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Digital Nation

Due Wednesday am–for all periods.

We live in a time that demands we incorporate and rely upon technology more than ever. After reading “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” and watching the film, Digital Nation, take a position that argues for or against increasing the current amount of technology in our lives. Consider Toni Morrison’s essay, “The Dancing Mind” as you contemplate a well-developed response. Please write between 2-3 developed and proofread paragraphs. Your paragraphs should be logical, thoughtful and supported by relevant evidence.

Before submitting your response, copy your work (so you do not lose it) and proofread for sentence boundaries, subject verb agreement, active voice, appropriate verb tenses, and needless verbiage. You have entered the period of more critical writing and grading. Be careful! You will be scored on a 0-9 AP rubric score. Use this link to see AP scoring guide: then click the last link, 9-Point AP Scoring Guide.

This is a short argument–just to get your feet wet.

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  1. lizeth jacinto

    Lizeth Jacinto
    AP. English
    today we are learning that we have become depended on the technology. The technology has become of an every day thing instead of using it when we need to . Ourselves are taking more advantage of what we are suppose to. People don’t value the simple things because they are using the more and more technology. people are not being aware of what this technology is doing to them.
    I’m for technology because i think and believe that it has help my generation . Also because it a very resourceful thing because it helps a lot during school. I think their is a limit to everything and that is why people should learn that when their using technology they should use it with responsibility. Or it might become into addiction like it happen to the women in “Facebook is making us lonely” . people like her take too much advantage of the technology and make it their addiction.

  2. Natasha R.

    Natasha R.
    Ap English
    6 November 2012

    After reading the article, it actually opened my eyes about how technology has taken us from reality.Also the Digital Nation mentioned somethings that I connected with ,like how someone will do some homework and then go on the internet . I do that often becuase I’l l get distracted with the extra window that is open. Another inccident I related to was when in, ” Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” they mentioned the famous scene in the movie Social Network, that Zuckerburg waited for an acceptance to be a friend on Facebook. This is what I do as well, I’ll go back and forth with tasks to see when a peroson wil respond or what not.

    What I am noticing in today’s society is that everybody is connected,even small children. For example, my brother is in the fourth grade he was using Ipads. Kids are being taken away from old play time fun of playing kitchen and basketball. Though,for some adults who grew up when video games and cd players came out, to them it isn’t a big change since they grew up with the evolving devices.Yes,I do feel that technology is over running our world , though I say that there are some benifits to them, such as giving disabled people the ability to walk again and to cure sicknesses. Overall, I do think that people should get out more and leave the electronics at home to prevent an antisocial society.

  3. Niauni Hill

    Niauni Hill
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English, Period 1
    07 November 2012

    Increasing technology is a thoughtful suggestion. Increasing technology not only furthers thinking, but it also increases experiments. You ask, “Why increase technology if people’s minds are not processing everyday thoughts?” And you also ask, “What can new technology do for us as a society?”

    In Digital Nation it was said that electronics have a great impact on our brain. How do we know if the impact is positive or negative? That result comes from how you use technology and the amount of time you use then for. It was also said that using computers, etc shrinks your ability to think correctly, because it is an addiction. New technology being invented can increase addiction only if using it isn’t under control. Increasing technology can do a positive thing. It can trigger you to use your brain in different aspects. I am all for technology.

    • Is the passive voice appropriate for this response? Your beginning is intriguing and I enjoyed it as a close reader, but what if I were reading this very quickly? Your thesis is hidden in the second paragraph. For the sake of writing an essay for an audience member who might be pressed for time, make it plain. State your thesis clearly in the first paragraph. When writing for pleasure or under less pressure, place your thesis whereever you please.

      For the AP and SAT exams, just get to it. Well done. Creative. 6

  4. Rachel N.

    Rachel N.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English Language & Composition
    7 November 2012

    From watching the film “Digital Nation” and reading the essay “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” increasing the current amount of technology our lives can be used for the good if used in moderation. According to the film, “Digital Nation,” it illustrated how we lost our memories when language and writing was invented. Now with technology, something will be lost whether it’s the wonderful connection you get when talking to someone else, or loosing the memory of being able to write something down. The world has to evolve, advance and create new things. As long as our abilities don’t go completely extinct, what is wrong with learning something new? Technology has created for us methods to communicate in ways we would have never even imagined decades ago. In the East Bronx of New York, technology has increased student’s math and reading skills dramatically compared to before when the student’s possessed no technology. Technology is the future of our universe. Using it, put’s you ahead of the game and helps you navigate our world with more speed than the average person. For our advances a nation to be successful, we cannot abuse the blessings we have.
    In Korea, the technological revolution has taken a hit for the worst. In almost every street corner there are facilities that house numerous computers that people can use to play for hours on end. It has been reported that some people who have been on those computers for fifty hours or more in one day have died. Dr. Gary Small of UCLA has found that too much screen time has turned into a serious addiction. These people have used the new advancements of technology and created it into something they mentally need to live on. Using technology or anything else like that is certainly unhealthy and will have huge consequences. As long as you use technology with certain boundaries so you don’t depend on it overall to survive emotionally and physically, than this revolution can be a positive step forward to the advancement of America.

  5. Yarelli Lopez

    Yarelli Lopez
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English Language and Composition
    7 November 2012

    Digital Nation

    Technology has become a great part of today’s society and unfortunately there is no step back. It has gained a great amount of users that use it at all time even when it is not needed. In my personal opinion, I believe that the amount of time we spend using technology should be cut up in huge chunks because we are no longer able to think by ourselves. For example, the internet lets us access information that keeps us away from books and from finding what we need by ourselves. Google gives us the ability to question everything and in return get tons of answers but since when has this also become a “part of our mind”. It seems as if perhaps other sources are beginning to extinct even to the point where we no longer think for ourselves.

    People should begin to wonder if technology is a necessity or just something we find ourselves addicted to. We spend so much time using it that we no longer know if it’s healthy for our minds or not. We don’t see the awful side to it. Younger generations are the ones being affected by the over-use of technology. The reason is that they are growing up in a world where having to read a huge pile of books is no longer need it, since we have the internet. And having to write in pen or pencil is no longer need it either because we have technology that even corrects our spelling errors, etc. Technology has taken away the ability of us as humans who have brilliant minds to do things that don’t involve it. This is why I strongly dispute that technology should just be used when needed and not more than we already do; otherwise, we should not let it take over-control of us and our lives.

    • Wow! You thought this one through and I can tell you paid close attention to the sources. Good job. Some word choice and spelling issues–stay in active voice! But wow, look at that perfect punctuation. Great example, Yarelli! 7 (spelling and word choice)

  6. Harrison Nguyen

    Harrison Nguyen
    Ms. Keeble
    APENG 5th period

    After watching the film Digital Nation, I think technology should NOT be increased. I did not know that technology was that depended on in this world that even kids younger than middle schoolers are forced to used laptops at school. Younger kids using technology that much is not good in my opinion. Being glued to a screen starting at a young age isn’t good even if a school enforces that. Kids should be able to go out and play. They’re not always going to be little kids so we should let them enjoy it. Making kids learn about technology is good becaue they would need it in the future but that doesn’t mean that they should
    I also think its bad because I’ve seen some people become forgetful and clumsy after being on the computer for awhile. I think that after being glued too much that you start just losing track of the real world. Being stuck to a screen all-day can also have a big impact on your eyesight, making your eyesight really bad. You can be very slow and not quick as you were if to start spending a lot of time on the computer all day.

  7. Kiana Ledda

    Kiana Ledda
    AP English, Per. 5
    7, November 2012

    The internet has become very useful and entertaining resource world wide. Whether it’s homework, business, or to simply check facebook, the internet has become an “everyday” tool in many people’s lives. After reading, “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely” and watching “Digital Nation”, I have questioned myself if I, personally, use the internet too excessively in my daily routine. The two sources of information are very controversial, so I will thoroughly explain why I agree AND disagree with their arguments.
    After pondering the thought of the use of the internet, I have come to the conclusion that the article and video were moderately accurate. I think that the video, “Digital Nation” has a more precise connection toawrds many students. As I am writing up this response, I am also currently connected to YouTube, Facebook, and Tumblr. It is true that many students try to to multitask during their homework sessions, because they are incapable of processing one linear thought. As for the article about Facebook, I think that some people do get too attatched to that website. Because of Facebook and other similar websites, people have now become incapable of holding a conversation in person. I think that lack of “friends” to communicate with through the web is what makes people feel lonely. These two articles made me realize how distracting yet addicting the internet can be.
    The first paragraph referred to why I agree with the two sources of information, but there are some key points I would like to highlight that I don’t think are necessarily true. For instance, a speaker on “Digital Nation” asserted that the internet is air to young people. That is a false accusation because I believe that young people are capable to survive without the use of the internet. In reference towards the article about Facebook, I think that the writer was a overexaggerating a bit because Facebook is only a social network. People shouldn’t have the need to feel alone! Facebook may be addicting since it is a popular social networking device, but it is also a sufficient way communicate with others. Also, the internet is a tool that many students will need in order to obtain certain jobs.
    Technology is booming world wide, so students must learn how to function the internet. The two articles were correct in some ways, but were also very false in many other ways. The internet is used almost everywhere for many reasons, and it’s going to be around for a long time. I believe that people need to accept the fact that technology is getting more advanced, and should get on board with the many uses of the interenet. The use of the internet is only addicting if they make it addicting.

  8. Dominique

    AP English 11
    Per 2

    After watching videos and reading blogs and articules about how much technology there really is all around us, my opinion is against the increasing amount of technology in our lives. I have many reasons for my opinion, but I will only share a few that I think are the most critical and influential on this topic. I believe that technology has taken over our lives for the worst, and it literally controls us. Technology has ruined the human race. I personally think that it has hypnotized, very dependent, and has overall made us less intelligent. A lot of people would disagree with my statement, but I am one of the few people who stop and think of how this life-changing inventition has shaped us into who we are today; robots.

    As we all know, mostly everyone has at least one social network, and a majority of these people check it on a daily basis. They check their notifications and updates lying in bed, in the bathroom, in class, walking home, at the dinner table, anywhere you can think. People are constantly on their phones, it is attached to their hands. We also use our phones to text, to call, play games, anything and everything it was made to do. But, a question we never stop to ask ourselves is, “Why are we on these devices so much?” Do we hope to make a connection with our friends? Or are we even communicating when we are on these sites? The article “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? and movie “Digital Nation” really made me question myself, for I am one of the majority of people who is constantly on social sites. The answers I came to conclusion were pretty depressing, for I did not truly know or could answer myself, but the article did for me.

    Another reason I do not believe that we should increase the amount of technology in our lives is because we have way too much already. 80 percent of the way a majority of people communicate and make plans is through technological devices. We are way too dependent on our phones and computers, they seem to have the answer to everything. We also go on these sites and devices when we feel lonely or have nothing else to do, as the “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” article pointed out. We waste so much of our time staring at a three screen, and not making connections with others face to face. It is insane of how we have quickly adapted to this lifestyle. Increasing the amount of technology would only make matters worse, and maybe at one point in time, we will completely lose our communication skills and technology will be the only way of keeping up with the outside world.

    • redundancy,”my opinion is against”–thoughtful, well-supported positions. Numbers that begin sentences must be written out, increasingly mature tone, proofread for wordiness. 6

  9. Kiala A.

    Kiala Aranas
    AP English 11, 5th
    6 November 2012

    Increasing the current amount of technology in our lives would be a pivotal point for the entire future, meaning that this could either make or break us. Technology is indeed useful in so many ways, but has since been exploited and has strayed away from its original purpose– to make tasks easier for humans to perform. Although the specific area of discussion concerns the digital aspect, technology isn’t solely as complex as computers and phones; technology is also as simple as a screwdriver screwing in nails.
    In terms of current digital technology, we have become so dependent on technology to serve us that if technology fails, we fail. That is because we rely on technology to do for us, to even breathe for us. The advantages of technology allow us to continually progress, although sometimes progression can eventually transform into digression if we aren’t ready to move forward. The advantages of not having as much accessibility to vital information, which almost poses the question: how did we do this before? On top of that, technology is ultimately a distraction unless it is used correctly. So, to an extent, technology is more of a distraction than a help to complete tasks.
    On a more personal note, I have learned that technology (like texting, chatting, etc.) isn’t the best way to communicate unless it is informative; otherwise, the text is subject to interpretation. With that being said, unless we learn to use technology in the most effective, and productive way (as it was intended), we should not add more than we already can’t handle.

  10. Jhoann B.

    Jhoann B.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11 Period 2
    6 November 2012

    People in society have always depended on technology. Although society’s increasing reliance on technology has its harms, it is impossible for people to maintain the progression of the community without cooperating with technology. In the film, Digital Nation, college students convey that technology promotes instant access to a plethora of information, facilitated connection to other people, and increased productivity in their everyday lives. Also, Hayward High School uses technological advancements, like the Elmo and Smart Boards, as teaching aids to support students’ academic improvement. However, even though technology benefits society in numerous ways, it still has its negative effects on society.

    A multitude of people have increasingly become mired in the cyber world as a result of the perpetual development and growth of technology. Digital Nation not only reveals the benefits of technology, but it also exhibits the damages it inflicts on society. Society has become so immersed in technology that people haven’t been focusing on personal development. The couples who found each other through gaming, for example, didn’t get to know each other through personal interaction. Furthermore, people nowadays don’t know how to deal with real people, as explained in “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” In essence, there needs to be a balance between society’s use of technology and individuals’ independence from the cyber world.

    • Wonderful opening. Tense shift in sentence 2. Mature diction and phrasing. Well done. I am excited to read your full essay. 8

  11. Johanna G.

    Johanna G.
    AP English, Per. 2
    6 November, 2012

    After I read the article, “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” and watched the film, Digital Nation, I believe that we should reduce the current amount of technology that we have in our lives today. Both these sources formed my opinion because they made me realize that our society uses too much technology to an extent where they are dependent on it. Although, I do also believe that it is necessary for our generation and also for our society to use technology because we are already so used to it. People today rely on technology for several reasons, but I think that they mostly use it because they are afraid of the silence.
    For instance, in the film, Digital Nation, college students were seen with all sorts of technology. They used their cell phones, computers, and laptops so often that they wouldn’t pay attention in class or even to their friends. Another example in the film was when schools gave students their own laptops to use during class. The principal and other authorities contemplated on whether or not to let students use laptops in school because they were afraid that the students wouldn’t focus on the lesson or to their teacher. However, they argued that because today’s generation is dependent on technology, then the students would have a better way of learning.
    Besides using technology for school, I think that everyone uses it so that they could be busy with something—anything. For example, in the essay, “The Dancing Mind”, by Toni Morrison, she talks about an anecdote where a college student is afraid to be alone with his own mind, but he learned to do so anyway. Like the college students and the families in Digital Film, I believe that a lot of people are afraid of the silence. They are scared to just sit down, alone, and simply do nothing because they are so familiar with being busy.

    • redundancy–look at first two sentences–“so they can” paragraph 3 instead of so they “could,”–commas inside all quotation marks. Morrison shares “an anecdote”–“no talks about.” Proofread, for minor errors in spelling. Awesome integration and reliance upon sources. Active voice needed desperately. 5

  12. Andrea O

    Andrea O.
    AP English
    Per. 2
    Technology In Our Lives
    Over the past few years the world has seen many an increase in the use of technology and has led to the birth of technological necessity. New devices, programs ,and resources have become available to those who have access to technology and are knowledgeable in the are area have made some of their lives easier . In the United States alone the role that social networks play has become critical but just as an article , “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” and the movie “Digital Nation” have suggested, there might be a negative effect to our dependency in technology. I agree with their argument to a certain extent but I also disagree with it.
    I agree with their argument because as many studies have shown , young people nowadays spend more time indoors and on social networks than they do outdoors. I also agree with the argument presented in both the article and film because I have seen how my younger brothers are more increasingly interested in the apps found in iPods or in computer games rather than being interested in books. I disagree because I feel like technology has become a necessity as it fulfils the need of those who need to communicate with people in other cities or even across the world . Evidence I have seen has been my family’s personal experiences as we tend to use technology to keep in touch with family who is still in our native country. I also agree that there should be an increase in the use of technology because countries around us continue to race ahead with respect to technology and innovation. If we don’t keep up with other countries then it is likely that we will be left behind and have lower chances in the workforce . Evidence of this is that today , China leads the world in technology and as a result is producing individuals who are coming to the United States and into the colleges as shown in results released by colleges. As a result of this increase there has been a smaller amount of students who are actually prepared with these foreign students in the end. All in all, this is why I agree and disagree with the increase of technology.
    While there are others who feel strongly about the increase or decrease of the use technology; it should be considered that technology has played a key role in the development of how our society has evolved. It should also be considered that it is difficult for something of that magnitude to be entirely positive or negative. Due to the given circumstances and my personal experiences I cannot take a position in this argument but rather a partial position. The increase in the use of technology does fulfill some of today’s necessities but it also sets our society back as it changes the way people interact.

    • para 1, “many an increase”–an increase–see me to revise.

  13. Ryan C.

    Ryan Chu
    Ms. Keeble
    Ap English
    Period 1

    Technology is moving fast and there are more improvements on technology every day. These technologies are very helpful to us for these technologies are our greatest tool. The most popular technology is the internet, which is connected to multiple technologies. These technologies help us connect and interact with each other, they help us learn, and help us get updated with the world around us. However, I disagree with the increase of technologies in our lives.

    More technology in our lives will be beneficial to us humans, but the conscuences will be more severe. There are already deaths related to technology in other countries. These other countries have people on technologies like the computer, and some people have died because of over usage. South Korea is one of the hot spots of technology over usage. Most of these over users are teens, playing video games on computers in places called, computer hotspots. Most of these teens have been addicted to the computer and they can’t get off. We on the other hand are not that addicted, but still, we use these technologies the most. So more of it will lead to more problems, for people do not know how to use these technologies responsibly and know how to control themselves.

    The more the technologies, the more beneficial to humanity, but there is more than meets the eye. Being more beneficial is good, but most people still can’t control themselves and use it responsibly. This leads to over usage which is not beneficial. More technology is probably a good idea, but actually a little less is better.

  14. valeria

    5th period,
    In the video, their was a Korean child that was sent to a camp that would help him get away from the internet. the child said that he would want to drop out of the camp and go back to his video game. this reminds me of my ten year old brother because he recently bought an IPad and has now affected his eye vision because of how much time he spends starring at the screen. i talked to my parents in letting him only play his IPad when he was done with his chores. it worked and now i have seen resultas as my little brother finishing his homework really soon just so he can play his game. it worries me still because i feel that is all he thinks about just like the korean kid.

    multi tasking is unhealthy and usually brough by the internet in our phones and the computer. it is also brought up by the television because of all it can bring to us. I have to be honest, i am recently watching the election and listening to music while i type. i know it is wrong but a habit is hard to get rid of. college students dont think it is unhealthy and they think it is effective. after watching that video i know i need to work on my study habits.

  15. Oscar G.

    Oscar G.
    Period 1
    November 6, 2012
    Although times are becoming more and more involved with technology in so many ways, good and bad. The use of technology relies on every individual that uses the technology. In the end I believe that the use of technology should increase more than what it is now. Going on more specifically I mean educationally wise. Rather than having technology used for something evil like violence. If we would use technology for education, students can learn their way, wether that be watching videos, listening to audio, or even reading an article.
    Now education is not the only way technology can be used for good. Society can and should use it in medicine to ensure even more people’s lives. If we go down the correct path, soon we will find a cure for cancer. Medicine is something that has improved perhaps as fast as technology or even faster. Such as before we could not tell how a baby looked like until birth or the mother was split open. Today doctors can tell and show you what a baby looks like with sonographs. Finally the more involvement with technology we have can have many effects on us. But those effects can be changed by the ways we use technology.

  16. Merritt W.

    Merritt Walker
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 2
    6 November 2012

    In class, we watched the film Digital Nation and we read the essay “Is Facebook making us lonely?” Both the movie and essay talked about whether or not the Internet is good for us. I am against increasing the current amount of technology in our lives. I think that the usage of technology is lowering our social skills and is making us more involved into ourselves.
    I think that as a society people are becoming clueless and less involved. “she lay dead for the better part of a year before a neighbor and fellow actress, a woman named Susan Savage, noticed cobwebs and yellowing letters in her mailbox” People didn’t even notice that this woman was dead. She lived in isolation, and no one even bothered to check up on her. Back in the past people, and neighbors were very close hence the term “nosy neighbor”. People knew other people; but because of technology people would rather play on that new Xbox game, or retweet something on Twitter. I actually had a friend who said “I can’t wait to go home and play my new video game”. What happened to people talking to each other on the phone or talking to each other in person? By playing with videogames or by playing on the computer like the Warcraft game, people aren’t connecting with each other. People are only building relationships on the Internet, but those aren’t real relationships. Sure technology is creating us to learn new things, and create new things, even though these things are good, I still believe the outcome for new technology isn’t so good.
    As a society we rely on the Internet way too much. If our computer crashes we lose everything we just worked on, or if we lose our phones, all of our contacts and resources of information is gone. I believe it may also dumb people down because we don’t really have to learn anymore. For example, one boy in the film Digital Nation said that instead of reading books he read Sparks Notes; because of sites like this one, people aren’t picking up books and reading them, they are taking the easy way out. When people didn’t have cellphones people had to memorize each other’s numbers, now we just look at the contact on our phone and just text or call that person. We are losing our skills to memorize things. Technology is causing us to take shortcuts and take the easy way out of things. That is why I am against increasing technology.

  17. Amacalli Duran

    Amacalli Duran
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English
    8 November 2012

    Advancements in technology are believed to be the achievements and progress of the human race; however, these advancements carry more negative consequences than positive. Technology has led to the ignorance, laziness, and conformity of the human race.

    With internet browsers such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, humanity believes their intelligence is increasing with the amount of information available. Although this statement seems logical, it is in fact false. Due to technology, the common sense and knowledge of The People has lowered. Humanity relies upon technology to supply them with information. The effect of their dependency is their increasing illiteracy. People are now incapable of reading novels, but why should they? With the click of a button any novel can be summarized and annotated. As well, thanks to internet browsers, people can no longer read maps. But again, why should they? With the click of a button, precise directions can be placed on the screen with a “voice” to guide them. At last, thanks to technology, people no longer know how to write formal letters. Instead, thanks to email and other social networks, letters seem ancient. Even though technology is a very useful tool, it has deprived humanity with the capability of accomplishing simple tasks.

    Technology is the leading cause of the lack of physical activity in The People. Before technology such as televisions, computers, and game consoles became attainable, people used to indulge in physical activity as entertainment. Physical activity included a game of soccer, baseball, or football, dancing, or even games such as tag. These activities were once considered fun and entertaining, yet now they are seen as unnecessary. People have found much more comfort in watching T.V or playing video games. Korea has established the addiction of video games is present in their country and is affecting many young adults and teenagers. Individuals in Korea play video games for over ten hours a day and have quit their job or school to continue with their addiction. This “addiction” is not only present in Korea, but everywhere in the world. Children are refusing to play outside and instead believe playing Fifa or killing zombies will contribute to their daily exercise.

    Technology has not allowed humanity to be original individuals. Social media has fermented the image of the “perfect” female and male inside minds. Women fluster with their make-up, hair, body, and clothes to appear similar as the image they see on T.V. or the internet. As well, males infatuate themselves with their muscles, hair, and clothing to best imitate the images they see. Television and computers advertise beauty products and tools to constantly point out the flaws of The People. Technology promoted to humanity that there is such a thing as perfection and that it can be achieved. Thanks to technology, humanity entered a period of self-loathing and envy.

    • I am going to give you a grade for this wonderful response once you revise it for active voice! Let me know when you get it done.

  18. David D.

    David Delgado
    Ms. Keeble
    Period 2
    06 November 2012

    1. I am personally against the idea of increasing the current amount of technology in our lives. The reason why is because we are already too dependent on technology already. For example al lot of people today rely on emailing each other messages and expect them to receive the message and respond back. Also technology distracts us from doing things we are supposed to do. With students this is a big problem because social networking sites, and video games distract us from our studies and from our work; as said in the video Digital Nation. Some people say we become dumber but that’s not true; the truth is we don’t focus completely on the task at hand. Some of us try to multi-tasking but according to the video Digital Nation it is impossible, and if we try to do more than one thing at a time the result is we are just horrible at it.

    2. Another point I would like to point out is technology is making us lonely. The reason I know how is because I have experienced this myself. Before school had started I was sent on a wilderness trip that had me isolated from technology for three weeks. During those three weeks I socialized and bonded with my fellow peers really quickly. When I came back home I realized that I started to get back on Facebook and not talk to people that much again. Also in the article Is Facebook Making Us Lonely it talks about a woman who died to to being so lonely. She was found in her house dead and her computer was still logged into a social networking site. The investigators checked her computer and realized that she had isolated herself from everyone and stayed on the social networking site talking to people. In conclusion I’m against the idea of increasing the current amount of technology.

  19. Amacalli Duran

    Amacalli Duran
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English
    8 November 2012

    Advancements in technology are believed to be the achievements and progress of the human race; however, these advancements carry more negative consequences than positive. Technology has led to the ignorance, laziness, and conformity of the human race.
    With internet browsers such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, humanity believes their intelligence is increasing with the amount of information available. Although this statement seems logical, it is in fact false. Due to technology, the common sense and knowledge of The People has lowered. Humanity relies upon technology to supply them with information. The effect of their dependency is their increasing illiteracy. People are now incapable of reading novels, but why should they? With the click of a button any novel can be summarized and annotated. As well, thanks to internet browsers, people can no longer read maps. But again, why should they? With the click of a button, precise directions can be placed on the screen with a “voice” to guide them. At last, thanks to technology, people no longer know how to write formal letters. Instead, thanks to email and other social networks, letters seem ancient. Even though technology is a very useful tool, it has deprived humanity with the capability of accomplishing simple tasks.
    Technology is the leading cause of the lack of physical activity in The People. Before technology such as televisions, computers, and game consoles became attainable, people used to indulge in physical activity as entertainment. Physical activity included a game of soccer, baseball, or football, dancing, or even games such as tag. These activities were once considered fun and entertaining, yet now they are seen as unnecessary. People have found much more comfort in watching T.V or playing video games. Korea has established the addiction of video games is present in their country and is affecting many young adults and teenagers. Individuals in Korea play video games for over ten hours a day and have quit their job or school to continue with their addiction. This “addiction” is not only present in Korea, but everywhere in the world. Children are refusing to play outside and instead believe playing Fifa or killing zombies will contribute to their daily exercise.
    Technology has not allowed humanity to be original individuals. Social media has fermented the image of the “perfect” female and male inside minds. Women fluster with their make-up, hair, body, and clothes to appear similar as the image they see on T.V. or the internet. As well, males infatuate themselves with their muscles, hair, and clothing to best imitate the images they see. Television and computers advertise beauty products and tools to constantly point out the flaws of The People. Technology promoted to humanity that there is such a thing as perfection and that it can be achieved. Thanks to technology, humanity entered a period of self-loathing and envy.

  20. Abraham N.

    Abraham N.
    Period 5
    AP English 11
    6 November 2012

    After reading the article, “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” and watching the film, Digital Nation. I have came to the conclusion that electronics may have more harm done to your psyche then good. Some reasons why I believe that is because the internet can make your attention span lower, makes people feel lonely without it, and finally, the internet can make you socially awkward.
    My first reason the internet does a lot of harm is that it makes your attention span lower. According to a New York Times article, many scientists say that “people’s ability to focus is being undermined by bursts of information”. I believe this because I have friends that use the internet all the time and they cannot focus on something longer than seven minutes. I believe that is mind blowing and should not happen.
    My second reason, is that people feel lonely without their phones, or the internet for a long period of time. As it was said in the article, “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” according to a UCLA loneliness scale, a lot of Americans are considered depressed, and lonely. Depression has also increased around the same time the internet boomed.
    My third and final reason, the internet can make you socially awkward. I remember a study that was on the ten o’clock news that stated, “people are having trouble with communicating in person, due to excessive usage of the internet.” I find this to be true because from my experiences with people who play video games, or use the internet a lot, they usually speak in slang or use words in a wrong way.
    After reading articles and watching a movie, I can provide plenty of evidence to show why I believe that the internet can corrupt your psyche.

  21. Maria F.

    Maria F.
    period 2

    Technology has taken over the world. With advanced gadgets that allows one to do what is needed at the touch of a button. Technology has different impacts in many different ways and most depend on what it is used for.

    Technology does have its positive and negative reasonings. For example if one needs to search an important fact or a question, they can just on the internet and most likely will they find what they were looking for. Altough it can be a helpful source, some people do take too much advantage in it which makes technology seem bad. Some people wake up on the computer, they live everyday taken up by being online on social networks. Technology is what gives the world information even though its so far.

    In conclusion i’d have to say that i think technology has both positive and negative effects. Without the internet, we wouldnt have most of our questions answered. Altough sometimes it can cause distractions for people. Overall, i’d say that having technology is important and that there is always an effect in everything, nothing is perfect.

  22. Adiam H

    Adiam Habtay
    Period 5
    November 6,2012

    Our world must learn to embrace technology without allowing it to negatively impact our lives. Although technology helps us evolve to better people most youth abuses their privileges. And spend approximately fifty hours a week using media data,which is equivalent to a work week. It has a negative influence on us, because it separates individuals from reality.The iPod is one example; by listening to music in public, you are disconnecting yourself from the real world. Therefore, I am against increasing the current amount of technology in our lives.

    As shown in the film “Digital Nation” and article “Is Facebook making us Lonely”. Technology can potentially damage people if used inappropriately. You are suppose to limit yourself daily when using the web.MIT students proved that in classrooms technology can,take away valuable learning time, it can be overused, and it can also turn educational experiences into games for students.If people already abuses the current amount of technology in our lives.Why should we increase the usage of it?

  23. Elvia Lopez

    Elvia L.
    AP English 11
    6 November 2012
    5 Period

    Living in a life where technology is depended on will not help society in any way. This will take away many peoples time and continually hurt our future. Technology is an important part in our daily lives and we use it for most things such as communication, looking at the news, weather, social networks etc. All of these things kill our time and when we least realize, our entire day has passed by and nothing has been done. Although technology is needed in our lives, it is also something we should prevent from using most of the time because after it becomes an addiction it will never leave our daily routines.

    Many things would be different in our lives if technology was increased, therefore I think it should be. Although it helps us in many different ways, I believe that it is not something necessary. We rely on technology so much, but don’t se the reality of it affecting us even more. Although it helps us throughout many things such as education, businesses, stores etc. we do not realize the damage it is causing. While some students are getting their education, they do not pay much attention in class or the lecture because they are on their phones. Even children under 10 years of age who are already walking around with electronics in their hands. I believe that there should be an age limit because if the start to have those things since little kids, when they grow up they are going to want bigger things that will cause damage in their lives. Technology should not be increased for these and many more reasons and it should decrease. If it decreases it wont hurt anybody, just how we all got used to having technology around it, we can get used to leaving it aside for the best of us.

  24. Thomas T

    Thomas T
    Period 1

    Technology is everywhere and always evolving. From payphones to smartphones, TV to the computer, there is always some sort of technology we are using almost all the time. What makes technology so popular? Do we really need to use technology in our everyday lives? The answer is not an easy one. Some say its redundant while others say there isn’t enough of it. In today’s world, technology has become part of our identities and is how we connect with the world around us. How do people certainly know when there is too much technology?

    Since the creation of technology, people thought of it as nothing special; a tool that caught everyone’s interests but wouldn’t consume people. Those people were wrong. You use technology every day at almost every moment of your life. Is it as addictive as a drug? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. are the majority of websites people use today as a form to connect to society today. People are always doing something on the internet and it’s a powerful substance. Technology is endangering the health of people every day because we attempt to incorporate technology to become part of our lives.

    Even as you are reading this, you are using technology. Technology is new and innovative, but we as people don’t know when using too much technology becomes bad. Sometimes people will tell you that they didn’t check the time because they were on the computer. Some will not move at a green light in a car until honked at or they finish the ever so important text message. Those people don’t know how to control how much technology they use. We are always learning how to deal with the expansion of technology, but we don’t know how to control technology to an even level. We can’t control how much technology we use and are irresponsible when using technology. Technology is not bad, but having it become a “necessity” is when technology becomes bad.

  25. Alexis L.

    Alexis L.
    AP English
    I believe that technology is both bad and good for younger people. On one hand, it’s addicting to adolescents, but, on the other, it also helps children learn computer etiquette. Children in Korea take computer classes about the same time that they”re learning how to read. Most adults agree that today”s technology is addicting the youth; even some adolescents agree. I somewhat agree that it is addicting, but at the same time i believe that with moderation it isn’t. Adults may not like to use technology such as computers or smart phones, but that’s because those things probably didn’t even exist at that time.
    Unlike today, that almost everything we humans associate with has to do with technology. I do believe that if are advanced technology was taken away, then some of us will probably go crazy from the lack of entertainment; Since most of the electronics we own is for our own entertainment. Most people that are on the computer for hours at a time, just don’t know when to stop. They lack moderation unlike some people. I personally know that i use my phone a lot for entertainment, which means people can say that i am addicted to it. Overall technology is both good or bad, depending on the person of course.

  26. Desiree N.

    Desiree Negrette

    Ms. Keeble

    AP English 11

    6 November 2012

    Technology is a great advancement that has made communicating and sharing information more effective and faster, but, since I have read “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” and watched the film, Digital Nation, I believe society is using technology in other ways that are not benefiting anyone. I believe technology is encompassing too much of our time. As seen in the film ,Digital Nation , some people are spending every moment they can get on the computer or TV playing video games. This distracts them from being more productive with work or family. Most people can’t even last one day away from their phones. People were so addicted to technology, it has been diagnosed as an actual psychological problem.
    We should not get rid of the technology we have, we should just use it in a more limited way. Instead of spending hours watching TV or going on Facebook, people should hang out with family or friends. Using technology for knowledge or news is fine, but playing video games for hours is not doing anything, getting you anywhere, if anything, it is making you dumber. Digital Nation stated that it has been proven that all of these digital distractions have lowered reading a writing skills. If technology keeps advancing at this rate, people are going to become overwhelmed and they won’t know what to do with all of these new high-tech gadgets.

  27. Hannah R.

    Hannah Reddy
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11, Period 2
    6 November 2012

    Technology is constantly being updated and renewed, so in order for students to be able to keep up with what is now becoming our lifestyle, I believe it is mandatory to use technology in our schools. A principle of an elementary school was interviewed in the film, Digital Nation. He referred to technology/computers as our oxygen. Oxygen is all around us, it is what helps us live; so why would one take away a necessity and resultantly lead to death. He also explained that after bringing in the laptops and leasing it to the students, the math and reading scores significantly increased. However, one may argue that the kids were distracted during class, but even though they were distracted because of the computers, isn’t that what helped them increase their scores? Isn’t it the final product that truly does matter?
    Without technology, we would not be able to accomplish some of the surgeries we are able to do. Gastric bypass surgeries are now able to be done by making a couple of incisions in your stomach. Obesity is a rising problem in America; kids are becoming lazier and lazier by the day. Gaming consoles like the Wii and the Xbox Kinect allow kids to move around while playing their video games. If we were to increase the amount of technology in our lives, it would only benefit us in many ways.

    • Are you agreeing with the principal about the “oxygen” statement? Make it clear. If you do not agree with him completely, you can say so, distinguish the part with which you do agree and continue to support your position. Where did the gastric bypass come from? You need a topic sentence in that paragraph to introduce your next ideas. 4–organization.

    • tashak38

      After re-read, I want to change this to a 5 because even though you did get a bit off topic in the second paragraph, you worked out your introduction well. I hope you get this message. 🙂

  28. Efrain E

    Efrain E.
    Period 1
    November 06, 2012

    There is no doubt that technology plays a huge role in the daily lives of millions of people around the globe. Some people think it is a blessing, and others think it is a curse. I believe technology does more help than harm, and the amount of technology in our lives should increase. There is already an abundant amount of technology all around us. Why not grasp the full potential of the resources we are given?

    Technology is an indispensable source of information and productivity for our society. Some of the most beneficial contributions to mankind have been possible thanks to technology. It helps us understand the universe we live in, save people’s lives, keep in contact with friends and family, and even meet new people through the internet. If we use technology properly, there is no limit to what can be accomplished. Technology provides fast and easy communication between employees and their employers, resulting in orders being issued quickly and more things getting done. According to, a study shows that technology has actually increased productivity in the workplace. The article states, “Anyway, the shocking findings come from staffing firm Kelly Services’ “Global Workforce Index” (via eMarketer), which shows that no less than 78% of workers in the US and Canada – across all generations – believed that gadgets such as laptop computers and mobile phones have effectively increased their productivity. Over half of the respondents even said they felt ‘much more’ productive, and only 2% said it made them worse workers”(Modern Technology Brings More Productivity, Longer Working Hours, Robin Wauters, July 24, 2009).

  29. Haley Rosano

    Haley Rosano
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11 per. 2
    6 November 2012

    Technology has corrupted this generation in a serious way; we depend on it to get through our day. Most people have to check their social websites at least five times a day. In Digital Nation, there were many teenagers presented that used the computer for ten or more hours at a time; this shows that we have left our reality, for a fantasy behind a screen. People would rather communicate with others through a keyboard, or text message rather than get out and actively talking to a human being face to face. Has this become good social etiquette? Is technology coming to the point where you do absolutely everything from your computer or smart phone?
    With some of my teachers now using the internet as a resource for giving homework and other assignments, it is convenient, but is it doing me any good? Of course I would prefer to do my homework electronically, why not? Could these internet assignments affect my “addiction” to the computer or my phone? I believe it is possible; since I’m already on the computer why not check my social websites? One thing leads to another with Today’s technology. Every aspect of technology should be used moderately, otherwise we take advantage. Internet and convenient applications for our phones were made to make our lives easier, but are they really making them worse? By relying on technology for everything, we begin to forget how to do things manually, especially with a pen and paper.

  30. Sidney

    Sidney M
    AP English
    Period 1

    Technology can be a friend but also an enemy. Similar to how a drug user, counts on drugs, we depend on technology. Technology is the next craze, and like a drug we want it. 

    I personally am against the use of technology. If it wasn’t for the gradual online homework, I wouldn’t use it as much. I am guilty of texting and emailing, but everything else, I can live perfectly fine without. I was actually given the opportunity of living life exiled from all technology, and to be quite frank, it was nice. I don’t think that it is fair to increase the amount of technology already involved in our lives. 

    Like in the film watched in class today, young children are becoming more aware of technology. We are at cause and are effecting kids’ mentality  in their early stages of life. we should give them the opportunity of developing their minds without technology, just as it was given to us and the generations before. We are making the youth of the world addicted to the internet and dependent if not obsessed, by modern gadgets.  It is not a good road to take, and needs moderation. 

  31. Elisha Hussain

    Elisha Hussain
    AP English 11, Period 5
    Ms. Keeble
    November 6, 2012

    After watching and reading the articles and videos for homework, I’ve decided that I am both for and against technology. There have been many ways that technology has improved our lives, but at the same time it has deteriorated our minds psychologically.Therefore, I am in the middle for increasing technology in our lives. As the video and article mentioned technology made many things possible that weren’t ever imagined of hundreds of years ago. Technology has many advantages and disadvantages that either help or harm us.

    I believe that technology can enhance our knowledge only if it is used properly. For example, we can use technology for educational things rather than social networking. If we limit the amount of time we spend on the internet then our minds wouldn’t be as corrupted. I honestly believe that social networking is the reason that we are becoming psychologically lonely.The article ” Is Facebook Making us Lonely”, explained how there have been ways throughout history that have enhanced our way of communicating. Technology just happened to come into the picture and help our ways of communicating. We just have to accept that new technological innovations will be created in the future. As a result we will have to adapt and learn how to use technology in a responible and rational way.

    As for the negative use of technology, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, is social networking. Although technology should be used in a a proper way, it is often abused by people. Many people tend to use the internet to fill a void in their lives or even merely just to pass free time. The major problem that we have to focus on is socialnetwroking because it is basically ruining our lives. It seems as if Faceboook, Twitter, Tublr, Instagram, and many more social networks are helping us with social skills and communicating with distance friends and family, but in reality it’s making us lonely. For example, in a virtual world you may be popular and have many friends, but when you exit that world and look behind, you will see that you have nobdody. As a result, you wil slowly realize how lonely you really are.

    Technology can do positive and good things for our society. The sad reality is that when technology increases so will our loneliness. We can be happy in life with technology, but the way that people are reacting towards technology today suggests differently for our futures.

  32. Ross H.

    Ross H
    apeng 11
    5 November 2012
    the internet
    In modern america internet is the new medium of work, but is it good or bad. There are many things that could affect how people think about this. There is the fact that it is used for school work, military work, and a new way to meet people. It is a part of our lives, and we should accept it. We are living in a world that makes us.
    American school are giving students work that require the internet. In the movie Digital Nation many school have adopted the idea that the internet is better. Even now I am sitting on the internet writing this on a blog. This helps out alot, we as students are able to get feedback on are blog post insistently. We are also saving paper by typing things that staying on the internet. The modern day job is not in an office building, but in a home or office. Who has time to go out of the house when there is an home office that can do the same thing. A Skype call can be the same thing as meeting in a conference room. Skype saves time by cutting out traveling. That also saves money. The internet is a big way to make money. As show as the company in Digital Nation. companies that are made from the internet make a lot of money. Take Facebook for an example they are a billion dollar company. It is based on the internet.The internet is also a great way to make friends. There are people all over the world that meet through websights like E Harmony or Facebook. The sole purpose of the websites are to make friends. People meet each other there and they maybe could meet in “Irl” (in real life). Many people have and they get married. Some people say that the internet is making people addicted. Why should they not be addicted, the whole world is bases on the internet. In due time no one will ever have to get off the internet. We will have a website for everything.
    The advancement of the amount of internet should be increased. The internet will save money. It will help out people that do not have time to fly across the country to just see an old friend. They can see the person on a screen. I think that people need to go on the internet more. They need to find the benefits of doing things online.

    • Organize and Proofread. You must. A little anastrophe. 3

  33. Sarai P.

    Sarai P.
    AP English
    7 November

    Technology has provided many advances in the way a life is lead. Close to everyone, depends on one form oof technological advance. Whether it be in form of a gps, or a read aloud book, it does not matter. The population of today can barely bare to be alone without so much as a phone, therefore it is not really any surprise that technology is quickly diminishing humans ability to socialize, and their ability to think clearly. While yes, it is important that technology is integrated into life to make it easier, it should not control nor demand humanity’s full attention.

    The desire for information at a quick pace has always been around. In modern times, it can be seen that with a push of a few buttons we are connected to more than half of the world. But while searching for such information, humans are quickly forgetting why the information was needed in the first place. Typically, it is used to enlighten themselves, and those around them with an answer. However, a problem arsises when we step beyond this boundary and begin to replace human contact with the pleasure of a computer screen. No longer are we using it for necessity, but rather for excess. Much like an addiction any drug, one time, or hour, is simply not enough.Therefore, it is up to every individual to monitor how much they use technology, and for what purposes.

  34. Rebekah N.

    Rebekah N.
    Ms. Keeble
    A.P English 11 per. 5
    6 November 2012

    The amount of technology used in our every-day lives had increased drastically over the past decade. We have switched from communicating through characters on walls to characters on paper, and from characters on paper to characters on a computer screen. However, because the average person does not like to, or claims is unable to adjust to changes in a short amount of time, when those changes become very obvious by the observing the behavior of the surrounding crowd, we tend to find someone or something to blame. Kind of like a scapegoat, if you must say.

    Throughout different generations, there is always that one new invention that the youth of the nation or even the majority of the society goes crazy over. Seemingly, people start using that popular item and replacing it with what they feel are lacking in their life. Throughout the years all nations have identically shared popular practices weather it be religiously, technologically, or even materially, all nations have in fact idolized a common thing.

    In the twenty first century Facebook has become the most widely used social networking site across the nation. Many people have used this site as a way to keep in contact with long distance friends, family members, or co-workers. You share pictures, post up clever idea’s to share with your friends, and in all, continuously inform them of the activities you do on a regular basis. However, many people have argued that Facebook, and many other social networking sites have encouraged a superficial behavior that can and will hurt us later on in life. Critics and reviewers have constantly questioned the confidence of active Facebook users saying they are lonely and need some reassurance that they have friends or that by actively participating in the Facebook hype they realize their lack of friends thus becoming or coming to the conclusion of loneliness. Although Facebook or other social networking sites can have psychological consequences, technology in general is not who we should blame because as i’ve tried to imply different generations have all become emotionally dependent on something due to the lack of who-knows-what.

  35. Sarai P.

    Sarai P.
    AP English
    7 November


  36. Jonathan v

    Jonathan V
    Ms. Keeble
    November 6 2012
    Ap Eng and Comp
    period 1

    Do we really need more technology than the one we already have lurking in every corner of our lives? Technology is all over and we can prove that by looking right in front of us while we do this assignment or even inside our ear maybe. Even though we think we are not dependent of this new and modern way of living, we have to admit that we live surrounded by technology even though we might want it. Some say that they try to limit the amount they use, but is that truly what happens, everywhere there is people in parks and most of all in fast food restaurants using it. One example where technology is used is in McDonald s, free WI-FI attracts eaters who multitask, who will eat their fat food and gain a little more weight for the brain as well. as referred to in the article, Facebook actually is making us lonely, and the friends that we make in there are only inside hat box not in the “real world”. the more connected to the virtual world, the more we go off the real world.

    Multitasking is always going to include a form of technology, whether it is hearing visual or touching. In the video, it says in words to he brain that distractions can get in the way, but for me it is a good thing. it is a good thing because it gets your mind off that virtual world, it may not be long, but it takes it off. Too much technology can serve a human two things also mentioned in the video;learning new material and addiction. As a quote i like to refer to “Once an addict always an addict”. This means that not just because the addiction was stopped for a couple of seconds its not an addiction, but in the contrary another addiction was cured by another one. Texting is an addiction that can be cured by the use of he computer, either way its a win loose. Time spent sending those messages could have been used to read one page of a book and lay off those addictions of multitasking between electronics, thus returning to the old ways.

  37. Jashleen Singh

    Jashleen Singh

    I believe that the amount of technology in our lives is harming and bettering human kind. For instance, technology is putting us ahead. We are able to be more productive with communication. Technology makes us capable of delivering messages, learning, and almost whatever we want. It assists many with their homework, jobs, and social lives. Technology has so many benefits in our daily lives, and lives to its potential of continuing to make our lives easier.

    However, technology has been ruining the lives of many. When abusing technology, we get caught up in situations we thought never existed. Some of us become so reliant on technology we forget about the necessities in our lives such as eating, sleeping, drinking water, etc. Also, technology is addicting. The majority of people today could not survive one day without using their cell phones. Social networks have also wasted many hours of our lives. By getting addicted to these sites, we simply forget whether our social life or actual life is more important.

    All in all, it is difficult to decide whether technology is a good or bad thing. It has improved our lives in many ways, but it also has it’s consequences. Technology, when not abused, can put us ahead. We can be living in such an advanced world within time. However, it is almost impossible to not abuse it because of its convenience. If we continue to abuse technology it will only complicate our lives rather than improving it.

    • para. 1, last sentence, Meaning? well organized, use active voice. Once you make an assertion, you must support it with evidence. Give an example for what you mean. You are staying on the surface. You must give examples and analysis of those examples. “Caught up” stay formal. 4

  38. Dartise jones

    Everywhere we go now of days there using some type of technology. They use it to learn, play, and have a social life. It’s apart of our society without it you will get left behind. When the article states technology is making you lonely it’s actually giving you more of a social life, because you get to connect an talk to all of your friends your just not face to face. Being face to face with someone isn’t necessary anymore it’s a new day internet is making us prosper.
    The “Digital Nation” complains that people are multitasking to much in our society. Studies state that it puts to pressure on our brain and wont allow us to focus. Our lack of focus harms us in are ability to see one goal out and accomplish it without doing anything else. I think the internet,and new technology allows us to multitask on 1 main goal. This in a way allows us to get more knowledge and description on goal in hand. So with this being said we need to increase our use of technology and live in the now. Instead of trying to get rid of it or limit it and live the past.

  39. Tanzeel H.

    Tanzeel Hak
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11, Period 2
    6 November 2012

    I am against increasing the current amount of technology in our lives because it causes more harm than good. In the movie, Digital Nation, we learned that we may all be in the same room using technology, but are all in different virtual worlds away from reality. We also learned that multitasking is “dumbing us down,” as we are not good at multitasking because we can not put all our effort into two or more things at once. So for some of us who attempt to listen to music or eat, while doing homework we aren’t putting our best foot forward. From watching the movie there was only one very small good thing that stuck out. It was the fact that people in the army can drop bombs on people without ever being in harms way. This might have been a very tiny good thing, but the downside was that innocent people were getting killed along with the criminals. We saw the South Koreans, who were using computers to play games on hours on end, could this really benefit them at all? They could spend their time way more efficiently doing something productive.
    In Toni Morrison’s essay, “The Dancing Mind,” there was a brilliant student, who had a very difficult time being in a room by himself, studying for long periods of time. The reason behind this was because he used to always have things going on. There were activities present at all times in his life and he used technology day in and day out, so when all of this was taken away, he was alone with a book and himself. Morrison also stated that, “ our world was a busied-up, education-as-horse-race, trophy-driven culture” that inherently threatens the mind’s natural ability to engage in precious, self-fulfilling solitude.”
    After reading, “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely,” I learned more about why technology is bad. As we spend more time on social networks the further we become from social interaction. Everyday we meet less and less people compared to the past. Our bonds with others are extremely weak, especially on social networks. We often become friends with people we really do not know and normally do not talk to in person, making these “connections with others not meaningful at all. The article stated that, “In 1985, only 10 percent of Americans said they had no one with whom to discuss important matters, and 15 percent said they had only one such good friend. By 2004, 25 percent had nobody to talk to, and 20 percent had only one confidant.” So we can identify the problems that have erupted in recent years due to social networks.

    • You are going to have to revise this into paragraphs. Come see me. 3

  40. Alicia Gonzales

    Alicia Gonzales
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11
    7 November 2012

    Technology is something very powerful and useful in society. People use it every day to communicate with those in their life, along with keeping themselves up to date with what is going on in their world. Many feel that technology is something that they need, something that they are basically addicted to and that they can’t go a day without it.
    After have seeing the film “Digital Nation”, many people have explained the value and significane of their electronics. Pretty much everyone has some kind of electronic device, kids, teenagers, young adults, and even elderly. In this video, not only is it focusing on the fact that technology is so popular, but it specifically talks about how many believe they are capable of taking care of their responsibilites, while multi tasking with their electronics. People don’t realize that their electronics are a distraction, and something keeping them from being able to perform their best in other aspects of their life. For example, in Korea, people were so focused on playing video games that it took them away from their studies, and even kept them from feeding themselves. Some cases even led to death.
    This is dangerous for young people especially, while their brains are still developing and being so used to technology, can effect the way their brain works for the rest of their life. Proven scientific studies showed this to be true.
    Based on my understanding of watching the video, along with reading “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?”, I understand that yes, cell phones, the internet, websites, etc. are all important and interesting to people. It is obviously a big part of what peoples’ lives revolve around, and many embrace it and are thankful for it. There’s nothing wrong with that, but to an extent. Technology isn’t all that life is about, and people need to realize that. People should get to the point where they learn how life would be without electronics, and to the point where they acknowledge and appreciate things in life such as the beautiful sky, loved ones, and life itself.

  41. Zoey Madsen

    Zoey M.
    Ms. Keeble
    Period 5
    6 November

    The major discussion in the film Digital Nation is that technology has overcome modern day and construction. The film presents an idea that incorporates many points of view and offer a number of facts to introduce the viewers to a broad outlook. The issue is addressed to children, young adults, adults, and elderly.
    A research lab in California was presented to show concrete studies in the acknowledged issue. The studies showed that young adults, who were so defensive on being great at multitasking, were actually slower at performing activities when they were performing more than one at the same time. Some felt they were being more productive multitasking even if they were taking a little more time. This may be true, but the quality or performance of the activity will be more productive if you spend more time on it, and only it alone.
    Another thing that kept the argument throughout the video strong was the story of the middle school principle that changed all assignments and homework in the school to online. Some people felt that the results were good, and it made a significant change in the school and the kids academic performance. This may be true, but it also does not provide an effective learning method in the long run. students will soon rely on technology to get everything done, academically or not. This is not a good thing, because it doesn’t teach kids to be independent. They don’t have to pick up a book, or speak through their mouths as they do through their keyboard. It’s going to create a large impact and reliance on something that can only take us so far.

  42. Rachael B.

    Rachael B.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11, Period 2
    6 November 2012

    Personally, the subject of whether or not technology is beneficial has two contradicting sides in which one could equally support. Technology has its ups and its downs, but overall, I believe it is not as good as people make it up to be.
    Technology’s benefits can be endlessly streamed from its conveniences to its helpful abilities because of the internet. Society today has been engulfed with technology because of its availability and benefits to easily communicate amongst one another. If one needs a question to be answered, why not ask a search engine like Google or Yahoo? Want to know what’s happening with a family member or a friend? Let’s go on Facebook or Twitter. Since people can easily grasp these sorts of knowledge through the technology handed to them, they soon enough rely on it for communicating and information. That’s when technology becomes deeply engraved in our lives and it will likely head downhill. From businesses to schools. From children to adults. Technology surrounds them and creates the social, education, and business networks. Those networks might be helpful now, but there is the possibility of the system of networks crashing. What do people do then? Truthfully, they probably wouldn’t know what to do. Facebook’s down so I should talk to that guy or girl in person? No way. We’ve only talked online. The blog section isn’t up for the homework so we write it on paper? That’s absurd! No one uses paper anymore. A virus just blocked all access to my business files! Now how do I run this business? Every direction and information about it is not in print. People are heavily intacted with technology so everything was on that computer, phone, or web page and eventually it could disappear, leaving people clueless on with their lives. There is also the fact that not everyone has the convenience of having a computer or having internet available. Yes, that person can go to the library or even the nearby college library, but it can’t always happen for the minority who doesn’t have these options. So if schools set everything up online such as homework, is everyone actually able to do it? The answer is most likely no because opportunities like those are not always avaliable. Health wise, technology is linked to health problems. It’s one of the reasons why people now are being less active. Computers and technology grasp people’s attention so it is not that likely one would go outside to excersize and be social. The list could go on and on.
    All in all, technology has clearly taken over the lives of people through what they learn, how they dictate their lives with work, and how they socialize. There is major reliance on it and there’s no way it would succumb to old-fashioned ways. It may be beneficial, but in many ways, it affects live negatively also that dominate the good. It’s an addiction and an obsession that people now will not want to give up.

  43. Johan O.

    Johan Ocegueda
    AP English
    Ms. Keeble
    6 November 2012
    As time flies by we get older and technology just gets more and more powerful. There is no doubt in my mind that technology is now more than just a tool we use. technology to us now is like reading or writing. It is something that we need to keep moving on with life. The first things that we learn once we get into school is how read and write. Well now using a computer to get in the internet is going to be the same way.
    Technology does hurt us in many way’s, but it also helps us in a great amount of way’s too. It is true that technology has made us dumber. I know this because my friend’s dad knows about ten or fifteen numbers by memory. I barely know my own. Yes this proves that we as people are getting dumber. But no matter how dumb we get, technology is something we need to have. back in the day an architect had to do everything by hand. If they messed up they had to start all over again. Now they can just delete the mistake and fix whatever needs to be fixed. I know that technology seems like it is just hurting us at times, but I feel it is all for the best.
    Don’t get me wrong I do feel that a lot of people take advantage of technology. Like those addicted gamers that really just play for fun. They have no reason to play so much; they should not do that. But technology is making this world a little easier to live in and I feel like even though it hurts a lot. It also helps a lot. I know that we do not need technology to live. It is not something that has to be with us so that we can live. But it is something that helps and makes life a little easier in many ways. I do believe that technology is bad, but I believe that it is good enough to help the human species.

  44. Alicia O.

    Alicia O.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English
    7 November 2012

    Technology in our lives today is already to a big extent that many people already use everyday at least once. Having seen “Digital Nation” and reading the article “Is Face book Making Us Lonely?” made it possible to see that I am against the increase of technology in our life’s at the moment, because many kids as young as 2nd graders are already being taught how to use the computer along with learning how to read. Increasing the technology in our lives will be a bad decision because now people are already very addicted to the technology. For example in South Korea explained by the video “Digital Nation” kids are being caught with being addicted to the video games and some even have died from being many hours playing in the computer, therefore, imagine how it will be if we increase the current amount of technology in our lives that will mean that many worse cases will start to happen.
    Nevertheless, let’s put into example when the principal of the school in the video said the false analogy comparing oxygen with technology. In this case the principal is saying that we need technology to live just in the same way that we need oxygen to breathe which is something that is not true. But in this case this principal is already thinking it which means that increasing the current technology being used will mean that more people will start to actually believe that technology is a necessity. Also, there is no need to increase the current technology because without it we are okay. People just find it way easier to use technology since everything is given to them in a faster way. Increasing the technology that we have right now will just mean that more people in our society will be lazier and harm their own brain. This is why I am against the increasing of the current amount of technology because this will just harm the society more than it is already being harmed.

  45. Brittany-Ann V. Dela Cruz

    Brittany-Ann D.
    AP English
    7 November 2012

    The invasion of technology has taken over the human race. Technology was a tool invented to be beneficial and make things easier. Over time, however, technology became so widely used that it became a necessity. People became so prone to watching TV, texting, and emailing that the absence of technology obscured their daily lives. The problem with this, is that the expansion of technology made it difficult for the normal person to live life without distractions. It forced the user to no longer use technology as a tool, but make it their whole life.
    Everyone around the whole world became so dependent on technology that they no longer had to use their plain brain. They did not have to think or articulate on anything because the web gave them an instant answer. By doing so, it dumbed down the human race. It distracted us from our schooling, jobs, and relationships with others. There is no longer a point in sitting down to talk when you can just text. There is no longer a point to read a book when you can just look it up online. There is no longer a point to remember important facts when you can just save it on the computer. The invasion of technology took over the human population and defeated the purpose of thinking for yourself.

  46. Caleb M.

    Caleb M.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English, Period 2

    The increasing use of technology brings a negative effect to the lives of modern day people. In our society, people rely on technology more than any other tool. It is something that can be used for research, to socialize or for entertainment, but it can often lead to obsession, which has been found in various cases of young gamers in Korea. Other forms of obsession can be found in Facebook.
    Facebook is a social network, in which people can interact with acquaintances, co-workers, family, etc. However, in many cases today, people have began to live out their social lives through Facebook. My aunt is a prime example. She is someone who has become so used to socializing on Facebook, that she spends little to no time actually seeing her friends in real life.
    I believe that the increasing use of technology will lead to a rise in the laziness of modern day people, because of it’s many applications. With technology, it is easy to believe that it is a more superior method of doing anything, which can lead to a strong and unhealthy reliance on it.

    • tashak38

      “brings a negative effect” awk–use active voice. Develop ideas in paragraphs. Must include analysis with examples. What’s wrong with not spending time with friends in real life? Why does anyone care? What are the implications? Dig deeper. 3

  47. Destiny Bets

    Destiny B
    continued….. Another example would be like Facebook and Instagram when people take pictures and think they’re so cute when all they did was edit they’re pictures. Ya, pssh you’re cute. Now when you see someone on internet and then see them face to face. Ew. Some people look better on the internet. Therefore, it changes your appearance. Technology isn’t needed to live it is just assistance.

  48. Jessica A

    Jessica A.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP Lang. & Composition, Per. 5
    6 November 2012

    Growing up, my parents always took appropriate measures to limit my access to digital gadgets. Their reasoning was equipped with what scientists seeded in their minds. For example, they believed that computers would cause a problem in eyesight. Although this is a proven fact, they applied it to even the SHORTEST amounts of time spent on the internet or watching television. I do not concur with their conclusions. If used in moderation, an increase in digital gadgets would benefit the current and the upcoming generation. The use of technology is inevitable, especially at a time when technology is booming more than ever.
    In “Digital Nation,” Rachael Dretzin mentioned that she, too, enjoys “Googling something to satisfy a random curiosity.” (11:35) Perhaps reading off of a screen may lessen your overall concentration, but in the end you’re able to grasp many more concepts from the internet than from a book that focuses on ONE big picture/topic. During this generation, it is imperative for students to understand the use of technology because the world has been altered from the time when our parents attended school. While Steven Maher of Chatham High School was explaining why the use of technology in modern day is important, he stated that, “to walk into a classroom that doesn’t have any of that media must be like walking into a desert.” (29:11) His assertion complies with my own thoughts, because we do, after all, live in a time where knowing how to use digital gadgets is crucial. Whether for homework, for our job, or for gaining insight on the world, digital media supplies us with the information, help, and support that we need.
    The key to a productive media experience is to limit yourself from using the media in the wrong ways. For example, limiting yourself from sites such as Facebook and Twitter may spare you loneliness as deemed by Stephen Marche. Another way to combat this uprising in digital media is to resort little to no time for abuse of these digital gadgets.
    We are submerged in technology. It surrounds us everywhere we go, from cell phones, to televisions, to Wi-Fi, to computers, to gaming consoles. Technology is beneficial to our growth as individuals, but it is up to us to limit ourselves from abusing such privileges.

  49. Veronica V.

    Nov. 6, 2012
    AP English, Ms. Keeble

    Although technology is necessary to communicate with others and be successful, it has taken over a majority of people’s lives. People are constantly over using technology and can’t go a day without it. Technology is becoming an addiction to many people who use it daily and have urges to go on their e-mails, Facebook or Twitter which causes people to distance themselves from their close friends or sometimes even family members. They also try to fulfill an empty space they may have by being social over the internet. I mean, the more friends you have on Facebook or Twitter, the more lonely you are prone to become since you don’t have close friends that you are able to talk to.
    I wouldn’t increase the current amount of technology in our lives because then we are going to be too dependent on it and won’t know what to do with out it. We were fine without technology, but since it has advanced, people have become overwhelmed. More and more people from a young age are loosing valuable skills that benefit from face to face interactions. Also, technology causes many distractions that won’t benefit people when they are trying to complete a certain task or when they really need to be concentrating since our brains can’t do two things at once.

  50. Destiny Bets

    Destiny B
    period 5
    After watching Digital Nation, I believe that technology has replaced most of our responsibilities and taken over many of us, much like a virus. Although Digital Nation supports my claim, it is only the pros and not the cons. The video also states that “technology is like oxygen,” and in my opinion, it is clearly not true because we have lived before technology was even created and we will continue to live without it, if it happened, well at least I would. Now i’m not saying technology isn’t needed, but it just isn’t as needed as much as oxygen, just saying. Technology is a good way to upgrade and get things done faster, but I wouldn’t depend on it because while your typing up and essay you can just have a power outtage and then its gone, while me and other hand was writing it and is just waiting for the lights. Also, typing and other internet gadgets somehow change our identity. For example, our handwriting expresses who we are and identifies us as well.

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