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Walt Whitman, Romantic Poet

1) What do you recall about Whitman’s unique style? Why is he remembered as an important Romantic Period poet?

2) What about Whitman’s style and subjects makes him fit well into the Romantic Period?

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  1. Ryan C.

    Ryan C.
    Ms. Keeble
    Period 1

    1)I recall that Walt Whitman’s style was unique because of the way he does his free verse. He is remembered as an important Romantic poet because how he formed his poetry that was very different from the other poets.

    2) His writing fits him well into the Romantic period because during this period the way people thought we’re out of the box. So Whitman’s different style fits him well into this period.

    • tashak38

      This is very generalized, Ryan. Extremely circular reasoning which tells me you should revise. I will credit you once you revise with specifics. Make an assertion about his style. Explain how it fits into the Romantic Period, then include an example. Finally, connect the example to your topic sentence. Otherwise this is not developed. Ok? Ok.

  2. Angel M

    Angel M
    Period 1

    1) Walt Whitman’s style or writing was very unique style. His type of style which was free verse . His writing was very special and he really didn’t use rhyme and certain kind of structure. It was very easy to understand as well get a feel for what he is writing.
    2) Mr.Whitman’s style of poetry made him fit in the time period. Also his writing connected with the people as well during the time being.

    • tashak38

      How? What do you already know about the Romantic Period. Do this now, it will be on your final.

  3. Niauni

    Niauni Hill
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English, Period 1
    23 December 2012

    LATE POST–was absent Monday and Tuesday…

    1) Whitman’s style of writing was different, which made it unique. Whitman was looked up to as a Romantic period poet. He created an entire free verse, instead of using a usual structure. This made him an amazing poet.

    2) Whitman’s style showed freedom and self integrity. His style also showed how passionate and serious he was about life. This style was different from any other poets. This style made him stand out, yet fit into the Romantic period.

  4. Caleb M.

    Caleb M.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English, Period 2
    21 December 2012

    1. Unlike other the poets of his time, Whitman’s unique writing style did not include specific rhythms or structures. His poetry was elongated and written in a free verse format instead of structured, which can be seen in his book “Leaves of Grass”.
    2. Whitman’s usage of imagery allowed him to fit well into the Romantic Period, as well as his transcendentalist views.

  5. Bilguun Batdorj

    Bilguun Batdorj

    Ms Keeble

    AP English 11

    Dec 21 2012

    1.) Walt Whitman was an interesting writer for his time. He is considered the father of free verse. Most poems had a certain rhythm but Walt Whitman completely changed that.
    2.) The topics that Whitman chose to write about fitted with the ideologies of the Romantic period. For example, his “I Hear America Singing.” His poem showed simplicity and harmony about American life.

  6. Dartise

    Dec. 21, 2012
    1st period

    1.) Whitman’s style was unique because it was simple and didn’t follow the normal format other poets used. He wrote about the workers of the middle class and is best known for creating free-verse poetry.

    2.) He fits with the Romantic Period since he writes in an informal way and doesn’t follow the rules. He also fits with this period since it was the time of the Industrial Revolution and he specifically talks about the middle class workers.

  7. Desiree N.

    Desiree N.

    Ms. Keeble

    AP Enlgish 11

    21 December 2012

    1) Whitman had a very unique style, his poems were very simplistic and had no specific structure to them. He is remembered as an important Romantic Period poet because he broke the traditional structure of poetry and created his own free verse.
    2) Whitman’s style and subjects allow him to fit perfectly into the Romantic Period because he wrote about some important topics during the Period. Whitman wrote about nature and jobs/working class, many writers and poets wrote on these subjects.

  8. Alicia Osegueta

    Alicia Oseguera
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English
    21 December 2012

    1) While reading one of Whiman’s
    poem I noticed that in his poems he is very direct and goes straight to the point. In his poems he makes it clear and simple for others to understand. He is remembered as an important Romantic Period poet because of his poems that were very easy to comprehend by his audience.
    2) Whitman’s style and subject makes him fit well into the Romantic Period because he was able to develop his own way of writing. Also, in his poems he wrote about stuff his readers could relate to because it was something that people were going through.

  9. Sidney

    Ap English 
    Period 1

    1) Whitman is known for being the first to be able to write so beautifully and quite simply. He was liked for his free verse, unstructured, and easy to read writing. 

    2)Whitman’s free verse writing makes him a perfect fit for the Romantic Period because he wrote about real life issues. He wrote about the simplicity of nature and the struggle of life for the underprivileged. 

  10. Yarelli Lopez

    Yarelli Lopez
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English Language and Composition
    20 December 2012

    1) Whitman’s unique style was free-verse, he followed no rules whatsoever. He was an important Romantic Period poet because he was the first poet to develop a free-verse in poetry.

    2)Whitman’s style fits in the Romantic Period because it was during a time in which new ideas were becoming popular and his free-verse in poetry had never been seen before him. So his new ideas were relevant to the time period.

  11. Brittany-Ann D.

    Brittany-Ann V. Dela Cruz
    AP English
    21 December 2012

    1.Walt Whitman used a very unique style to write his poem. He used a form that did not rhyme or a have a specific structure. His writing contradicted the status quo which made him a memorable poet of the Romantic Period.
    2. The Romantic Period involved artistry and revolting against social norms. Because Whitman’s poem used free verse and topics based on color people, his style and subjects fit well into the Romantic Period.

  12. Oscar G.

    Oscar G.
    Period 1
    1. What I can recall about Whitman’s unique stile is that perhaps he is a little straight forward, unlike other poets. Other poet’s words and writing is easily interpreted into something that was not their idea.
    2. Whitman’s style made him fit well into the Romantic period because it was during this time that america was industrializing its self. People would find Whitman writing about people fighting for rights, and lower class men doing their arduous work.

  13. Jonathan v

    Jonathan V
    Ms. keeeble
    Ap Lang and Comp
    period 1

    1.From Whitman’s stsyle of writing I remember clearly that he likes to freeverse and put out ideas to the people reading his poetry. He is mostly remmembered by his style of including the middle class in his writing and as mentioed before, writing in free verse, showing the peple poetry did not have to have a structure.
    2. Whitman’s style and his subject help him be fit in with the Romantic period because he explained the hardships the middle class was going through. In this time period America was still Industrializing and the middle and lower class was not a big deal , only the high and rich. This man was trying to portray that the middle and lower class could make sounds that could make a big synphony.

  14. Amacalli Duran

    Amacalli Duran
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English

    Whitman’s style was considered unique because it was not limited by rules. His writing did not follow any specific structure based on repetition, beats, cadence, or syllables. He is important because he was the first to rebel against the typical writing style and thus created free verse poetry.

    Whitman’s style ties into the Romantic period because it is liberated and creative. The Romantic period, unlike the classical era, embraced the arts. Whitman’s style helped lead other writers to break away from the regulations they were so accustomed to in writing. The Romantic Era brought attention towards many aspects that individuals ignored before. Whitman’s writing shows the change of appreciation because he mainly wrote of nature, beauty, and the working class of America.

  15. Alexia G.

    1) I noticed that Walt Whitman’s poem was not like any other. Usually poems are worded in a way that it can have various meanings, but Whitman’s was not. His writing did not have any particular structure nor did it rhyme. He is actually remembered for his simplicity. The average person during the Romantic Period admired Whitman for his clean, “easy to read” literature.

    2)Whitman fits well into the Romantic Period because he spoke about the the current America. He acknowledged the fact that social classes began to change. Whitman had the skills of combining nature, humanity, and art together into a poem. One of his works, “I Hear America Singing,” expressed the feelings of the different average American people. For example he repeated “the mason singing…the boatman singing…the shoemaker singing” to emphasize an act of parallelism.

  16. Veronica

    Dec. 20, 2012
    1st period

    1.) Walt Whitman’s writing style is simple and interesting, where he talks about the hardworking middle class. He is best known for creating free-verse poetry.

    2.) Whitman’s writing style and subjects fit well with the Romantic period because he was mainly showing how the average American worked hard to earn a living. Another reason would be not writing traditionally like all the other poets. He broke the rules as to creating a new way of writing, not caring about what others thought of him.

  17. Efrain E

    Efrain E.
    Period 1
    AP English

    1) Whitman’s style was unique because it was quite simple and didn’t follow a specific format. He is a famous Romantic writer because he was the first to write free verse poetry. Instead of following boring and repetitive formats like other poets did, he wrote freely and without any format at all.

    2) Whitman’s poetry fit well into the Romantic period because his poems illustrated the hardships that the average American encountered. He wrote about the working class American immigrants, not the rich, white Americans.

  18. Ross H.

    Ross H
    apeng period 2
    20 December 2012

    1. His style was very easy to understand, because it was the same thing over and over again. I think that he is remember as a Romantic Period poet because he show the working man how they are in they really are during that time period .

    2. His style and subject fall into the Romantic Period because they what that period was about. His subjects were nature and the working man. witch were two huge these during that time. His style shows much learning about ones self from them selves.

  19. Jose Prado

    Jose P.
    Ms. Keeble
    Period 5

    1)Whitman’s unique style was very simple poetry that was easy to read and understand. His poetry talked about hard working americans which were middle class people and they were able to relate to it. The reason
    why he is remembered is because of the simplicity in his poetry and breaking the traditional way of poetry.
    2)His poetry fits in the Romantic Period because he talks about realism. Most of the hard working americans got treated bad and didnt get payed well, so they were able to connect to what he wrote.

  20. Heather H.

    Heather H.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11
    19 December 2012
    1) Whitman’s poetry is quite simple and does not follow any set guidelines regarding the format. The words he chose were simple ones that got straight to the point. Whitman is remembered as an important Romantic Period poet because he revolutionized poetry in the United States by disregarding rules of form and making poetry easy to relate to for the common class.
    2) Whitman fits right in to the Romantic Period. In his poem “I Hear America Singing , Whitman utilizes the tool of imagery in order to paint a vivid and beautiful picture of simple life, which is key to the Romantic Period.

  21. Phuong-My N.

    Phuong-My N.
    AP English, Per. 2
    19 December 2012

    Walt Whitman, Romantic Poet

    1. Something I recalled about Whitman’s unique style was his use of parallelism and that he is a free-verse poet. He does not follow any type of format and he lets his poems flow. He is remembered as an important Romantic Period poet because he was for the common people, celebrated nature, love, and friendship.
    2. Whitman’s style and subjects made him fit well in the Romantic Period because his poems were free, easy-going, and about the hard-working people. This time period was a leap from the Classical Period and his poems displayed the change.

  22. Caitlin H.

    Caitlin Huie
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English Per 2
    19 December 2012

    1. Walt Whitman’s style was simple, but effective. He used enough words for people to understand what he’s trying to say. Whitman didn’t follow the rules of poetry. He wrote whatever he wanted, however he wanted. He found the best in people and illustrated the advantages of being non-wealthy. My history teacher last year said that the Romanticism exaggerated the positives of the world in their writings and drawings. Whitman did this by writing about the happiness regular people have every day with their jobs.
    2. Whitman wrote about the positives of everyday people. He exemplified the beauty of the world and emphasized the happiness the majority has in it. Every single action the workers did showed joy and pleasure. He exaggerated the optimistic views of the world and demonstrated the people’s enjoyment of their lives.

  23. David D.

    David Delgado
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English
    Period 2
    19 December 2012

    What I recall about Whitman’s unique style of writing is that it wasn’t hard to understand; he wrote in a very simple way. The reason he was remembered as an important Romantic period poet was because he made a new style of poetry. He didn’t use high class vocabulary or literary language that we would have to analysis and get in depth to. He went against the traditional way of writing poetry and actually talked about the things that were going on in that time period.

    The reason why Whitman fits so well during the Romantic Period was because his poetry talked about what was happening at that time. During this time workers were fighting for their rights and American began to industrialize. In his poems he shows workers being mistreated and and then the workers taking action for their rights. He was sending a message with his writing saying that Americans should stand up for their rights. Through Whitman’s poetry he shows the reader how the Romantic period was like.

  24. Kiloni D

    Kiloni Driskell
    19 December 2012
    AP English, 2

    1. Walt Whitman’s unique style was very different than others. His style was free verse. Whitman never limited himself and he let his words of expression takes it’s own shape. Whitman is important to the Romantic Era because he demonstrated a new style of poetry. Whitman voiced for the middle class expressing their different lives.

    2. Whitman styles and subject fit well into the Romantic Period because his poetry was like no other. He wanted people to recognize that the upper class are not the only ones who have been working hard. His poetry was simple for others to other stand.

  25. Mercedes G.

    Mercedes G
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English
    Period 2
    1.The way that Walt Whitman wrote was very unique because of the fact that he did not follow the traditional way of writing a poem. He wrote his poems differently than all of the other American poets such as having his poems be easy to read to others and not as complicated as the other poems during that time.
    2.The way that I connect Walt Whitman to the Romantic Period is about him writing about other people and how they struggle. This connects because this period was about many things but one of them was about education and by Whitman talking to the common people can be considered educating them through his poems.

  26. Andrea O

    Andrea O
    AP English Per.2

    The thing I remember most about Walt Whitman’s unique style is that the main focus of his poem was not the glorification of the wealthy but instead it highlighted the hard work of the humble. Evidence of this is that in his poem “I Hear America Signing” in which he describes how the sounds various people produce while working creates a “song” . He is remember as an important Romantic Period because of his writing style and subjects.

    Whitman’s style and subject makes him fit well into the Romantic period because his writing style doesn’t follow any rules but has a certain rhythm to it. In addition, he makes a point to highlight the value of the simple things in life which was one of the new concepts introduced during the time. In other words, Whitman’s writings emphasized the beauty that could be found in the minute details of simple life rather than glorifying the wealthy and extravagance they lived in like the past poets had.

  27. Johanna G.

    Johanna Go-Oco
    Ap English, Per. 2
    19 December 2012

    1.) Walt Whitman’s unique style of writing differs from all the other poetry in his time because he strays from the traditional format. His way of writing is free and simple instead of other poetry that was written with a strict structure. He is remembered as an important Romantic Period poet because he wrote poetry that people related to and had experiences with.

    2.) Whitman’s style of writing and the subjects he wrote about fit into the Romantic Period very well because during that time, workers and laborers were fighting for their rights. His poetry also explained the hardships that people went through and in my opinion, inspired them to take a stand.

  28. kiana ledda

    Kiana Ledda
    AP English, Per. 5
    19, December 2012
    As I recall from Whitman’s works as a Romantic poet, his style of writing differs from others within that era in many ways. Whitman’s poems often contained free-style, and it seemed as if he was really trying to connect with the readers with his use of words. It can also be noticed that he uses a lot of repetition yet his work still maintains a certain flow. In addition, his work was very simple so that it easy to comprehend the message he wanted to send out to his audience. Some people find Whitman an important role in the Romantic Period because he didn’t follow the traditional style of poetry. Meaning, he was very free spirited in his work and was really focused on actuality.
    Whitman’s style and subjects makes him fit well in the Romantic Period because it was a time where people were trying to get away from tradition and start anew. Which in this case, Walt Whitman wanted to create a new form of poetry; a more free and, as Dominique said, less restricted. In his poem, “I Hear America Singing”, he focused on how he sees America, which was beauty. His type of style was kind hearted, rather than very negative.

  29. Hannah R.

    Hannah Reddy
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11, Period 2
    19 December 2012

    1.During the Romantic period, poems were usually written about rich, affluent people. However specifically in Walt Whitman’s “I Hear America Singing”, he wrote about everyday working citizens like mechanics, carpenters, and shoemakers, which completely went against the norm and what the period was about. Using the word “singing” as a way of explaining that they’re doing their job. And contributing their part as a singer would do in a choir; in this case however, America would represent the choir and each individual member would be the different workers.

    2.The Romantic period was about feelings, emotions, and displeasure of the presented social order. In this poem, Whitman does go against social order by writing about the working class rather than the rich. By writing about them, he changes the social order in a way that is unknown. Most of the time only the rich are regarded and here the poorer citizens are put on top and recognized.

  30. Elisha Hussain

    Elisha Hussain
    AP English 11
    Ms. Keeble
    December 19, 2012

    1) I recall a lot from Walt Whitman’s unique style. For example, his way American style that was expressed in his writings. He had a way of incorporating different styles during his writings. He seemed to be a true romantacist, because majority of his writing and poems were
    about the Romantic Era. His readings also seem to capture your attention, because he had such a unique way of writing that made you want to read more. Also, with his poems Whitman didn’t use typical line structures. Also, Whitman was percieved as a Romantic author because he wrote about the things that were occuring during that Era. He didn’t try to make it seem as good or as bad. but he merely wrote about the Romantice Era the way it was.

    2) Whitman’s styles and subjects made him fit well in the Romantic Period, because everything that he put into his peoms were about that Era and the difficulties that they faced. He didn’t try and make poems that would give pleasure to others, instead he tried to be an idealist and show the world and future generations everything that they woud need to know abou that Era. He also didn’t sugar coat his poems or water them down, instead he threw out the facts in a mesmerizing way.

  31. Tanzeel H.

    Tanzeel Hak
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English, Period 2
    20 December 2012

    Whitman had a very unique style. He wrote his poems breaking the normal rules that every other poet used in there writing. This fits well with romanticism and individualism. Whitman did his own thing and took a different path than ordinary poets. Another one of a kind aspect about Whitman was that he did not write about the rich like many other poets.

    The romantic period was based on workers/laborers and Whitman specifically only wrote about the common man and by doing this many people could relate to his writings. Whitman believed that there were enough poets writing about the lives of the rich, so he did something unique, something that was never done before.

  32. Canyon Riley

    Canyon Riley
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11, Period 2
    19 December 2012

    What I remembered most about Whitman’s style was that he never let his poetry limit him. Unlike most poets at the time and before him, Whitman never followed a certain rhyming scheme or stanza length and his poetry was easy to comprehend. Both these elements were vital for writers in the Romantic Period, a time when many people practiced individualism.

    Whitman’s style was very influential in his time because he used unusual references to express an unbiased opinion. In his poem, I Hear America Singing, Walt Whitman describes the struggles of working Americans and how those people were prospering through it. The unappreciated workers of America could relate directly to the poem, which is why many praised this poem.

  33. Kiala A.

    Kiala Aranas
    AP English 11, 5th
    18 December 2012

    1) The simple recognition that Whitman illuminates the page with was inexplicably interesting. There were no parables, or a difficult message to derive from the poems. Whitman is remembered because he “Americanized” Romanticism. When using the word “Amerianized”, one must remember what the United States did –revolutionized. 2) Whitman captured the essence of Romaniticsm in his poems because the were simple, and non-traditional. The poems described their subject in a natural way.

  34. Merritt W.

    Merritt Walker
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 2
    19 December 2012

    1. What I remembered from Walt Whitman’s poetry was that he was very different from the rest of the poets during his time. His poetry seemed simple. Something that set him apart from others what that he talked about the poor instead of the rich.
    2. Whitman’s different style of poetry fit the Romantic Period. He wrote about the average American during a time where things were changing and industrialization was happening. He let the American people see how the majority lived. He wasn’t afraid to be stand out and be different from the other poets in this era.

  35. Natasha R.

    Natasha R
    AP English
    20 December 2012

    1) Whitman’s style of writing was very simple and direct. But at the same he used a complex sentences and some large vocabulary. Whitman is probably remembered for the honesty he has wrote. He speaks about the law and how us civilians should really consider the logic of then authority. Whitman actually spoke out the thoughts of what many americans probably didn’t want to say.

    2) Whitman fit into the Romantic era becuase during that time , people at the time spoke open mindedly. They began to be mor open about subjects that no one talked about. Whitman happened to be one of these men,and spoke about the government.

  36. Jessica A

    Jessica A
    Ms. Keeble.
    AP Lang. and Composition, Per. 5
    19 December 2012

    1. Walt Whitman’s style was unique in which it is wasn’t structured. He wrote freely and simply to exploit his intentions/themes. He is remembered for his collection of poems called Leaves of Grass. The poem that was assigned for us to read on Monday, “I Hear America Singing,” conveys strict Romantic period beliefs, because Whitman seeks to expose what conditions were like for the common people, rather than focusing on those who were well-off and above.

    2. Because the Romantic Period appeals to truth and realization, Whitman fits well into the period. For example, in “I Hear America Singing,” Whitman chronicled the sounds that represented the growth of the country. Masons, carpenters, boatmen, etc, were all the contributors to the sound of America rising. These individuals all shared a characteristic; they were common people. Whitman excluded the rich from his works because they didn’t dispense large amounts of time and effort into the growing country. Instead, they commanded the common people around.

  37. Dennise Vazquez

    Dennise Vazquez
    Period 2

    1.Whitman’s unique style was very light. His poetry was mostly based on those who worked hard for America instead of those who were wealthy and had a perfect life. Whitman is the first poet to write entirely in free verse.
    2. Whitman’s style and subjects makes him fit well into the Romantic Period because during this time people had to work hard and his poetry explained what these people had to go through. His poetry talked about their daily basis but he wrote his poems as a form of hope for those who were not wealthy.

  38. DaJohn Wade

    1) Whitman’s style fitted him; describing America and society in a simple way. He talked about those who worked to prosper in a relaxed format. He did not overdue imagery with his words, vocabulary many would not know, and not focusing on the rich. People remember him because of his vital role in the Romantic Period. He strayed away from the rich glamor life and wrote about the real world. He wrote about the everyday workers who slaved for that extra penny in their paycheck. Whitman wrote about the day to day citizen voices that needed to be heard in America.

    2)The way Whitman wrote was the perfect partner for the Romantic Period. During this time, rights of laborers was a huge issue. People who earned their pay wanted better conditions, better wages, etc. Whitman wrote how those who were treated unfairly retaliated.

  39. Diana Larios

    Diana Larios
    AP English 11
    Period: 1
    18 December 2012

    1. Whitman was recognized for his unique style of writing because when it came to poetry he would break the strategic format that other authors would stand by and he wrote without such tight limitations. Instead Whitman wrote about all the things that were real to people living in the Romantic Period which was something other authors didn’t do and it only made him stand out even more. In the poem that we read on Monday, Whitman wrote about all the basic workers of the community and through his writing we discover some of their struggles. His writing was more open minded than the established American poets.

    2. The Romantic Period was an artistic and intellectual movement that in itself brought forth many emotions, change, freedom, and etc… They way that I fit Whitman’s writing into this period is because his writing is filled with emotions and it was different. His writing challenged the status quo and that was exactly what his period was about letting go of old ways and trying something new.

  40. Dominique

    AP English 11
    Per 2

    1. What I can recall about Walt Whitman’s unique style is that is was very different from most tradition style poems, and very freestyle. He did not restrict himself to a certain format and he let the expression of the poetry itself take shape. He is remembered as an important Romantic Period poet because he basically created a new kind of poetry, which incorporated a sense of freedom and personality. It was not boring and structured like most others, which made it special.

    2. I think that Whitman’s style and subjects make him fit well into the Romantic Period because a majority of them were about things like nature and how society was evolving in that time period. They were about development and change, and very artistic and intellectual, which is basically what the Romantic Period was. His literature reflected how society was like in this time, and he demonstrated it perfectly by adding his own personality and style to it, which everyone seemed to love and enjoy.

  41. Abraham N.

    Abraham N.
    AP English 11
    period 5
    18 December 2012

    1) Walt Whitman’s style was unconventional, and new to poetry readers at the time, because unlike most poets, Whitman did not rhyme in his poetry and instead he used literary devices that you would see in an essay or a book like imagery, repetition, and parallelism. Walt Whitman was arguably remembered because of his use of realism in his poetry, something that the person reading can somewhat relate too.

    2) Whitman’s style fits perfectly with the Romantic Period because of the literary devices he uses in his poetry like imagery and personification. Also like other poets during that period, Whitman was a transcendentalist who wrote about self-reliance, but didn’t make it his main topic in his poetry. Whitman’s poems relate to the Romantic Period because he wrote about nature, which was a big topic in poems during the Romantic period. Whitman also wrote about transcendentalism and realism.

  42. lizbeth R

    The big fear that I have about debating my classmates is messing up my words. If I mess up on what I am saying it won’t really prove my point. Debating, for me, is really fun. I just get nervous in front of a crowed and when I’m nervous I don’t speak very well. I think fear is juts based on the way the person thinks. And for me public speaking is a big fear. I can speak in front of people I’ve never met but in front of people that I know and will associate with later on makes me super nervous. Fear is more in our head; it’s based on things we’ve seen.

  43. Gonzalo Haro

    Gonzalo Haro
    AP Lang. and Comp.
    Ms Keeble, 1st Period
    December 18, 2012

    1) Whitman’s style of poetry was very interesting. It featured simple lines and he didn’t use any words that the average American at the time wouldn’t understand. Whitman also talks about the people as if they were all beautiful to him. The way he described their “singing” was very joyful and spirited. He talked about the people as if they were all of grave importance to the country, which they were, and that made him a Romanticist. The love of people, and society, is primarily why people are going to remember him.
    2)Whitman writes a lot of poems that emphasize on people in a good way. He writes about their contributions, and he does it in a way that is both simple, and beautiful. He keeps repeating “singing” and that the workers all sang. He says this because human prosperity and will to live is like music to his ears. He thinks it’s beautiful, so he writes his poems accordingly so they reflect on that beauty. The Romantic period emphasized beauty and a love of the world, and Whitman seems to be adoring the scene he paints in his poems.

  44. Alexis L.

    Alexis L.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11
    1.) Walt Whitman’s poetry had a very simple structure to it. It wasn’t like the traditional poetry of this time period. He didn’t write his poems like the rest of the American poets, which makes him a well known Romantic period poet.
    2.) Whitman’s style of poetry was easily understood by any audience. His poerty represents the Americans that didn’t just stand there and took everything, but the ones that actually took a stand. His poetry was meant for those average Americans of his time.

  45. lizeth jacinto

    Lizeth Jacinto
    AP English
    1.) The unique style of Whitman’s was more like a free verse poet to express his thoughts. Whitman describes American life in a simple matter of that certain period of time. His works being simple and easy for commom middle class to enjoy his poetry. He is remembering a romantic poet because he was in love with life itself. The romantic part of his poem was that he did not write about what he believe or though but the reality of the middle working class. He uses his sense of knowledge of this Class to provide the reader with an example of the daily life style of such class.
    2) Whitman’s style makes him fit good in this romantic period because it shows how passionate he was towards life. He wanted people to see the other side not just the rich side. His writing made people understand and recognize the work of the middle class. This period people were becoming are of things that they didn’t knew about a Whitman poems help that people.

  46. Jashleen Singh

    Jashleen Singh
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11, Per 2

    1) Whitman’s poetry style is very easy going and simple. It is somwhat relaxed. He is able to describe the lives of workers in a way that lets the reader understand what they are going through, without having to over analyze anything. He is a unique poet because he broke away from the rules of traditional poetry, which brought freedom to his.

    2) The Romantic Period was a time in which art, literature, and intellectual thoughts were brough forward. Whitman’s poetry had more freedom applied to it, creating a new style which broke away from everything else.

  47. Zoey Madsen

    1. Whitman’s poetry was less structured and more free written than the traditional poetry during that time. He’s remembered as an important Romantic Period poet because he broke away from traditional poetry and created a new and unique style. Even though it was a new style nobody had seen before, they recognized the value of his poetry and accepted his bold transition.
    2. Whitmen’s style fits well into the Romantic Period because his poetry and it’s style is symbolically related to society during that time. Whitman’s poetry was a new thing, and it was not as structured and framed as traditional poetry styles. As well as people during the Romantic Period were seeing things in a new way and lifestyles were being transformed. I think Whitman’s poetry shows that the Romantic Period wasn’t just changing peoples lives and morals, it was also changing poetry and the way people thought about things.

    • Please revise and proofread for spelling. Also, you make an assertion and then do not support it with evidence. How is Whitman’s poetry emblematic of the Romantic Period? Be specific, otherwise you haven’t answered the prompt.

  48. Rachael B.

    Rachael B.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11, Per. 2
    18 December 2012

    1. I remember how Walt Whitman repeated words within his poetry to emphasize the meaning and connection it had with the people he wrote about. His poetry seemed simple in a way for all to comprehend its true theme. He is mostly remembered for using free verses in poetry without a specific or certain guideline.

    2. His style of simplicity and recognition of the average people fit well into the period because most people were beginning to change how social classes were established as well as the government itself and his writings were reflections of the change. The average people who were able to read his poetry that was focused on them felt as good as the rich who usually read poems they related to.

  49. Rachel N.

    Rachel N.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English Language & Composition
    21 December 2012

    1) Whitman’s unique style was very comfortable and simple. He illustrated the spirit of America in a very basic format. He didn’t try to use flashy vocabulary or literary language we would have to work hard to decipher. Naming middle class jobs that had to work hard every day to make ends meet displays the singing spirit of America voicing their desires for equality. He is remembered as a significant Romantic Period poet because he didn’t write poetry like the traditional American poets did. He conveyed what was really going on during this time and how people moved to being more liberal in advocating for their desires.

    2) Whitman’s style and subjects makes him fit well into the Romantic Period because during this time America was also industrializing and fighting for their rights as workers. Before that, people would just follow tradition and not want to cause a scene. His poetry portrays how Americans didn’t just do nothing when they endured unfair treatment, but did something about it. Moreover, his poetry also has a sweet feeling to it, not completely laying out what was going on, but hinting at it and giving it a sugary, superficial coat. Whitman gave us the truth very lightly mirroring the Romantic Period during this time.

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