen and testosterone and males and females are capable of different physical activities because of the way our bodies are built. In my opinion, however, that doesn’t impact how we act it just impacts what we do.

    • tashak38

      Re-read, and revise for sentence boundaries (run-ons, fragments, comma splices).

  4. Alexia G. (period 1)

    1. Besides science, Gould pulls historical and sociological intellectual inquiries to develop his essay.

    2. It seems that the differences between genders is due to both nature and nurture. But nurture has determined my views on gender differentiation and their roles. I was taught to always “dress, act, talk, and sit like a lady” whereas my brother was taught to “toughen up” or “take it like a man”. My parents told me it is important to know how to cook and clean because that is what women do. Men are supposed to do the more dirty work: outside gardening, building, putting things together, and touch ups. Nature has very little impact on my beliefs because no matter what the environment was, I was still raised the same way.

    • tashak38

      Whose roles? What does the “their” refer to in your first sentence. Revise because that is a loose pronoun.

  5. Dartise

    March 4, 2013
    AP English

    1.) Gould uses intellectual inquiries of science, philosophy, sociology, craniometry and literature.

    4.) I believe the differences between men and women are due to nature because physically men are stronger than women. Also, men and women are born with different mentalities and are raised differently. For example, I grew up thinking that girls were supposed to do better in school than boys, but it turns out it was just the boys becoming too lazy and not doing the work. Another reason why men and women are different is because their bodies aren’t built the same. A woman’s body is built to withstand a baby while a man’s body is built to withstand more weight and muscle.

  6. Tresean Mitchell

    Tresean Mitchell
    AP English per.2

    1. Not including science, Gould uses history, literature, and gender studies.

    4. Differences between the male and female genders physically comes from genetics but the imagery of what one or the other is suppose to look like and act like has been morphed through out social history. For instance men often think of themselves and other men having to be strong,tough,and placed in the “leader” role in society, This is just the way that the male role has been portrayed through out the years and is still constantly changing. Same with women, they have been placed in a social stature that may not be judged by genetics but society instead. Often being thought of more delicate,not as strong,and being placed under men. This is not scientifically correct but it is what society has done to the gender roles, i do not believe in Superior gender rather than the quality of the individual.

    • tashak38

      Treasan, please proofread for everything; then, revise. Little grammar and spelling errors interfere with me appreciating your wonderfully ideas. Let me know when you finish.

    • tashak38

      Tresean, please proofread for everything; then, revise. Little grammar and spelling errors interfere with me appreciating your wonderfully ideas. Let me know when you finish.

      • Who are you and what are you talking about? These are student blogs. Stop trolling.

  7. Rebekah N.

    Rebekah Novak
    AP English
    Ms. Keeble
    4 March 2013

    1. Gould draws from the fields of science, anthropometry, craniometry, philosophy,sociology, and history.

    4. I believe I am the way I am because of the way i was raised. Had it not been for my loving parents, I do not believe I would be as spunky as I am. Many traits that I have are acquired and shape most of my personality and nature. Yes nourishment is a big part in ones personality but their are many exceptions. However i do believe that differences between genders occur naturally. For example, boys are made a built stronger therefore they have physical qualities girls cannot have the prevents them from doing things boys can do.

    • tashak38

      Rebekah, revise this. It looks like you didn’t proofread. Always do so before publishing your highly thoughful ideas.

  8. Valeria Diaz

    Valeria Diaz
    Period 5
    AP English
    Ms. Keeble
    1) Gould uses science, gender studies and history.
    2) I believe that my view on gender isuues is by the way I was born. It is hard for me to explain this but I see my self completly different from my family. My parents are used to seeing the men do all the work and the women does the cleaning and cooking. I have a 20 year old brother who saddly is also very sexist and believes that women shold cook and clean. I completly disagree with him. I dont have a strong connection with my family because of this. I believe a women is better than just the next human to cook and clean. I dont want to be property of anyone. I am the way that I am not because I was raised this way but because of the struggles I had to face on sexism in my past and still up to this day. My brother and I were raised equally by our parents but we are copletly different people. I am born this way and I will prove to him and everyone that has doubted me that being a female is no different than being a man, but better…

  9. Caitlin H.

    Caitlin Huie
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English Per 2
    4 March 2013

    1.) The intellectual inquiries Gould uses are biology, history, anthropology, sociology, and craniometry.

    4.) I believe that the differences between genders are mostly because of society. People learn certain ideas about how they are supposed to live from others. Because gender roles have been in our culture for most of our history, people are taught to live with these differences. Girls are supposed to like pink and boys are supposed to like blue. These labels are inscribed in our civilization because everyone was taught that way once they were born. I became the person I am today because of how my parents taught me and how I saw society. None of my choices are genetically prone into me; throughout my life I adapted which decisions are right and wrong.

  10. Andrea O

    Andrea O
    AP English Per.2
    4 March 2013
    1. Gould draws intellectual inquiry from chronometry, philosophy , biology , sociology , and history.

    2. Differences between male and females exist because of both nature but mostly because of society . While it is true that men are physically different than women, society also plays a key role in the development of each gender. From birth women are exposed to certain colors and mentalities while men are exposed to another set of colors and mentalities .By the time a boy turns into a man , he knows that he is not allowed to cry as he must be tough and stronger than women. In contrast, women are made to believe that they are supposed to be fragile and feminine. Therefore, I believe that there is no superior race because women and men are equally capable but different and physically evidence cannot be used to identify as superior race. I am the way I am because of the way I was raised and the experiences I have had . I believe that if I had been exposed to a different environment or even a different set of people I would have turned out different. All in all , society and experiences determine who an individual is not their gender.

  11. Sidney

    Ap English
    1)Stephen Jay Gould uses Anthropometry, Craniometry, sociology, philosophy, history, literature and other intellectual fields for the formation of his essay.
    4) I believe that the difference in gender is created socially as well as biologically. Girls are often raised differently then boys and are usually looked as a weaker companion. Due to the nature that takes place in this situation giving birth is made possible and makes the male specimen,scientifically proven, stronger and women able to with stand more pain.For example the way we sit, woman usually cross their legs and try to take as little space as possible, because in most cultures they were taught to do so. Men on the other hand sit with their legs spread apart taking as much space as they want. The only reason why this continues today is because one is seen out of the norm if they are doing the opposite of their sex and are expected to connect with homosexuality. Have you seen a man sitting with his legs crossed at the knee, and didn’t question his sexuality? Gender roles have effected how society functions and differs, we are nurtured into it.

    • tashak38

      After you revise for active voice, I will give you credit for this. 🙂

  12. Jose Prado

    Jose Prado
    Period 5

    1.Gould draws from the fields of science, sociology, history, and gender studies.

    4. I believe that the differences between the genders are due to nature because men have been born or are known to be the most dominant between the male and female. The way I see the differences between the genders today has to do on how I was raised. I was raised and taught that either gender are equal and no one is more superior than the other. Also, I was taught to respect women and to treat them right. But I think that society tries to push one gender or the other to be more superior.

    • tashak38

      Remove the “on how.” That’s a colloquial phrase and you are never to write colloquially, unless you are quoting someone or using it for rhetorical purposes. Try to think of an active verb to use instead. If you make the phrase active, for example, “my upbringing determines how I think about gender roles.” Isn’t that more assertive and effective? Please revise!

  13. Thomas T

    Thomas T
    Ap English
    Period 1

    1) Gould draws from the fields of biology, anatomy, and sociology.

    4) Nature versus nurture is a topic one cannot discuss through personal experience alone nor do I have the expertise to argue biology or socialization in comparison to the clash of genders. But what I believe is that society has bred genders to realize the difference, but growing up as the only male in my house I’ve seen that although we see the differences between gender, the difference between knowledge isn’t a matter of gender differences, but instead are based on learning capabilities.

  14. Yarelli Lopez

    Yarelli Lopez
    Ms. Keeble
    Ap English Language & Composition
    1 March 2013

    1) Gould draws fields of various inquiries such as from history, science, literature, philosophy, and others.

    4) I believe that the differences between the genders are due both to nature and to our society. For instance, I was raised to be a certain way because of my culture and the values that my parents have thought me. Also I think the outside influence of society makes a big impact depending on your gender. In my opinion, men are still in ways preferred for certain things such as in jobs. It saddens me but hopefully someday, everyone will finally be “equal” or at least have “equal rights.”

  15. Maria

    Maria M.
    AP English
    Period 1

    1.The different fields that Gould Draws from his essay are biology, anthropology, and sociology.
    4.I think the differences that may exist between the genders are due to nurture and socialization because depending on the way you are raised is the way you look at things, or sometimes it might not be the way you are raised but the way society looks at things is what influences the way you look at these two genders. Sometimes parents raise their kids to learn that the mom is supposed to stay in the house and do all the chores and the dad is supposed to go out and work, when in reality it is not like that. Society says that men are stronger because the are bigger and stronger, but it is not what it looks like. Women can be as strong and big as men. When someone wants to get somewhere they will. Everyone is created equally, no matter what race, color, or gender you are, it all just depends on how society influences the look upon them.

  16. Adria

    Adria W.
    AP English per.2
    4 March 2013

    1)Other than science, the different Fields of intellectual inquiry Gould draws from his essay are anthropometry, craniometrey, sociology, and history.

    4)I believe that the differences that exists between men and women are due to socialization and nurture. In the past, society has shaped the way genders are defined. I am the way I am because of how I was raised. I was brought up to believe that being a girl is to always have on a dress or skirt and to “behave like a young woman should”. Society changed some of the standards I was raised to believe by showing me that women do not necessarily need a dress or a skirt to be defined as a woman but to carry yourself in a positive manner that shows you have respect for yourself to define who you are as a person.

  17. maria fajardo

    Maria f.
    Period 2
    1. Gould draws from science, sociology, history, and education.

    4. I believe physical differences between men and women are due to nature. Their personalities are created based on what they see and surround themselves by. My apperance is what comes genetically and my personality and way of being is what i surround myself by and how i was raised.

  18. Johan Ocegueda

    Johan Ocegueda
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English
    4 March 2013
    1. Gould draws intellectual inquiry of hitory, science and real life events or experiences.
    2. I believe that men and women are both equally strong. woman has the strength to give birth, to take all of the bs that men make her go through. Men have the strength to fight, to give money to the family, to give them security. I believe there should not be any type of competition because women need men just as much as men need women. It is true that men are physically stronger than men when it comes to maybe weight lifting and stuff like that. But truth is a woman can take a million things more than a man. When a man gets sick, they might go to work, but once they get home they do nothing other than lay down. But a woman has no break, she has to keep working whether she is feeling well or like shes dying. But there is real no reason for competition. Both genders are equally important to our society.

  19. Oscar G.

    Oscar G.
    Period 1
    1. In his writing Gould draws from science, history, anthropometry, craniometry, sociology and philosophy.

    4. I believe that we are all different physically because that is the way biology works. But we are all raised to become different people, society unfortunately causes many people to go against each other. The way I was raised was to judge people by their capabilities and not their appearance, not even by their genders nor color, something not many people do now a days.

  20. Aaron C

    Aaron Chon
    APENG11 P2
    Ms Keeble
    05 March 2012

    1. In his essay, Gould draws upon biology, sociology, and philosophy to support his arguments.

    2. Nature and nurture are both equally relevant in determining the difference in natures between the genders, and for mostly anybody. If one were to have identical twins, but raise them in drastically differing environments, one primarily militaristic while the other casual, then the resulting adults would be very much different. However, the experiment can be modified to arrive at a different sort of conclusion. If one were to have fraternal twins that were raised in the same casual environment, then the difference between them would still exist because they differ genetically. In the specific case between men and women, it can be assured that there have been women that are more physically sound than males, and there have been men that have possessed the more objective traits that society has placed upon women. To arrive at the conclusion that one of the two elements is more relevant than the other in determining the differences between the genders in society is hasty and without base.

  21. Jonathan v

    Jonathan V
    Ap Eng and Comp

    1. Gould could have gotten intellectuals from the field of craniometry, biology, maybe some intellect from society, behavioral issues of some, but psychology and why things are thought a certain way.
    2. I believe that the differences in the way both male and females think is a slow process of nurture. The way someone is nurtured is the way they are going to nurture their future generations, it is a chain reaction that over the centuries became a way of thinking. In some occasions people are born with several complex traits that cannot be treated like dyslexia and autism. Even though people can say that autistic kids are “dumb” sometimes are proven wrong, but socialization plays apart from these special exemptions. For me, I was taught that nobody is smarter that anybody, it is the desire to strive and have that as a fuel to show it is possible. Some of the women in my family are smarter than I would think because they only went to a certain school grade, but out of nowhere they start surprising me with college level thinking. The way that I was raised proves that it was no biological thing with me, it was nurturing from my wise parents and the nurturing before them.

    • Jonathan, use the words from the question to answer, making your answers shorter and more concise. You are adding extra words. Go to Patterns, find some wordiness exercises and practices eliminating unnecessary phrases. Ok. Let me know when you finish.

  22. Destiny Bets

    destiny bets
    period 5

    In Women’s Brains by George Elliot, Supreme Power has fashioned the natures of women. According to Tiedpman, small size of the female brain depends upon the small size of her body, therefore female brains depend upon their physical and intellectual inferiority.Broca is a professor of clinical surgery. broca states that men have larger brains which explains male superiority. Broca’s argument claims that anatomically and emotionally both women and blacks were like white children.

    • Destiny Bets

      *Stephen Jay Gould

    • Re-read the essay closely. Make a list of who says what, or use a graphic organizer to make sure you are sure of who said what and who is criticizing which ideas. This is an important skill to have in the future. Be sure to get it right with this activity.

  23. Jashleen Singh

    Jashleen Singh
    Per 2

    1)In his essay, Gould draws from the fields of science, sociology, history, and gender studies.

    2)My belief is that differences in genders are due to nurture. Being brought up in society, women are often being faced with discrimination simply because they aren’t a man. Growing up, many of us have been taught that a man is to be the head of a household, that he should be strong, that he should be the one playing sports. When a female is to play these roles, it is often looked upon as absurd. All in all, due to society, I believe differences in genders are based upon nurture.

    • Watch your verb tenses. You use the progressive tense several times here when the simple present should be used. Ex: “man is to be…”. You can just say the “man is…”.

  24. Amacalli Duran

    Amacalli Duran
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English

    1) Gould draws intellectual inquiry from biology, anthropology, anthropometry, paleoanthropology, craniometry and sociology.

    2)The differences between genders are shaped by society’s interpretation of nature, meaning the stereotypes and judgments society has placed on each gender. An individual is raised by its guardian’s embracement of gender roles. My parents raised me by disregarding gender roles. This led me to becoming a Tom-boy and finding my own personal preference and style. However when looking at my cousins, I understand that the way their mother nurtured them is what created their identity and differences. My aunt showered my girl cousin in Barbie dolls, make-up, pink, and flowers. On the other, she introduced to male cousins to superheroes, sports, and cars. My aunt fermented assumptions into my cousin’s minds as though they were facts. My girl cousin upholds the belief that girls should look “pretty” at all times and detests when I wear sweats. My boy cousin believes guys should be “strong” and spends hour after hour exercising. In short, differences between genders exist because society created them.

    • Oh my! What’s going on? What are we using the progressive tense. Just say, “led me to become.” The -ing is not necessary unless it’s an upcoming event.

  25. Areli S

    Areli S
    Ms. Keeble
    Ap English 11, 2
    March 3 2013

    1. From this essay Gould draws science, sociology, anthropology, literature, and history.
    2. The differences between genders in society are due to both nature and nurture. Men and women are different physically due to nature and genes. But there are differences also created due to socialization, in which stereotypes are created. I believe I am the way I am because of how I was raised and what I have been able to grasp, not because I was born a certain gender.

    • Revise for syntax. I need you to go to Patterns and do some active verb and active voice exercises. Just type it into the search bar and they will show up. If you can get this syntax issue straight, you will have accomplished so much this year, Areli! Let me know when you finish.

  26. Kiana Ledda

    Kiana Ledda
    AP English, Per. 5
    4, March 2013
    1. Within his essay, “Women’s Brains”, Gould draws information from the fields of literature, history, science, philosophy, and sociology.
    2. The differences between genders today derive from nurture and sociology. The way a person is raised is what builds his or her character. For instance, my parents raised me to explore my surroundings and to not force myself to behave a certain way because I am a female. They raised me to have a voice and taught me from right and wrong. However, within my younger stages, I do not recall once where my parents taught me how to behave like a girl. As a child, I was allowed to get dirty, reject dolls, and to play sports. It was not until I reached kindergarten where my teacher put me in an all girl’s group and taught us how to care for a baby doll. I remember her telling us that this would be our future obligation as women.
    Later on in my years of learning, I realized that men and women were treated unequally since the beginning of time. As a society, men had to go out and work while the women stayed home to do house work and care for the children. Women still don’t get treated as equals to men because our society’s structure has not been broken yet. Our society’s status quo between genders will only change until people realize that women are capable of anything men can do.

  27. Lizbeth R

    Lizbeth Ramirez
    Ap English Per.1

    1) Gould doesn’t. Just draw from the view of sciences but also from sociology, history and literature.

    2) I believe that the difference between a men and a women are brought upon nurture. I personally don’t think gender has anything to do with it. It’s More based on how someone is raised. Someone becomes who they are based on the environment they were raised in.

  28. Haley R.

    Haley R.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English per. 2
    4 March 2013

    1. Other than science, Gould draws from the fields of sociology, history and literature.
    4.I believe that whatever differences exist between genders are due to nurture- socialization because in the beginning of time, people were treated equally simply because there was not much of a difference between the genders. Men are raised to be sexist by their fathers; men are supposed to be “superior”, while women simply help around, and make the family- if there is one- look good.
    I was raised in a family where the man did the work, and the woman stayed at home taking care of the household and children. Before my mother was with my father, she was completely self sufficient with her own job, money and household. My mother raised me to be self providing; you do things for yourself, to get YOU to the places you want to go. Although my father has never stopped me from doing anything because of being a female, he has been skeptical. My father does believe that women should act and look a certain way: dresses and skirts for family events, never cutting your hair and basically being a show-piece. My sisters and I have definitely opposed almost all of these wants from my father.
    I am the way I am because of how I was raised. Being that I was raised mainly by women, I was taught that you cannot let a man define you or put you down. Everything has to be done by you or you will get “a ride up and a walk back.” Of course there are things my father has instilled in me regarding sexism- when it is convenient and helps his point- for example, my father loves his children playing sports and being active, but it depends on what sports. When I started track and field, my father insinuated that throwing should be for boys therefore I should be doing running events. Men and women were born equal, therefore they should be treated equal. The differences between men and women today are simply nurture based.

  29. Heather H.

    Heather H.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11: Period 2
    4 March 2013

    Gould draws from many different fields of intellectual inquiry in his essay, such as philosophy, history, science, and literature.

    Sex and gender are two very different concepts. Differences between genders are most certainly due to nurture. In fact, the whole concept of gender is one created by society. Nothing is inherently “masculine” or “feminine” until a culture decides what those words mean. However, differences between the sexes are due to nature. It would be ridiculous to say that sex, the biological difference, is somehow due to how one is raised. I am who I am physically because I was born this way, which makes me of the female sex. I am who I am mentally because of how I was raised. My personality would not be what it is today had I not have been born into the circumstances that I was and experienced all that I have. Gender is an absurd concept though, one that is neither chosen by biology or by oneself. The gender binary system forces people to fit themselves into a category based on what they enjoy, what they wear, and other personal preferences. If your gender does not match up with what society thinks it should be based on your sex, you are considered abnormal, which is horribly wrong. Gender roles shape children from even before they are born and that is completely terrible. Sex is undoubtedly an important aspect of society (for reproductive reasons), but gender should not be.

  30. Sarai P.

    1: To draw intellectual inquiry, Gould uses anthropology, anthropometry, sociology, biology, and paleoanthropology.

    4: I believe that differences between male and females have arisen due to the past and present beliefs of society. History continuously shows that women have been held to a double standard, and yet while many believe we have expanded past this barrier, many cases show otherwise. In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to ride bikes nor drive cars. Because of this, many young girls are being held back from an education due to lack of transportation. Obviously, this is unfair and unjust for the girls searching for higher education. How could it be that girls who have had a strong sense of morals embedded in their minds, can still not be trusted with their virtues as they are with boys? Due to divisions as such, a cycle of women inferiority is continuing to be fed in the belief that women are not equal.
    Aside from this, it is believed that men and women are different due to genetics. While yes, we do differ in genes, we still comprise the human race; we still are on the same level of the food chain. We are the queens and kings of all other species, yet it is still amazing that many men believe they are above women.

  31. Dominique

    Dominique N.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11 Per 2
    4 March 2013

    1. Gould draws craniometry, sociology, philosophy, history, anthrometry, literature, and science in his essay.

    4. In my personal opinion, I believe that the differences between the genders are influenced by both society and the way we were brought up. Physically, men and women are not very different from each other, but mentally and socially we are practically from two different planets. The genders have been treated differently from the beginning of time, and from then on we have been taught to practice different tasks and appreciate different morals. For example, my parents raised my sisters and I differently than they would a boy if they had one. We were dressed in dresses and skirts, and when we went to play outside my mother would say, “Don’t get dirty like a little boy!” I was also given many dolls and “feminine” toys as a child, and was not exposed to certain toys a little boy would like. Being raised like this, I grew up thinking that it was not right for me to do/own certain things because I would be acting like a little boy. But how does a little boy act? How should a little girl act? These are all guidelines and expectations that are put on us at an early age and as we grow up it becomes a part of our nature to think in those certain ways. Usually if we go against these restrictions, we are looked at strange and frowned upon, because it is not good to act like a man if you are a woman or vice versa. Our society we live in is crazy, for some people cannot truly be themselves because they are not comfortable with and afraid of these labels we have come up with.

  32. Brittany-Ann D.

    Brittany-Ann V. Dela Cruz
    AP English
    5 March 2013

    1. Gould draws from the fields of science, sociology, history, and gender studies.
    2. I believe whatever differences might exist between genders are due to nature as well as nurture. I am the person I am today because biology and socialization shaped me. It is natural for me to be less masculine, gentler, and mentally strong whereas men are built to be tough and sturdy because of biological studies. On the other hand, it is also those around you and the affects they have on your life that create a difference. For example, my family shelters me because I am the only girl. They raised me to not lift heavy equipment, to focus on taking care of my body, and to help my mother around the house. I am treated differently than my brothers because I am a girl. It is nature and nature that separates men from women.

  33. DaJohn Wade

    1) Gould draws information from science, history, craniometry, philosophy, and society.

    4) In my opinion, the differences between genders are due to nurture and genetics that were inherited. This way you protect and treat someone will shape how they treat their offspring and so on and so on. The stern hard body treatment was for the men, while the gentle delicate flower treatment was subjected to the women. Examples are girls that get called “tomboys”. Most of the the girls i know who are tomboys have all brothers and were raised in a masculine environment. Guys I know who are raised in a more feminine environment tend to act as such. Also, the traits a child inherit can determine their personality. Their parents have differences between one another, and all of those get combined into one human.

  34. Rachel N.

    Rachel N.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English Language & Composition
    5 March 2013

    1)Other than science, Gould draws her inquiries from anthropometry, craniometry, literature, sociology, philosophy, and history in his essay.

    4)The differences between how both men and women are viewed in society has developed since Bible times. Men were always seen as the leader of families and the provider. In the Bible, God mostly used men to carry out his purpose. From this, people interpreted that men are superior to women and that women are nothing. That is not true. In the Bible, God also values women and at times spoke his will through them as well. Through time men have viewed women as just property and not as intelligent human beings. This was due to a quick assumption that was passed on throughout time. It has been a key role in our culture and has changed drastically. The physical differences are due to just how we were made and how our bodies designed us. That is something that is unchangeable. Men are better physically built than women, but that does not account for emotional strength.

    • tashak38

      You have a dangling phrase at the end of number 1. Do you see a better place to put it? Please revise.

  35. David .D

    David Delgado
    Ms. Keeble
    Period 2
    Ap English
    01 March 2013
    1. Gould draws from the fields of science history, sociology, philosophy, literature, and philosophy.
    2. I believe that the differences between genders is due to biology. Most men were just created to have more muscle, strong and tough. For woman they were created to be more gentle and caring especially to take care of the children. I’m not saying that it is the woman’s job to take care of the children it is indeed both mates jobs; what ends up happening is though is that the woman ends up doing more work. Today I’m the way I am today because of the way I was raised. My parents raised me to be responsible, and respectful and that shapes who I am today. It is also the tv and the internet that makes me think the way I think today too.

  36. Ross Hatlen

    Ross H
    AP English 11, Per. 2
    Ms. Keeble
    3 March 2013

    1. Gould draws from the fields of science, anthropometry, craniometry, philosophy, and sociology.

    4. It is both you a born a different gender, so you are not the same as the other gender. Other than that it is society. The internet has shaped who I am. My life on the internet has effected how I see my gender role. I have become who I am through an outside source. Everyone has an outside source that affect the way the grow up. It could be their parents, TV, or the internet. People are just a product of their programing. Their biology has no effect on their gender role.

  37. Alicia

    Alicia Oseguera
    AP English
    Ms. Keeeble
    3 March 2013

    1. The many different fields of intellectual inquiry that Gould draws from in his essay are science, literature, history, and sociology.

    4. I believe that the differences between genders exist because of the biology or nature. Many men are born with different genetics making them be more stronger than women because of the way they look. Men are born have the capability of getting more muscle and not only that but are much heavier than women. Even by this women and men do have differences because of their genes and biology but nothing can stop women form getting buff too and be stronger than men. For example, the way I look comes form genetics which is biology the society does not force anybody or cannot do anything about a male having the physical appearance it has and the women having hers. In terms of how I act and my personality I was raised to be that way by my family but many differences in genders are made by the differences men and women have biologically. The society starts pointing out the differences by the way women and men are different in terms of genetics.

  38. Dennise Vazquez

    Dennise Vazquez
    Period 2
    Ms. Keeble

    1.Besides science, Gould draws sociology, biology, craniometry, and literature.

    2. I believe that most physical differences between men and women are due to genetics and nurture. I look the way I look because of my genetics and I act the way I act because of the way I was raised. You and I have different struggles and different backgrounds which is why we are different from one another but it does not mean that we can not have the same dreams and aspirations. Coming from a Mexican background women are raised to become housewives and are looked down upon when it comes to education and sports but that does not stop me from wanting to study and wanting to become someone totally different than what my people expect me to become in fact it challenges me to prove them wrong and to show them that men and women are equal.

    • tashak38

      Uh oh, Dennise. Very emphatic and passionate. Be sure not to overgeneralize and I want you to start your come up by repairing that run-on in the last section. I hear your voice here–very loudly! Good job. 🙂

  39. Desiree N.

    Desiree N.

    Ms. Keeble

    AP English 11

    3 March 2013

    1. Gould uses the fields of history,sociology,and philosophy to draw from in his essay.

    4. I believe whatever differences that might exist between the genders are due to nurture and socialization. Physical differences are due to biology, but personality, emotions, and beliefs are due to the way you were brought up. Just because a women is a women doesn’t mean she is less capable of what a man can do, she could do the same things men could do if she chooses. I am the way I am because of the way I was raised, biology has nothing to do with the way I think or act.

  40. Canyon Riley

    Canyon R.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11
    3 March 2013

    1). Gould draws intellectual inquiry from biology, anthropology, anthropometry, paleoanthropology, and sociology.

    4). The differences that exist between genders are due to nature rather than nurture. In fact, it is the physical differences between males and females that influences the stereotypes of both sexes. Men have a greater muscle to fat ratio than the average women because they have a higher concentration of testosterone, which increases muscle mass and bone mass. Women have a greater fat to muscle ratio than men which makes them more fit to give birth and provide milk for the child. I believe that these characteristics do not limit a sex from performing one tasks, but it makes more fit for specific role.

  41. Veronica

    Feb. 3, 2013
    AP English
    Ms. Keeble

    1.) Other than science, Gould draws the fields of history, philosophy, anthropometry, craniometry and sociology.

    4.) I believe the differences between genders exist due to nature and society. Men of course are stronger than women because their bodies are built to sustain more weight while a woman’s body is built to provide life for the next generation. Men and women can be both very intelligent, but society sees women as inferior and not able to be successful. Men and women also differ by the way they are raised. Men are seen as being “macho” while women are seen as “sensitive.” Also, society makes it impossible for men to be sensitive because it’s not in their nature to cry or show any emotion. My personality and the way I act is derived from how I was raised not by how society is telling me to act while my physical appearance would derive from biology (DNA).

  42. Gonzalo Haro

    Gonzalo Haro

    1)Aside from science, Gould uses history, literature, and gender studies.

    4)Male and female differences could be attributed to genes and society. Genes make up the physical differences we can see. Society has a lot to do with how we develop. Men are supposed to be strong and tough and as a result, many males assume the role and attempt to become like that. On the other hand, women are supposed to be small and fragile, so naturally, many women try to assume the roles. Physical differences are natural and genetic. While mental differences can also be attributed to genes, are also a result of the way we develop in our society.

  43. Jessica A

    Jessica A.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP. English, Per. 5
    3 March 2013

    1. Gould draws intellectual inquiry from craniometry, philosophy, biology, and sociology.

    2. Differences between male and female exist because of nature. A male is born with a more robust body, whereas a female is petite. Socialization and society has set up the scenario in which men are the big, tough guys, and the ladies maintain a positive house life. I am the way I am because I was brought into this world this way. My biological make-up cannot be altered because the genes I received from my parents are permanent. My personality is one that I, along with my parents, have set myself up with. I do not choose to be a house-wife, and I do not choose to be alienated by men, therefore I am working towards my goals to show myself that I am who I say I am.

  44. Raymond P

    Raymond P.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English
    3 March 2013

    1. Other than science, Gould draws to history and literature.

    4. Throughout history women were treated unequally, the men natural instinct of the thought of women were weak. The way I see women today is the way I was raised. My parents taught me that women should always be respected and treated right, but the social media has showed me a whole different perspective on how women “really” are.

  45. Hannah R.

    Hannah Reddy
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11, Period 2
    5 March 2013

    1. Other than science, Gould draws anthropometry, craniometry, literature, sociology, philosophy, and history in his essay.

    4. I believe differences between genders are due to nurture instead of nature and sociology over biology. I am the way I am because I was raised a certain way, and brought up a certain way by my mother and my grandmother. As a child, I did not know right from wrong, it was only what my mother only had told me. A child does not know a stove that is on is hot; it is only until the guardian scolds the child or he/she touches it until they know it is hot. Men and women have always been treated unequally. It is proven that men and women who have the same occupation and do the exact same work, men were actually paid more for the same job. Brothers and sisters can grow up in the same house and the same house, and go to the same school, their surroundings are the same, but the way each child is treated is different, each child is different and they have different needs.

  46. Elisha Hussain

    Elisha Hussain
    AP English,Period:5
    Ms. Keeble
    March 2, 2013

    1) Gould draws different fields of intellectual inquriy from his essay such as:sociologically, historically, sceientifically, and craniometery.

    4)I believe that whatever differences might exist between the genders are due to nature, because throughout history women were treated unequally. They were treated this way because they were considered by nature to be “weak.” This was the sadistic mindset of men against women back then. It really just depended on social darwinism back then, and even then women were not included in the concept. Gender differences are also based upon biology, and sciences such as craniometry. I am this way, because I was raised this way. When you are born, you have no idea as to what is going on, the only thing you long for is food and your mother’s love. As you start speaking and gaining knowledge, that is when you start becoming an indivual that finally stands up on their feet. Basically you can’t know everything when you are born, you have to slowly start learning and taking your own view on the world. For me when I was growing up my parents always encouraged me to do my best in everything, and strive for whatever I wanted. That’s exactly what I did, and this is how I’ve ended up today. Nobody knows everthing from birth, they slowly progress nand learn from people around them.

  47. Tanzeel H.

    Tanzeel Hak
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English, Period 2
    2 March 2013

    1) Gould draws intellectual inquiries such as anthropology, craniometry, biology, scientific literature, and socialization from his essay.

    4) The differences between genders can be from everything listed; nature, nurture, biology, and socialization, it just all depends on what differences we are talking about. The contrast of physical attributes, body parts, and DNA would all result from biology (natural selection, genes) and nature. Everything else such as our personality and our beliefs would derive from our background (where we are from, who we align ourselves with, family, the way we were raised). For example my eyes, hair, skin color, height, and so on would come strictly from scientific affiliation, whereas who I am and the way I act or speak would not.

  48. Efrain E.

    Efrain E.
    AP English 11
    Period 1
    1) Gould draws from the fields of science, anthropometry, craniometry, philosophy,sociology, history, and literature.

    4) I believe that most physical differences between women and men are due to nature and not society. Most women are born physically inferior to men because biological and genetic conditions. For example, I am not skinny because society wants me to be skinny. I am skinny because I have a naturally high metabolism which prevents me, to a certain extent, from gaining much wait. However, women are only biologically inferior to a certain extent; there are plenty of female bodybuilders that are much stronger than an average man. If a women wanted to work out and build herself up to be stronger than the average man, the only thing stopping her at that point is society. In terms of mental differences I believe society is to blame for the so called “inferiority” that women are subject to. Society as a whole tends to enforce stereotypes that women should, in theory, follow. These stereotypes might include the stereotype of the girly girl or the passive and loving housewife. I am polite and nice not because it is in my nature, but because I was raised that way. However, there are other aspects of a woman that may be due to nature. One example of such an aspect is sexuality. An individual’s sexuality is not necessarily determined by the kind of society they live in. No one can choose whether they like men or woman or both; sexuality is a subconscious desire. It is a biological process and in most cases not affected by society. The only thing that society might affect is whether that person is comfortable and open with their sexuality or prefer to keep it to themselves.

  49. Zoey Madsen

    period 5
    AP English 11
    2 March 2013

    1. Gould draws intellectual inquiry of science, history, and sociological events/ information.
    4. I believe men and women are both very strong and intelligent genders, but in different ways. As far as I am aware, during the beginning of the human race, women were given strengths to hold and birth a baby, while men were given the strength to provide and fight for his family. However, I believe over time evolution and society have transformed both genders to be capable of much more. Women may have qualities men don’t have, and men may have qualities women don’t have. I don’t believe any physical evidence can prove a dominant gender. I do believe the evidence can be used for much more than simply gathering a conclusion to a dominant gender, and creating an unequally appreciated gender. I am the way I am because of how I was raised, how I decided to appreciate education,and how well I nurtured my body. Another woman, on the other hand, could have fully loathed herself in education, but instead worked out every single day of her life from when she was capable. We are the same gender, but our actions we’ve chosen throughout life have identified us differently. There are separate genders, but I don’t believe there’s any superior or dominant gender with them.

  50. Rachael B.

    Rachael B.
    AP English 11, Per. 2
    Ms. Keeble
    1 March 2013

    1. Other than science, Gould draws the fields of intellectual inquiry of socialism and education.

    4. I believe that physical differences are due to nature or biology and differences in personality and how he or she is opinionated is from socialism. My physical appearance is from genetics (biology) and the way I act/how I present myself is from how I was raised.

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