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Respond to Welty’s “Listening”

Write an organized description of a time when you found yourself completely wrapped in a book or essay. Your description should begin with an introduction that contains an assertion about how important reading is to your experience. Be sure to stay on topic, focusing back on your assertion. Proofread for all grammar elements and try to be as specific as possible, eliminating unnecessary pronouns and other weak language like “good” and “bad.” Two-three paragraphs will do. Enjoy.

Here’s an example of how to start:
Though I had read many, many words before then, the first time I got lost in the pages of a book happened when I was sixteen and bumped into a book on my mom’s bookcase. At sixteen, I first read Alice Walker’s The Color Purple (underline). Before then, I didn’t know that I could find characters who looked like and spoke like the people in my community. I felt at home in the pages of that book. (Next, I will describe in detail what I experienced as I read the book–tying it back to feeling “at home” which is the thesis. 🙂 Do work folks.

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  1. Maliko P.

    Maliko P.
    26 November 2012

    When I was younger books never really caught my attention they should have. I found interest in other things like television and video games. But one summer day, I was helping a family member clean their room and I found this book that for some reason I felt I had to read it. She said I could borrow the book and bring it back after I was done with it.
    The book was A Child Called “It” (Underline) by Dave Pelzer. This book was a memoir of Pelzer’s life when he was a child and how his mother abused him. My feeling towards this book were unclear because it is very depictive in a crude way yet I was to intrigued by it I couldn’t stop reading. I couldn’t believe some of the events that I read could actually take place in a home. It was also very motivating to know that even though Pelzer had an extremely rough childhood, he overcame the obstacles and became a successful writer. I respect and admire Pezler for being able to talk about his traumatic childhood because a lot of people can’t do that and I’m sure he’s saved children’s lives because of it. After reading this book I decided that I would read at least two books before each summer ended, much bigger than that one of course and I have followed through ever since.

  2. DaJoHN WadE

    Books were never interesting enough to keep my attention until I picked up Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and The Olympians : The Sea of Monsters. I was always a fan of Greek mythology, but this book sealed the deal. Ever since then I have been literally fascinated demigods, titans, the realms in which the gods live in, and everything about Greek mythology. The way Rick Riordan played out the story was simply amazing. I was depressed for 2 weeks until I got my hands on all of the copies. I literally read them everywhere; if I had a second of free time, my hands would flip to the page I left off. My way of knowing that I was I love with this series was after I finished the movie, I said to myself, “This is nothing like the book.” To this day, I pick up and reread the books, just to relive each moment in my head again.

  3. Heather H.

    Heather H.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11: Period 2
    26 November 2012
    Reading is an integral part of my being; I would no doubt be a far different person had books not have been in many ways the focus of my upbringing. As far back as I can remember, there has always been a book within arms reach. My mother read fairy tales and picture books to me when I was young, and my dad would corrupt my young mind with sinister horror comics such as Vault of Terror. I do not remember a time when I did not have a library card as well as my own bookshelf overflowing with every genre desired. The books that I read for pleasure have painfully diminished in number since the beginning of my high school career. Yet, with each book I manage to carve time for, I form an inseparable bond. If I do not sense a connection with a book within the first two pages or so, I know that that particular book is not for me.
    Forming a bond with a book does not mean that I necessarily can connect it with the events in my life, but rather that I expand my mind and allow myself to become absorbed by the events within the story. I have already fallen madly in love with a book I opened just today, Damned by Chuck Palahniuk. I have only read fifty pages so far, but I am already trapped in the story of a thirteen-year-old girl in an unconventional hell. I, of course, cannot relate to being a dead, barely teenage girl in a bizarre cross between a horror movie and The Breakfast Club, yet I can imagine myself as the narrator. The style of writing is so beautiful and reflective, and flows much like thought. This writing style allows me to dizzy down a rabbit hole of imagination and fascination with a world that is not my own, yet can be for the duration of the read. I have, though, already broken a bit of this book off and placed it forever in my mind, where I will no doubt carry it for the rest of my life.

  4. Johanna G.

    Johanna G.
    AP English, Per. 2
    26 November, 2012

    Of all the books that I have read, only a few have really made me interested. As a kid, I read many picture books and I found that experience to be joyful. However, as I started growing up, reading books began to bore me and the only reason I read books now is to get a grade for them. To me, books will always have some significance because I always learn new knowledge whenever I read them, but it still isn’t for my pleasure.
    Whenever I read a book, it is somehow always connected to school. One book that I actually enjoyed reading in school was A Wrinkle in Time (underline) by Madeleine L’Engle. This was the first book I found interesting because every page was sort of its own adventure. I read page after page and it would never fail to surprise me. I also found the characters in the book to be a lot more different than people in reality and I think that’s what I liked the most. Other than that book and a few others, nothing has really caught my attention. Hopefully, there will be a book that will change my perspective on reading.

  5. Kiana Ledda

    Kiana Ledda
    AP English, Per. 5
    26, November 2012
    In my many years of reading many different novels whether it was a romance, a mystery, or a thriller, there was one book that was a real page turner. Pati Navalta Poblete’s The Oracles is probably the only book I fell completely in love with when I was a younger student. I was about 14 when I first read The Oracles, and I remember myself getting lost within the pages. I had shared a very deep connection with the author, and her use of words were so poetic in my head. I had not realized that some writers’ experiences could reflect on my own as well.
    The Oracles was based off the author’s childhood with her grandparents, and how each of them had affected her life growing up. This story was something that I could completely relate to. We share the same ethinicity, so I understood how she felt within her home and at school. For instance, the author described how she felt not knowing anything about her culture. While reading that section of the story, I completely understood the author as if I was speaking to her myself. Before reading The Oracles, I never really appreciated reading, but now I completely changed my perspective of it. I can read anything and suddenly find a way to be connected with the story or author. I can get lost within the pages of story as if I am a part of it.

  6. Diana Larios

    Diana Larios
    AP English 11
    Period: 1

    As summer vacation came around the corner I was already making plans of all the fun and exciting activities I would do with my family. Realizing then that I was stuck with homework for AP English. The worst part was that it involved a lot of reading, which i hated at the time. What I would soon realize that the book I was about to read made me feel like I was in one of my favorite soap operas, and that was the first time I didn’t want to put a book down it was Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston.
    The story took me through the stages of a young woman’s life. She had ups and downs especially as a child that grew up around a community full of stereotypes and people constantly judging her life because of her actions. Getting married thinking she’s in love being wrong, forgetting and finding new love, and be wrong again! I felt her pain! It was so surreal. Finally after going through so much finding true love and a life that she enjoys watching it quickly slip away! It takes me back to playing back in my head like one of those soap operas! Everything going on is all so alive the descriptions, details, the way all the emotions are transmitted to the reader is just simply amazing. I can honestly say that it was so real that I cried. That’s when I realized that reading isn’t something boring its a way of making a story come alive and open your eyes to the life experiences of others.

  7. Kiala A.

    Kiala Aranas
    AP English 11, 5th
    27 November 2012

    I will always enjoy my mother reading to me. As a child, we used to read children’s books together; I would read a page, then she would. The first time that I devoured every page of a book was when my mother brought home a new book to read to me, which is a change because she wanted to read it TO me (as opposed to the usual “with me’). Max Lucado’s Just in Case You Ever Wonder (underline) became the first book that I only allowed myself to listen to; I felt safe in those words, which were simple and comforting. When my mother read to me, it put her some of her inexplicable love into words.
    Reading Just in Case You Ever Wonder (underline) by Max Lucado touches on basic fears that I as a child had faced, such as the “monster” in my closet, and put those fears to rest by letting me know that my mother would take care of them. The book introduced me to the individuality that God had blessed me with, and when my mother read it to me, her tone reassured me that my differences truly are blessings. That reassurance of the entire book put my heart and my mind at ease, that I was loved, and perhaps most importantly that I was where I am supposed to be, which is in my parents heart.

  8. Hannah R.

    Hannah Reddy
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English, Period 2
    26 November 2012

    I have always enjoyed reading since a young age. I read whatever I could, and whenever I could. I read all the books that were age appropriate (at that time I believe I was around 6) in my house so quickly that I began to get bored. It wasn’t until my sister took me to the local library and bought me a new book (for me) from the discard pile. I felt as if I was a kid in a candy shop! There were all different types of book, and they were all at my choosing. However, there was one book that just caught my attention. I immediately new that I would fall in love with this book and to my surprise I was right!
    This mystery book of mine was ironically an actual mystery book, Nancy Drew to be specific. I would always try and stay up late to continue reading, sometimes falling asleep with it still in my hands. She never seized to amaze me. For example, how fun her life was and how she was able to solve all of these mysteries. I truly looked up to her, wishing that when I get older I could do what she did. I was able to visualize her journeys as well as her and her friends. I guess one could say I was envious of her lifestyle, granted that I was six at the time. I felt a part of the books, not wanting to leave them. When I did eventually finish the book, I would sometimes reread it. Even though I was aware of the outcome, so it was no longer a mystery to me, I never got tired of reliving that experience.

  9. Haley Rosano

    Haley R.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11 per 2
    26 November 2012

    Books and reading have never really interested me; they still do not, but when I found Exit Here (Underline), I was about thirteen and walking through a Barnes & Nobel, just barely perusing the young adult section, yet this book stood out. I found the simplicity of the underside of a pool looking up to a diving-board enticing. The graphic detail of the teenage life this nineteen year old college drop out was living, brought me in just as deep as the characters in it. I could partially relate to the rugged lifestyle; the grunge manner in which it was written spoke to me. The hairs on my arms stood when something invigorating was occurring, I would get an adrenaline rush as soon as the main character hit his dreams because they were so descriptive.
    Exit Here (underline) became an addiction to me; it made me want to find more books like it. I read other books by the same author, but it wasn’t the same as the first book that had me up all ours of the night just to read what was on the next page. I wanted to savor every word because it was just that well written. I went back to read the novel over the summer, and it had the same effects on me as it did the first time; I could read hundreds of pages in one sitting leaning closer and closer to the book as it reaches it’s climax. Exit Here (underline) is a treasure that I will never let go of.

  10. Caitlin H.

    Caitlin Huie
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English Per 2
    26 November 2012

    I have read a lot of books throughout my life, but the first time I was completely wrapped in a story was when I was around twelve to thirteen years old and I bought a book from the store Borders. I bought the first book of Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars series and once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. After that, I bought the whole series and like the first book, I couldn’t stop reading them. There wasn’t really any deep feeling or connection when I read them, but the books were so intriguing and suspenseful. I was never bored and the plot kept me interested throughout the entire series. They kept me guessing and all of them surprised me by the end of each book.
    The first book talks about four best friends who are getting text messages from the mysterious A. I wanted to know who A was, but the story line kept me waiting and interested in what was going to happen to the girls. There wasn’t a time when I really wanted to jump to the end of the book because the events and problems in the story were captivating. I craved to know what A was going to do to them next and how the girls were going to solve the mystery. From the entire series, the part where I was the most surprised was around the seventh or eighth book when I learned that their dead friend had a twin sister and that she killed their best friend. The scenarios throughout the book had me thinking of something completely different. I did not expect the girl’s own sister killed her. It completely shocked me and it kept me wanting to find out what was going to happen in the other books.

  11. Yarelli Lopez

    Yarelli Lopez
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English Language and Composition
    27 November 2012
    In my early years, I would not read that many books. I only read if I had to, for example, if it was assigned in my classes for homework or projects. Otherwise I would do anything else but read. Too often did I start reading books that I never quite finished reading. Until the summer of my freshman to sophomore year, I was going to become a sophomore puentista and we were assigned to read a book named Rain of Gold by Victor Villasenor. Wow that book was over five hundred pages long but I must say I enjoyed every bit of it. I felt like I had become a part of the novel because it had just so much life in it. It had so many descriptive words, figurative language, imagery, and use of senses. Victor Villasenor inspired me so much with this novel that it led me to the point where I had completely finished reading a book for the first time. He also inspired me to read more books and be able to gain so much precious knowledge from them.
    The reason he inspired me was because it seemed that writers like him put their hearts in their work. They transmit happiness, sorrow, and just so many emotions through one great piece of writing to the reader. For instance, Rain of Gold transmitted so much to me. It made me happy, joyful, sad, horrified, etc. It is such a wonderful thing what writers like him can make you feel just by reading. Reading is something that must be done in order for us to have a mind filled with imagination and essentially knowledge. I am so very glad that I am a literate person because thanks to that I can travel through the wonders of reading and writing.

  12. Sidney

    Ap English
    Period 1

    I have always been a reader and an advocate  for it as well. The first book that really sparked my love for reading was burrowed. After following along with the wonderful films of Harry Potter I eventually grew very curious of how the story could end, I needed to know. So I decided to actually read the last few books that had not yet been turned in to a film.  

    While reading Harry Potter I could get lost in a new magical world. The existence of a school full of magical wonders always enticed me. While reading  I could feel the tension between Harry and Ron when they were under the lure of the Horcruxes. I could even taste the blood in my mouth as Harry laid motionless under his invisibility cloak in a train. I could very well imagine the struggles Harry went through on a daily basis, just as I did, my own. 

    The imagination needed to understand the story of a young boys life is the kind needed to find your own. 

  13. Niauni Hill

    Niauni Hill
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English, Period 1
    27 November 2012

    Reading is something I like to do in my soare time. If not in my spare time, then just for the heck of it. Reading is something that completes me, depending on the topic. Reading is like a movie, but in a thousand words. The first time a book interested me is about three years ago.

    The book I was so infatuated with was called “Shortie Like Mine” by Ni-Ni Simone. This book made me so attentive to a point where I felt as if I was in the drama as it was happening. The book reeled me in and took me by my lifeless arms. I fell in love with this book.

  14. Alexia George

    I remember walking into my seventh grade literature class hating the fact that we had SSR everyday. It was the most boring fifteen minutes of my life. I never understood how people would say reading was their hobby. I always thought of it like a chore or punishment. It wasn’t until halfway through the year I discovered a series of books which I swallowed one by one. Sadly, I can’t remember the name of the series but I was just obsessed with them.
    It was about a group of kids who had some type of special illness like leukemia, cancer, diabetes, or have had major transplants. Every summer they came together with different activities planned out to remind them they are no different than kids who aren’t sick. The author skillfully constructed visuals to make you feel as if you were there riding jet skis with them or really got your heart racing when you find that your crush didn’t wake up because his heart transplant backfired.
    This author made me realize the greatness of reading and how valuable it is. I read all thirty books in about a month and a half. That’s pretty good for a seventh grader who never used to read. I guess I just never had interesting things to read. Now I know that reading can be just as fun as hanging out with friends if you’ve got the right book. I feel that it is necessary to thank that teacher for the dreaded fifteen minutes each day. If it wasn’t for her I would still be that closed minded person who is missing out on commendable stories that are only made of a bunch of little black words. I truly understand the importance of reading…now.

  15. Abraham N.

    Abraham N.
    AP English 11
    26 November 2012
    Period 5

    Through the years, I have read many books I’ve liked, but there was one book that really latched onto me the whole time I read it. I was around fourteen in my uncle’s house during the summer, and I seen a row full of books by the author James Patterson. I found one that I thought I would find the most intriguing, and I found a book called _Lifeguard_. It was an advanced copy given and autographed by Patterson himself. Before reading that book, I had never really read anything semi-challenging before and I believe it helped me learn better. I believe it challenged my brain to think at a higher level than ever before.
    After reading the first couple of chapters, I first thought it was going to be boring, but I just kept reading it and told myself it would get better, and after the next couple of chapters, I didn’t want to stop reading it. The book touched topics I had never read in a book before, and was a thrill ride basically from start to finish. Another reason why I kept reading it and didn’t want to stop was because I could feel my reading level rising after every hundred pages or so. My uncle also helped me understand the book because he didn’t believe that I was actually understanding what I was reading, so he would quiz me on certain main events of the story.
    With all of this being said, I picked the story _Lifeguard_ by James Patterson because the story helped my development in reading at a young age.

  16. David .D

    David Delgado
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English
    Period 2
    26 November 2012

    I usually never read books but when I do I prefer fiction books. Reading was like a dust bunny unimportant small and unnoticeable to me, movies were my interest and other television shows. The only time I read was when I needed too. I remember the first time I got lost in a book I was in my seventh grade. I was in the library at school one day dozing off like usually by looking at the ceiling thinking what book I should read.Finally after all that thinking I came to the conclusion that I should ask the librarian. She recommend for me to read, a book called “The Five Ancestors” by Jeff Stone.

    This was my first time when I actually tried to read a book and understand it completely and when I started to read this novel I got lost in the pages. I never thought in my life that a movie would start to play in my head it practically felt like it had played over and over again and I could rewind and pause whenever I wanted to. What I experiences with this book was suspense, excitement, action, violence etc. With this novel I was able to experience that feeling of watching a movie which satisfied me, and kept me reading.

  17. Canyon R

    Canyon Riley
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11
    26 November 2012
    Normally, I do not indulge in reading. But when I do find an interesting book, I look for a book full of historical fiction. Currently, I’m reading The Book of General Ignorance, a book that contains factoids about common misconceptions in life (for example, President Obama may be the 44th president of the United States, but 43 men have taken the oath. Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms.) Although this book is really interesting, it is not my favorite. My favorite would be a book I picked up The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe during my freshman year for my English class. The book was very dark with an eerie, yellow cat eye in center. The beginning of story was a little dull and I wanted to get a new book. But my English teacher looked at the book and encouraged to keep reading. At first, I was reluctant to even open the book again but I had since my grade would drop if I didn’t. As time passed, I began reading the book more and more until I found myself reading for every at any possible moment. It was the first time I actually liked reading.
    The book was actually somewhat of a remake (I found it in the school library.) The book was mysterious as the cover art. Many of the characters in the story are outcasts or feel like outcasts in the story. Also, a lot of misconceptions are formed in the reading. For example, normally a black cat is portrayed as bad luck but in this remake, the cat helps the protagonist not only resolve the conflict of the story, but resolve an internal conflict the protagonist faces throughout the story. The book has caused me to think more open minded not just through the prejudices that the characters face, but by the book itself.

  18. Areli S.

    Areli S
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11, 2
    November 26th 2012

    Troughout the years of my reading life, I have come to a realization that there are certain books that greatly appeal to me more than others. The most vivid memory of a time in which I lost myself in reading was that of conspiracy/mystery books and memoirs of people who encountered struggle and overcame them. These two types of book interest I discovered last year in my Puente class. Upon reading books with themes like these I because hooked. I would focus on reading instead of doing my daily tasks. Every free moment I got I immediately gave it to reading an finishing the book. I do not recal the names of the books I read but one was suggested to me by my teacher and the other I can across by simple choosing a random book.
    Never did I expect to find myself so interested and wrapped up in a book. Reading has become an important part of my life more and more. And the balance between fiction and non fiction in the interest of writing and reading I have is just right. These books breed my imaginative side and also satisfy my feelings of longing inspiration.

  19. Merritt Walker

    Merritt Walker
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 2
    26 November 2012

    I read many books before I found the perfect book that I could get lost in. I think I was around fourteen or fifteen when I read the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. My friend and brother strongly recommended it, so I decided to check the book out. It felt like I was in a different world reading the book.
    The book was one of the best books I have ever read in my entire life. It was very descriptive and it talked about the emotions that each character was feeling. When the scenery was described I imagined that I was actually in the world of Panem, and I felt like I was participating in the Hunger Games alongside Katniss. Every sentence made me feel like I was actually in the book. I read many books in my life, but I have never read a so intriguing as the Hunger Games.

  20. Mercedes G.

    Mercedes G
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English
    I have read many books before the one that I have encountered that changed my way of books itself. This book that I have read was called The Princess Trap by Kirsten Boie and the reason why my eyes looked at it for the very first time was because I couldn’t use any type of technology for the weekend. This was because my teacher told us to not use it and see how it actually impacted us. To me it did affect me because that was when I finally picked that book up for the first time.
    This book was just in my bookcase just lying there with all of the other books, but for some odd reason why eyes looked directly at that book. It had a purple cover. This was probably why that caught my attention, but after I read the first chapter I put it back down. We went shopping since I couldn’t do anything else, but the part about this trip was different because all I could think of what was going to happen next to Jenna in the book. After that thought I was practically begging my mom to go home so I can go into my own world again. After she had it with me begging she finally drove is home and I ran to the book and opened it and started reading. That was when I was really into that book and my eyes never left the book and nobody else could stop me from finishing that book. Reading this very interesting book made my weekend with no technology feel like it I was never assigned the task in the first place.

  21. Phuong-My N.

    Phuong-My N.
    AP English, Per. 2
    26 November 2012

    Response to Welty’s “Listening”

    I was not a big fan of reading but that all changed one Thursday evening during the summer of 2009 at the Hayward Library. I volunteered that day and my shift was just about to end when a librarian putting books back on the shelf noticed how bored I was. She walked over to me with a book in her hand and said, “You should read this, I bet you can relate to it.” I was hesitant to accept at first, but I’m not the kind of person to say “no”. I reach my hand out to grab the book and thanked her with a smile. I looked at the book and the title read, Chicken Soup for the Girl’s Soul: Real Stories by Real Girls About Real Stuff (underline). The book completely caught my attention because first off, it was pink (my favorite color). Second, the cover had a picture of three girls having a slumber party and I have two best friends so it reminded me of us. Third, in the title when it says, “Real stories by real girls about real stuff”, made me think that maybe I can actually relate to this book.

    When I got home, I started reading the book right away. And once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. At that time, it was already six o’clock and I finished the book by eleven o’clock. The book contained many short stories written by girls my age about the problems we go through such as growing up, puberty, dealing with boys, peer pressure and much more. Before, I didn’t think anyone felt insecure as I did about my body but reading this book made me realize that I wasn’t alone and that all these changes are natural and bound to happen. Chicken Soup for the Girl’s Soul (underline) was a book I could not put down until I was finished with. That book made me fall in love with reading and I have been ever since that day. I had no idea how extraordinary/mind-opening books could be until that one Thursday evening during the summer of 2009.

  22. Jasmine J.

    AP English 11, 1st
    Ms. Keeble
    26 November 2012

    The first time I became engrossed in a book, it was a journey like no other. I was in 3rd grade and had never experienced the feeling before. My mom had suggested I read one of her many novels. It was entitled Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret and written by Judy Blume. My young mind immediately became fascinated with the word play used by Blume. I felt enlightened by the story.

    While reading, Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret, my eyes were opened to a different world. A word where descriptive words and ethos allowed my imagination to run wild. It was something I had never experienced before. Prior to reading this novel, I found reading to be dull, boring, lifeless, et cetera. Once I indulged in Blume’s writing, however, reading was fun and exciting to me. I needed to know more. I needed to know what was going to happen next, how it was going to happen, and why it was going to happen. The more I read, the more the story seemed real to me. While I was reading, Margaret and her friends were real people in my mind and experiences were just as genuine. I now had a a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook on books.

  23. Oscar G.

    Oscar G.
    November 26, 2012
    Period 1
    Reading is not my strong suit, it is not everyday that I get engaged in a reading, never the less completely looking forward to reading a book. It was last year for Puente I needed an SSR book and I came to choose, The Making Of a Latin King (Underline) by Reymundo Sanchez. Before this book no scenes have ever become so alive to me. Page behind page I found my self captivated to the word following the next. Soon I realized I was trapped following my own imagination.
    The beginning was just action packed and fed my brain so much detail. I only considered this reading a heavy reading once. The book began to talk more about how he became detached from the gang life, which is what I did not like. This reading became important to me because not only did it have a remarkable story behind it, but it also had a life lesson. The lesson came to me that the coolest thing that can be done is nearly never the best thing that can be done.

  24. Arileni N

    Arileni N
    AP Eng 11
    Per 5

    To be honest reading had never caught my attention at all books had never fascinated me as they fascinate others. But one book that really caught my attention was when I was in 7th grade when I actually read/enjoyed books. I forgot the name of the book, but I still remember it.
    This book was the only book that I still remember it because it talked about life situations that you face in your everyday life for example in one part of the book it was talking about how the character was bullied on and I could relate to this because when I was younger I was picked on so I understood what the character was going thru.
    Also this book was very open minding on ways to look at life in a different perspective because of how deep it was and when I read it was very fascinating and interesting book!

  25. Jonathan V

    Jonathan V
    Ms. Keeble
    27 November 2012
    Eng and Comp
    Period 1

    Though I had read many and many books none got the attention of my brain and eyes like the one I found lying there in my old teacher’s class last year. This book’s title was John Steinbeck’s, Of Mice and Men, which to me, appealed to my emotions and let me see that there is a bad to every good. Thanks to this book I could see that this book had two main characters that related to my life and to me these characters lived in my own community. In the book I encountered the story of these two men striving to get money in the Silicon Valley going over rows and rows of whatever there was to harvest. in my community there lived a lot of people that moved in from the valley and just got along by collecting fruit and harvesting the crops that were ready to be bald. As I read that the two brothers had their ups and their downs getting money and completing their dreams, I thought oF my self “these who neighbors of mine really are having a bad time if they pick crops for living”. After a couple of chapters I realized that some books are not boring because of their first pages, but because of its message.
    After a couple of chapters of this heart touching of books, I noticed that these two neighbors of mine were more and more insecure because only one came out most of the time and the other one just stayed home and who knows what he did. In the book the one did all the taking because he was smarter and dominant, when the other one was the stronger one who could be treated a mule and used as one too. I got lost in all the twist and turns, all the connections I made with my neighbors, but what most got me surprised was not the fact that I could read a lot. The fact that I saw a message and applied it to my life comparing the characters to my neighbors made me feel like I was moving from world to world.

  26. Veronica V

    Veronica V.
    Nov. 26, 2012
    Ms. Keeble, 1st period

    Although I’ve read many books that have been fascinating and interesting, one book has always stood out to me. It was my sophomore year and we were told we were going to read a book about a Latino living in the barrio, trying to get out of the gang life to become an artist. Already this description caught my attention since I love reading books about real life experiences and the fact that a Latino wrote it stood out to me even more. I love reading Latino books since they talk about the different struggles they endure which I sometimes can connect to.

    From the start, Always Running (underline) by Luis J. Rodriguez, took my interest and I was instantly hooked. I loved how the author made it possible for the reader to get an image in their head of what was occurring in the book with so many descriptive details. What also kept me hooked was the fact it was based on a real life experience which made me even more fascinated to know what was going to happen next. I wanted to know if he actually became an artist and changed his life around by getting out of his old habits. Also, what was really interesting about this book was that it made you realize the many reasons people join gangs. For him, it was he never felt loved by his family so he thought he could get it somewhere else. This made me realize that I’m lucky to have such a caring and loving family which made me feel at home.

  27. Aaron Chon

    I have been reading for as long as I can remember, but there was no time when I was as interested in reading as the time that I read the book Guns, Germs, and Steel. Most books were ones that I had chosen to read out of boredom, or because a teacher assigned it, but this was a book that a teacher personally recommended to me in the eighth grade. He had already asserted that I was capable of many things that he would only wonder about, and now he challenged me by offering me a complex book upon the ideals of why and how some societies developed technology while others didn’t. As a person that was growing up, I disliked reading with a passion because I was unable to find anything relevant or interesting when I would pick up a book, no matter how many books I managed to pick up. I expected Guns, Germs, and Steel to be such a book, but when it began to draw out a history and example of the different paths that humanity took, I found myself moderately interested and continued to turn the pages. As I continued, it was as if the entire history of the world was flashing before my eyes, revealing the prosperity and domination of some cultures, while others fell into ruin and subjugation by said dominant cultures. By the time I had finished reading, I realized that my angst toward reading was not justified; rather, it should have been directed at the readings that were not prevalent in information that I found fascination in. I still do not enjoy reading as much as other people believe that I might, but when I find something interesting to sink into, I cannot help but let the world of the words drown me in their poetry.

  28. Alexis L.

    Alexis L.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11
    I’m not quite sure when the first time i lost myself reading a book in my childhood. I do remember that one day when i was six years of age, my mother read to me The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I was completely fascinated and astonished by the book from beginning to end. Believe it or not, when my mother first mentioned the book to me, I didn’t want anything to do with that book. Until one day my mother finally convinced me and started reading it to me. From then on I haven’t judged a book by its cover, like the saying. By tying The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn with my personal life it showed me to put logic and fairness in my decisions and actions. It also showed me how good of a life I have and that i should always appreciate my parents. I may have not valued the literature of this book when i was younger, but now that I’m older i now can. I believe that if books like these were read by children at a young age like i did, then they can grow to truly appreciate and understand books.

  29. Tanzeel H.

    Tanzeel Hak
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English
    26 November 2012

    I have read many books, but there was one that stood out like no other. Every book is unique in their own way, although this one was really different. Not in the aspects you would think, such as a crazy event occurring or just a fascinating plot. It was the fact that the characters in this story related with the very people around my community. These characters simply represented home. The book’s name is To Kill A Mockingbird.

    In To Kill A Mockingbird, certain characters just stood out, like Boo Radley, who really resembles my neighbor. He rarely comes out of his house, but often you can hear him screaming. The house he lives in is also very similar to Boo Radley’s. Atticus Finch, although he is a single parent, reminds me of my parents. Just like him, my parents are loving and work really hard to ensure that my sister and I have a roof over our heads and food on the table. They stand up for what they believe in no matter what others think. There are also members of my community that are similar to Bob Ewell, the racist, and Miss Maudie, who just loves to bake goods and garden. In addition you have Jem and Scout, who remind me of my sister and I because of their antics. All in all these characters coming together form my community.

  30. Gonzalo Haro

    Gonzalo Haro
    AP Lang. and Comp.
    Ms. Keeble 1st
    November 26, 2012

    The first time I felt really connected to a book was when I read In In The Time of The Butterflies by Julia Alvarez. I could relate to how she described the childhood of Las Mariposas, because I too spent time growing up in a foreign country. I was captured by the scenery and the close feeling of family and community, because I knew what it felt like. I couldn’t relate to the revolution part but I’m sure my great-grandparents could, considering they fought in the Mexican Revolution. The whole book made my mind run wild, because I kept getting the bits and pieces of descriptive detail, such as the food and the people, and relating it to what I experienced in Mexico for the three years I lived there.

    After reading the book I realized I had gotten but a taste of what is Latino literature. The months following the completion of the book I sought out to find more books which I felt had the potential of being relatable. The book was assigned to me in my Freshman year English Accelerated class, and most of the students ended up hating the book. I think it was probably because they felt disconnected to it. I didn’t, though. I fully embraced it, and this was the book that really got me into reading more. If I felt so connected to this one book, I could probably relate to many more. That was how I ended up loving books.

  31. Dominique

    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11 Per 2
    November 26, 2012

    Although I don’t read a lot, there has been a time where I have once been completely absorbed into a book. The book I read was called Kira-Kira (underline), which I read when I was 10 in the 5th grade. There have been many other books that have grasped my attention like this, but this is one of the few where I remember the feelings it brought to me. This book really grasped my attention because I was able to draw connections to my life. Kira-Kira (underline) really opened up my mind and gave me a new perspective of life.

    The way Kira-Kira (underline) affected me was unlike any other. I felt like I actually read this book, I didn’t just skim the text like I do to a lot of other books. The connections I was able to draw to this novel were significant to me and simple to make because they were personal. For example, the main character had two sisters just like I do, and the way they grew up reminded me a lot of the way my sisters and I did. I was able to connect to the main character because she was the middle child just as I am, and her feelings were similar to mine (she reacted how I would react). Another connection I was able to make was the setting, which was alot like my own. When the main character was growing up, her family was crowded in a small house, where she had to share a room with both her sisters, just as I did. Now I have my own room, but
    I remember that it was a struggle to be so confinded in a small area, when I knew that other kids had their own room all to themselves. The main character was very artistic, just as I was when I was that age. She was a girl who appreciated every little thing in life, which sounds like the little girl I used to be.

  32. Thomas T

    Thomas T
    26 November 2012
    Period 1

    Reading and writing are two things I can never find a large amount of interest to. Reading novels for my own enjoyment is extremely alien to what I find to be joy. Though I may not be an avid reader, I did find one book that had drawn my attention and became addicted to reading the story until I finished it. The book series “Ender’s Game” is the only series that has lured me in and I regret none of it. It was an experience that had changed my perspective on the power of our technology and the way writing can influence an entire people. People could call me crazy because of how addicted I was to the series and my knowledge of the book from cover to cover, but it was a learning experience.

    I could relate to the environment during the time I read this story. I was aspiring to become better than anyone in anything requiring a strategic mindset like chess, checkers, and writing. Ender’s Game gives a somewhat same environment in which Ender is aspiring to become a great war general and would have to strategically defeat any of his opponents given the difficult circumstances. Reading the story had effected me in two different ways: Being the best isn’t always a positive reinforcement and words are always power. Ender had been banned from ever returning to his home because his own government was afraid to have his powerful mind fall into his brother’s command. His brother, a maniacal essayist mastermind, had control of Earth through political essays over several years during the Earth’s power struggle among three separate parties. Words are powerful and those who use them wisely will reach lengths and bounds most will not achieve.

  33. Natasha R.

    I can actually recall about two times that I was very interested in a book, was A Child Called It and Cinderella ate my Daughter. It’s hard for most books to keep me interested it and when I read those books I couldn’t seem to leave them.

    The first time I had read A Child Called It was when I was about 13 years old. As everyone else who has read the book have reviewed it as a touching, heart felt story. personally I didn’t see that way, nontheless I still enjoyed it. I’m not sure what was in the book that kept me interested ,as well as the others who have read the book probably had the comun feeling. I’m guessing that it’s the author’s overall experience that kept me inside this book , not letting me release it.

    The other book was the one for the summer homework, Cinderella Ate My Daughter. This book kept me interested as well becuase, what the author had stated in her book about how social media and people put the idea in girls minds, that they have to be beautiful. These statements were actaul things that pointed out to my childhood moments and explained how the brainwash method works on young girls. I even was surprised by some stuff she said and even considered parenting a different way if I have a daughter. I believe that I connected with this book becuase it brought memories of my childhood, and after reading her book it made realize a lot.

    All in all these two books had kept me from putting them down because I could connect with the authors and feel what they felt. Like in A Child Called It, I was able to get an idea and picture exactly the horrible moments he described. While Cinderella Ate My Daughter, I related with my childhood experiences. After doing this response I’ve noticed that I have to pick a book that I can relate to be able to enjoy it.

  34. Kiloni D

    Kiloni Driskell
    26 November 2012
    AP English , 2

    When I was a little girl I was a little obsessed with reading until I got older. I was less intrigued in reading books. All i wanted to do was to go out and hang with my friends.Time to time I usually get bored and I
    search for a book to read in my book shelf. Then one day I remembered I had more books in the garage. That is when I found a strange dark book sitting in the middle of the table. The book was called “Cannibal” by Lois Jones. While scanning through the book I noticed a few gruesome pictures. The book was based on a man-eater who lived in Germany which is based on a true story.
    I was about 14 when I read the book. Hours and hours into the reading my stomach started to turn. I just couldn’t believe how dark and sick someone could be. The guy would kidnap somebody and eat hi
    . He had no motives to why he was eating people. I started to wonder in think about the neighborhood I live in. All the sex offenders, kidnappers, and murderers surround the innocent and there is nothing we can do about it. Usually people have an excuse to why they did what they did so they can get off the hook. There excuses are always the same. The most common is a messed or childhood or a dead beat parent. This one guy I was reading about just did not care. This book open my eyes and it made me very cautious about my surroundings. There are sick people around the world who do the wrong thing for no reason. The reading got to me and after that I read more and more.

  35. Rachel N.

    Rachel N.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English Language & Composition
    27 November 2012

    As a child, I had always had a passionate curiosity about reading words on a page. It intrigued me that not only were there creative illustrations in these tightly bound, delicately made books, but also that they contained words that played an epic movie within my mind. Up until I was twelve years old did I really unearth a novel that moved my soul. Livia Bitton-Jackson’s, “I Have Lived For A Thousand Years: Growing Up In The Holocaust,” gave me a translucent picture of what it was like to be striped of your humanity and every type of respect for yourself you had ever known before that time. It brought tears to my eyes that these people were degraded to the lowest means possible and still had the courage to hope that they would get through it. Reading brought me into a whole new world where I was able to share with other people their experiences. I connected to these authors and characters, analyzing their every word so I could understand them. This type of experience made me forget about my life for a second and plunged me into someone else’s that desired to be heard. I was more than willing to listen.
    Whatever I read, whether it was the Bible, Twilight, Crispin, or the book I mentioned above always deepened my comprehension of my surroundings. I started to be taught qualities and certain situations where I could have an accurate understanding of and learn how to navigate through life successfully whether it was through difficult times or joyful ones. My parents read to me all the time and always strived to teach me a lesson from what I read. Every book I would read, I would indulge my whole being into it, taking in every word, sound, sense, and feeling. It wasn’t like I was reading a book anymore, but living the actual story. It made me feel safe and secure knowing that it was just between me and this story having a connection. Moreover, that no one could ever understand or change the exchange I was having with a specific novel. Novels became personal to me, talking to me so I could take away something special from what they spoke about. Sometimes, these novels would warm my heart or other times tear it to pieces depending on what type of book I read. Reading formed the framework for my future ahead of me, giving me the skills to comprehend and understand literature in a deeper way which the author always attempted to show me. It formed who I am today, and for that I will always be grateful, never ashamed.

  36. Desiree N.

    Desiree N.

    Ms. keeble

    AP English 11

    26 November 2012

    When ever I have a free moment in my day, I read books. I love reading, I started reading at a very young age. My fascination with reading probably took off when my mother read me tales of magical creatures and unearthly worlds. I used to listen to every word she read, I did not understand everything she said, but the ones I did helped me create colorful pictures in my head. Now, I still create vivid pictures in my head everytime I read a book. The book that lost me in it’s pages was the book Rain (Underline) by V.C. Andrews.
    Every Wensday in my English 9 class, we had to read a book. For my SSR book, I chose one of the V.C. Andrew books my mom was going to give away to a thrift store. At first, I didn’t like the book, nothing too exciting was happening. As I got further into it, I became connected to the story. I could sense the emotions the main character went through, I took pity on her and began feeling her pain. I felt like I could understand what she was feeling like because it felt like I was in the story myself. Reading this book let me escape reality for a couple of hours and allowed me to go on an adventure to another world. Books have a way of transporting you to places.

  37. Amacalli Duran

    Amacalli Duran
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English
    27 November 2012

    I have never considered reading a burden compared to many of my peers. Starting in Kindergarten, I was always fascinated by reading. I loved to be read to and I loved attempting to read. In first grade, I remember that my reading improved to such a level that I was tutoring others in my class. By second grade I was already reading at about a sixth grade level. Reading came naturally to me at such a young age that I never realized how much time I spent actually doing it. To me, reading was just a part of everyday life. I always considered novels to be “mental movies” because as I would read I would envision every detail and word so vividly. However, it was not until I read “Listening” by Eudora Welty that I realized by passion for reading has enabled me to hear the voice of the text.
    Many people would argue that everyone can hear when they read. Yet, similar to what Welty stated in her essay, I do not hear in my own voice as opposed to many other people. I have come to the point in my reading where I understand the tone the author is attempting to portray in their novel and apply it to the text. While reading, I analyze the characters and envision them clearly. Each character has their own style, appearance, personality, and most importantly voice. It can be easier stated to say that I become the character. Through the reading I have understood the character so well that I am practically them. I can apply the personality of a character to their words. Ever grit of teeth, every breath, every stutter, every stressed syllable, every roll of the tongue, every pressing of the lips, any screaming, any agitation, any happiness, and remorse, any excitement, I can hear. It was not until I read “Listening” that I realized this skill I acquired.
    While reading “Listening” by Eudora Welty my mind continued to ponder towards my favorite fiction novels, the Harry Potter series. I couldn’t help but recall how I envisioned the voice of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I had not noticed it while reading the novels, but throughout the series I had given them their own personality and suitable voice. Like Eudora Welty mentioned in her essay, “there was never a line read that I didn’t hear” (442). I am thankful that I read Welty’s essay because I am now aware of the skills I have acquired through my endless nights of reading.

  38. Efrain E

    Efrain E.
    AP English 11
    Period 1
    November 26, 2012

    As a child I was an avid reader. I would spend at least an hour every day reading, and I could easily finish an entire book in a week or two. Despite all the reading I did, I never truly lost myself in the pages of a book until I began reading J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. I was genuinely hooked and I couldn’t separate myself from the book until I finished it. I read the entire series, and I was eager to read the conclusion to my favorite series of books.

    Once I got my hands on that book, I couldn’t let go of it. I read it every second I could, and I took it everywhere with me. I took it to school, to the mall, even to the doctor’s office. I didn’t let the book go until I finished reading the last few words. I think the reason why I was so engulfed in the story was because it was the conclusion of a series I spent countless hours reading. All those summer afternoons I spent reading the previous books, and now it was all coming to an end. I wanted to find out how it all ended. I wanted to know every little detail of how and why it happened. I was so eager to finish it that I kept it with me at all times, even skipping meals and homework to read instead. I finished the book in two weeks, and they were the best two weeks I ever spent on a book.

  39. Ross H.

    Ross H.
    APENG period 2
    November 26 2012

    I have had a really nice relationship with books and essays but one day it all changed. I was looking for something to read, and my dad told me to read this book called A Long Way Down by the author Nick Hornby. Before I read that book I was a very negative person. That would give up at the first hardship. While I read it it changed my out look on life. It changed how i thought and it made my life take a complete 180.
    The book was about for people that were going to jump off a roof, but they did not. They found each other on the roof and then left the roof. They then left and started a new life. Each of them had a reason to want to die and give up. why should I? I would give up so quickly and seeing people with much worse lives that me gave me hope that everything had a reason and I should keep on going. Things do get better if you just don’t stop. This book and my personal experiences have shown me this, books are a reflection on lives and we should use the to make us better.

  40. Alicia O.

    Alicia Oseguera
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English
    26 November 2012

    There are tones of books that I have been able to read in all my life but never have I been lost in the words of a book like this past summer. It was a day in the library when suddenly a book caught my eye called The Pioneer Woman by Ree Drummond. I was fifteen during this time and I have never thought that I will be able to find a love story so sweet and credible. While reading through the pages the words jus caught my eyes more and more: the love story was just so easy to relate, it brought me to lose myself in it. Reading this book made it possible for me to feel that a “love story” does exist.

    While reading the book I got the sense of trust to the author. Her words in the book made it possible for me to relate easily with her love story. Reading this book every summer in the hotness with the sun hitting my face was not a setback for me to keep on reading this book because reading it brought me to another world. A world were a love story did exist and that a happy ending can be achieved just like in the characters story. Her emotions towards the love of her life made it very easy for me to get lost in the words that I read. This “love story” was able to get me wrapped up into it because just like real couples they had problems to overcome, nothing was all perfect. They had their disagreements, arguments, and moments, but this made it possible to feel like a true story. The love story was not a fairytale but a real life one.

  41. Caleb M.

    Caleb M.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English, Period 2

    Reading has always been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. Though I wasn’t the one reading, I remember having stories read to me as a little kid by my mom. This shaped my interest for reading later in life, especially when I read my first book willingly as a kid in 3rd grade, which was “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”. While reading, I began to find similarities between the characters and the people I knew in real life.
    The character that I could relate to the most was probably Harry Potter. He was a misunderstood kid that could never find a way to express himself to other people without being judged or punished. At that time, I felt like I was in a similar situation, with me going to a new elementary school, like he had to attend Hogwarts. I used this story as an outlet to free my mind and immerse myself in a new world, even if it was fictional. Reading Harry’s adventures soon became something that entertained me more than a movie or TV show ever could.
    Reading my first book led to a new understanding of reading. I learned that reading was not only a source of entertainment, but it was something that could be used as an outlet to find personal connections in. Reading has, and will continue to be, something that has shaped my life and opened up new ways of thinking.

  42. Sarai P.

    Sarai P.
    AP English and Compostion
    27 November 2012

    Reading has always been an escape for me, a temporary departure from my shoes, and into someone else’s. I have been lost in many works of writing before, and I consider it to be a mind blowing experience. Reading to me, is something enjoyable, not just a tedious task which I am given. Recently, I came across the book, Pushing the Limits (underline) by Katie McGary. From beginning to end, this book had me craving more and more. I found comfort in the fact that both protagonists, Echo and Noah, faced situations which were none too easy; these characters were life-like and completely relatable to my experience. With every page I turned, and every chapter I demolished, I felt the inexplicable urge to continue forward, and discover the mystery of the protagonists’ shrouded and dark past. I found this book to be so good in fact, that it gave me butterflies whenever an intense scene arised; whether it be a fight, or a mysterious memory. Nevertheless, this book did not leave any room for disappointment, beginning with its characters, and ending with its plotline.

  43. Andrea O

    Andrea O.
    AP English

    I cannot remember the first time that I read a book or the first time I was read to; I do remember that the language in which I first read was in Spanish. I remember disliking reading because none of the books in Spanish captured my interest . I was first exposed to books in English when I read Isla by Arthur Dorros and that was when I began to look for books similar to it. It wasn’t until my sixth grade that I found a book that I was truly engrossed by and that made me want to continue reading. Hana’s Suitcase by Karen Levine truly changed the way I saw my everyday life.
    When a librarian first suggested that I read the book I found that its cover was not that interesting so the book would probably be boring. After reading the back cover I decided it was worth a shot and took the book home. At first the story seemed to be pointless as the little girl, Hana, seemed to have the perfect life but little did I know her life was about to change. As I went on to read about how the Nazis and their policies broke Hana’s family apart and turned her world around I found myself speechless. I was even furthered immersed in the story when I read how Hana celebrated her birthday with a small piece of candy she found on the floor where she was being held while waiting to be deported. It took me less than a day to finish the story but as I sat in my bed I couldn’t help but find myself tearing up. At the end of the book I had learned to never take anything for granted all while sitting comfortably in my bed.
    In the years since I had began reading I never imagined the impact that a book could have on a person and their view of life . Hana’s Suitcase was the first book I found capable of keeping my interest throughout the story all while teaching me a lesson. Not only did it make me analyze the things I value but it also made me truly think about the injustices that have been going on. Afterwards I found myself reading a vast variety of books and with a new interest in politics . Reading that book had an immense impact on who I am as a reader today and the books I read.

  44. Rachael B.

    Rachael B.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11, Per. 2
    26 November 2012

    I have not recently read many books that have captured my attention. The last book I remember that caught my interest for awhile was actually not necessarily one book. It was a portion of a series called “House of Night”. I’ve read only three books of the continuous series, but I found the books within it to be surprisingly captivating. I felt as if I was in the book myself as I imagined everything the main character experienced in a first-hand position as a reader. At last certain books gave me a different aspect on all of them, allowing me to no longer just stereotype though only one experience. You cannot just judge a book by its cover just like the old saying goes.

    As I began reading, my initial reaction was that the book was going to be boring as I thought most books were because they did not contain anything I was interested in. I personally had given up on books because they are usually looked at from a learning perspective and those are not interesting at all.I had started reading with that assumption, but the book proved me wrong. Details began pouring through the words and caught me with its mysterious plot. This was where I was hooked. Books with excellent mystery that leaves one wanting to read more to see how it unravels and action that keeps the story moving forward keeps me from setting that book down. Its way of allowing a person imagine the scene created an ongoing movie in my mind just by reading through pages of plain text. I no longer see all books as being something that is only used to learn from and no longer have to seem boring. They can be as entertaining as a television show especially when you’re the one creating the pictures. Books can end up changing one’s perspective of them all together as this series has done for me.

  45. Elisha Hussain

    Elisha Hussain
    AP English 11
    Ms. Keeble
    November 26, 2012

    Reading has always been my passion for as long as I can remember. There have been numerous books that have intrigued me and others which have left me wondering. Its amazing how you experience being in a different world and changing characters. p The first time that reading caught my eye was in fifth grade when my friend was reading a book called, ” The Outsiders.” I remember she used to always bring in books to read, but I would never pay much attention to them. That day she was talking to me and telling me how interesting and inspirational the book was, and so I decided to take a chance and read it.

    When I read the book I honestly was lost in a world that seemed strange to me. Even though I got confused at times I continued to read. After I finished the book I thought of how reading was such an amazing experience. It was a wonder to me how you could be taken into a strangers life within a few minutes of reading. It was one of the most amazing things that I had discovered.

    From that day forward I read anything that I could get my hands on. For me reading was like and still is a magical place where you can experience the events of others lives. Nowadays many kids believe that reading is a boring task that teachers or parents push them to do, but its not like that at all. It honestly takes the will of someone to do something. If I hadn’t gotten the inspiration from my friend to read that book then maybe I would’ve been like many kids today.

    Being captured inside a book is one of the most adventurous and fascinating things a person can experience. It might not be for everyone, but reading does impact people in a positive way. It’s really an amazing experience and hopefully people get to experience the things that I do when I get captured in a book

  46. Johan Ocegueda

    Johan Ocegueda
    AP English
    Ms. Keeble
    26 November 2012
    Befor learning to read, you have to lern to understand. Anyone is able to read a paragraph, but te goal is to understand every word in that paragraph. For example, two years ago I had to read a book for one of my classes. it was called “Rain of Gold”. I have never been the type to read a whole book. But this has been the only exception.
    Word per word I went on day by day. It was three hundred page book. I never even finished one of those seventy page books. But this book i actually understood. Reading it was not a problem to me because I actually was understanding what was going on and I wanted to know what was going to happen. One by one i red all three hundred of those pages. The only reason I did was because I understood the book. For once I was not reading the words outloud when inside im thinking about what I am going to do after reading. I was concentrated on my reading, and I will give it to that book. It has been one of the best if not the best book I have ever read.

  47. Adiam H

    Adiam Habtay
    Period 5

    I did not usually enjoy reading for pleasure.But when I was 15 I was completely wrapped in a memoir called A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown. It was a strange, heart-wrenching, and an interesting tale of a woman named Cupcake. She went in depth and described her journey to peace and freedom. Brown overcame the death of a parent, childhood abuse,drug addiction, miscarriage, alcoholism, hustling, gangbanging, near-death injuries, drug dealing, and prostitution.It was inspiring that she overcame all those obstacles in her life. I questioned myself…why am I so into this book?She was able to let my mind marinate in her words. Flipping through each page, her pain grasped my heart.I felt a connection with brown through her words.

  48. Jashleen Singh

    Jashleen Singh
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11, Per 2

    Not many books seem to catch my attention, and I get bored with reading very easily. However, The House of Night novels became so easy to fall in love with. As I read these books, I felt as if nothing else existed, and that I was living in the story along with all of its characters. Daily tasks and everything I was accustomed to do became forgotten. Never in my life have I experienced a time where reality didn’t exist and my life revolved around fiction. I found the characters, the conflicts, the drama, the relationships, everything to be so intriguing and I became vulnerable, drowning in its chapters.

    I felt that if I compared these novels to others that I have read, these had much more depth. They were suspenseful, which led to my mind racing if I wasn’t reading the book. I was able to relate to the characters and conflicts even though this story wasn’t anything close to my life. There was never a dull moment that occured, and the only time I felt unsatisfied was when I wasn’t able to get the sequel the exact second I wanted to. I have honestly never felt so attatched to a novel, and I can truly say that these books had me weak in my knees from the first page, to the last.

  49. Jessica A

    Jessica A.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP Lang. and Composition, Per 5.
    26 November 2012
    The first time I felt truly captivated by a book happened in seventh grade. I remember hearing my peers speaking about a new series titled Twilight. The following day, I was walking through Costco and decided to purchase the first book of the series to see what the hype was all about. While reading, the book sparked my senses and enabled me to use my imagination. The most wonderful part about the entire experience was lying in my bed, in the comfort of my home, enjoying a well-written book while a story was being played out in my mind. I felt as if I lived on a different planet during a different time.
    When a novel has the ability to generate images in your mind, you know it’s a satisfying read. The most memorable part of the series for me was when Bella first met Edward in the classroom. As I read, the scene began to develop within my mind with Edward’s menacing stare in his hazel colored eyes, and Bella’s response to his prolonged glance. I felt as if the creature that consumed Edward was alive in my room, for I had felt what Bella described- he was staring her down and keeping his distance as if something was wrong with Bella’s physical appearance and hygiene. I imagined a young shy girl, uneasy in her own skin, let alone with her surroundings, become even more distanced from this new place due to the awkward glance from Edward. I began to see her facial expressions (scared, shy, lonely) as if they were on my own face. Reading enables you to see things that reality doesn’t expose.

  50. Rebekah Novak

    Rebekah Novak
    Ms. Keeble
    A.P. English
    26 November 2011

    Growing up, reading books was not as encouraged as watching television or making friends and playing outside. Although my grandfather would read children’s’ books to my sister and I, it never occurred to me that this activity would one day become of an importance. My sister, on the other hand, took a different approach on reading than I did. She constantly spent her summer’s reading books and staying at libraries all day while i socialized with fellow peers.

    Rachel’s love for reading and my love for socializing soon became an apparent scene in the classroom. Rachel was able to comprehend mathematical, literacy, and historical material better than I could. I would easily become distracted with the noises people would make around me and my ear was always more attentive than my brain and eyes. It became extremely hard for me to grasp and comprehend concepts fast and in the times I did read, my attention span did not last very long.

    As I look back, I see the many positive outcomes of reading at a young age. In an early childhood, forcing yourself to read and not focus on the inferior noises happening around you is a superb practice. The ability to understand material the first time it is given to you is such an advantage and in my opinion, a privilege. I long for the vocabulary my sister consumed at a young age and I desire a second opportunity to have started reading at a young age. However, even though Rachel’s academic skills are on par with her placement in school, she lack’s the social skills she never acquired at a young age, while those are the ones i did. these characteristics may not be of complete importance, it is most definitely a quality looked upon in most professional settings, the ability to converse.

    From my life, being able to see the effects of reading and not reading throughout your childhood and, I most certainly value books by the bucket-loads. I have promised myself that my future husband and I would read to our children every night, soon to have them start reading to us, then for them to start reading on their own. Even if they never are able to reflect upon their mother and fathers actions, I will always have a sense of pride in myself for knowing that I did do something right in raising my children.

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