December 12

The Great Debaters

I will assume you saw the coalescing (notice the gerund [look it up, it may be on your final])between this film and the Romantic period authors you’ve been studying. Think about the film and how the themes it promotes line up with the tenets of the Romantic Period. Between how the individual relates to community, the birth of consciousness, the fight for social justice,education as the key to freedom, or love of nature (or any other idea you think pertinent), choose one topic and discuss how it connects to the period and the film. Organize your response according to everything you know about responding to a text. Be sure to include concrete examples from both your readings and the film.

Feel free to use some periodic or cumulative sentences, party in the front or back! Proofread for everything on your current list, including unnecessary commas.

December 6

Thoreau Soapstone– “Where I Lived and What I Lived For”

Complete a soapstone on the essay after listening to the podcast, (directions on “Newsflash” page) and after reflecting on the excerpt documenting Thoreau’s memorable self-reliant exercise in the woods. Remember that while Emerson wrote beautifully and idealistically about revolt and self-realization, Thoreau was “about that life.” He lived out his philosophy. I wonder what you think of about that fact.

Your soapstone should contain one summary paragraph–remember what must be included–and one personal reader response paragraph in which you may use “I.”

December 5

Emerson’s Aphorism

“Self-Reliance” is an important American document. Emerson set the tone for many ideas to come. You were assigned a task: choose one aphorism from the excerpt that you find relevant.

First, cite your aphorism from the essay. Explain what Emerson means. Apply it to the ideas proposed in “Self-Reliance” then respond personally. How does this aphorism manifest in our lives/your life? Why is the idea presented important to success or the development of one’s Self? Be sure to proofread and support your assertions with concrete examples. This is a personal response so it is more than appropriate to use the personal pronoun, “I.”

An aside: please keep your commas inside quotation marks. It is more aesthetically pleasing.