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  1. Aaron Chon

    1. Momoday begins his journey upon the need to return to the land of his ancestors; the physical location where the journey begins and ends is on Rainy Mountain.

    2. Momoday tells the three stories together to elaborate upon the factor that connects all three together; that is, the history and culture of a people that many have chosen to forget, while others continue to live that reality.

    4. Unfortunately, my elders that are not part of my immediate family are beyond my reach. One would imagine that the history of my family would start in either a noble or peasant household of Korea, which would eventually lead into the servitude of Japan.

    • tashak38

      For number 4, is that true or not? It’s hard to tell. Be clear and concise. “elders” must be who–they are people. Revise please.

      • tashak38

        Also, journey “with”–be careful of your word choice.

  2. Canyon R.

    Canyon Riley
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11, Period 2
    24 October 2012
    1).Momaday’s journey begins following the death of his grandmother. He looks through his grandmother’s past as well as the Kiowas past to find Rainy Mountain
    2).Momaday connects the three stories together to show that even though they are told from different perspectives, the stories are one in same. In each story, the protagonist had to embark on a journey and find self enlightenment.
    4).I do have a relative that can tell me a few things about my family’s past. It all started with a slave who was given the name William (I think he is my great- great -grandpa). William spent his time learning how to be a skilled carpenter because that occupation paid a lot back then. When he got enough money, he was able to buy his way out of slavery, built his own house, and settle down with a wife and kids

    • tashak38

      “Kiowa’s”–possessive form.
      Watch your punctuation. Periods at the end of every sentence. Two spaces after a period and choose either a bracket of period, not both.

  3. Dartise Jones

    Momaday’s journey began in Oklahoma and ended in Rainy Mountain.

    He tells the three creation myth stories together because they all connect on how the Earth was made.

    My great grandma always tells stories on how her great great great ancestors got here on the slaves ships. She said the trips was long and horrifying because they didn’t what to expect. When she got to America her master named Jane. She had three kids and dead from old age.

    • tashak38

      …stories “about,” instead of “on how”…–choose the traditional, formal prepostion.

  4. Yarelli Lopez

    Yarelli Lopez
    Ms. Keeble
    Ap English Language and Composition
    22 October 2012

    1) Momada’s journey starts and ends at a place named Rainy Mountains by the Kiowa in Oklahoma.

    2)I believe Momaday tells the three stories together to make conection in between them and to show how each of them is related. Also perhaps to make everything clear to reader for he/she to know all the events.

    4) Yes, i do have an older relative who i can talk about my family’s past. It is my grandmother, my mom’s mom. She told me all the hardships that she had to go through since she was a little girl. Her mom died at very young age and so her father married another woman that threated my grandma and her siblings very badly.They had a very tough time growing up. But then as a young woman, my grandma married my grandpa and they had seven kids. Those were still tough times but they lived through them. Then they got a divorce and i really never knew what the reason was. But as in the day of today bothe of them are still alive. My grandpa lives in Michoacan, Mexico and my grandma lives here but she travels a lot to Mexico.

    • tashak38

      Please proofread for syntax. Look at the first sentence and see how you can move the dangling phrases to a more appropriate area.

  5. DaJohn Wade

    1) Mommaday’s journey started out in Rainy Mountain and ends in Rainy Mountain. He comes across Yellowstone during his embalming process.
    2) He tells these stories to show a connection with him, the culture, the Kiowa people, and the connection. His journey relates to all of those aspects. The way she describes it helps us tie in and relate to what she is saying since she is giving us her proof and experience. Instead of talking about the journey, he gives background information.
    4)My grandmother is the one who knows about everything and anything there is to know. She grew up in the South back when segregation was present, so she had many stories passed down to her from her elders. From those stories, to her own situations she encountered like being kicked out of diners and such, til now, she holds my ancestry in her words.

  6. Phuong-My N.

    Phuong-My N.
    AP English, Per. 2
    23 October 2012

    The Way to Rainy Mountain
    1. Momaday’s journey begins and ends in an old landmark, Rainy Mountain. It is Oklahoma, north and west of the Wichita Range.
    2. Momaday tells all three stories together because they all are connected somehow and share similarities. Also, I think he tells them together to let us see the different points of views from each of the stories.
    4. Yes, I do have an older relative whom I can talk to about my family’s past: my grandfather. Most of my family was raised in Viet Nam and my grandfather was the first one to come to the United States out of all of us. Next was my parents and I. We lived in Viet Nam until I was two and that was when we decided to move. My parents met each other at a refugee camp and it was basically love at first sight. My dad spotted my mom first and ever since that moment, he did everything he did to get her. He found out she was leaving to a different refugee camp so he decided to go to that refugee camp as well. At first, my mom did not like him because she thought he was annoying, but she finally grew found of him and they became a couple! Next, was me! After we moved to the U.S., my baby sister was born three years later. We lived in Oakland until 2003 and then moved to San Leandro. We lived in San Leandro from 2003-2008 and then moved to Hayward. We are currently living in the same house since 2008. That is how my family story came to be.

  7. Kiala A.

    Kiala Aranas
    AP English 11, per. 5
    23 October 2012

    1. Momaday’s journey begins and ends in Oklahoma, on/near Rainy Mountain in the land of the Kiowa.
    2. The accounts that Momaday writes of are in one way or another connected to each other, just as the Kiowa people are connected in one way or another.
    4. I consider myself very fortunate to have not just one, but many relatives, young or old, to share my family’s past. Because of my mixed ethnicity, I am able to embrace the richness of my own cultures. There are many stories that I can share, but for now the story of my parents will suffice (to me, its the most important one). My parents were both working at Blockbuster; my mother worked at the Blockbuster at the Southland Mall, and my dad worked at the one on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. My dad spent a few days at the Blockbuster at Southland and met my mother. My mom was considering moving to Hawai’i at the time; if my parents didn’t meet at the time they did, I wouldn’t have been born. Lucky me.

  8. Kiloni D.

    Kiloni Driskell
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11 Per 2
    23 October 2012

    1) Momaday’s journey begins in Oaklahoma during the seventeenth century. His journey ends at Rainy Mountains.

    2) Momaday tells these three stories because he want his readers or audience to make a connection. Momaday’s stories are all related. The generations are different but there also the same.

    4) I do not have any older relatives to talk to about my family’s past. No one in my family says much like they are all hiding something. I do not no a thing about my family’s past

  9. Gonzalo Haro

    Gonzalo Haro
    Eng. Lang. and Comp.
    October 23, 2012
    1st Period

    1) Momaday’s journey began in his home near Rainy Mountain and it ended at dirt road which led to Rainy Mountain.

    2) The first story was told so that the reader could get of sense of what Momaday was like and where he grew up. The second one was to share the culture of his ancestors. The third one was to show what his grandmother was like. They are told together because it’s stories like those that make Momaday what he is.

    4) Most of my family’s history has been taught to me by my parents because I never really sat down with my grandparents to talk about things like that (that I remember). My father would tell me stories about how my great-grandpa, David Haro, fought in the Mexican Revolution and was a very important commander. He also told me about my French great-grandma and how she settled in Mexico. My mom would tell me stories about her grandma and how she was a very rich and powerful woman in a town in Nayarit, Mexico. She also told me stories about my very secretive great-grandpa, Luis Verdin, that never talked about his family and is believed to have immigrated from either Ireland or England. He owned a ranch and was very wealthy but eventually split his fortune up with his children.

  10. Elvia Lopez

    5th Period
    23 October, 2012

    1. Momaday’s journey begins in the seventeenth century in Oklahoma. Following along with the “Rainy Mountain” and ending in the golden age.
    2. I think that Momaday tell these stories together because they all relate to his point. I think that he wrote them this way so the readers could get a better understanding and know what Momaday reffered to in his story. All of the stories connect with eachother and help the readers comprehend Momaday’s writing.
    3. Yes I do have a relative whom I can always talk about my family’s past. My uncle who is like a father to me. My family grew up in poverty. They lived and were raised in a ranch where they would plant crops and sell them, to get money and for my grandparents to raise 12 children. After my aunts and uncles being raised they migrated to the U.S where as of now they are in better conditions and have a better life for themselves and their family.

  11. Hannah R.

    Hannah Reddy
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11, Period 2
    23 October 2012

    1. Momaday’s journey begins and ends at Rainy Mountain, which is in Oklahoma.

    2. He tells all three stories because they are all related, and they all lead into one another. He is telling the different perspectives of himself, his grandmother’s, and his ancestors’.

    3. I don’t have an older family member to talk about my family’s past with. However, using my imagination, I would say my family came from the most affluent part of South India (Kerala) and in their way to Australia their boat got swept away with the winds and waves, and they landed in Fiji. They then colonized the island and was known all over the world for their amazing deeds.

  12. Ryan C.

    Ryan Chu
    Ap English
    Period 1

    1. Momadays journey starts with his people the, “Kiowas.” Her story ends with his grandmothers grave.

    2. He tells these stories because they all connect to his ancestral back round and roots.

    4. Yes, i have a older relative whom can talk about my family’s pass. Back in China during the cold war, the whole country was in poverty but the few one percent that were rich or owned land. My family owned land and the people that were poor rebelled and the people rebelled. That was the start of the communist revolution so my family escaped to Hong Kong. They later came to the U.S. because they knew that the Commies will take back Hong Kong, a British Colony at the time.

  13. Mercedes G.

    Mercedes G.
    AP English
    Period 2

    1. I think that Momaday’s journey begins in the plains of Oklahoma. then his journey ends at Rainy Mountain.
    2. He told the readers three stories because maybe they have a connection that Momaday wants the readers to connect. I alos think that maybe he was trying to tell a story in diffrent point of veiws of the himself, his grandmother, and the Kiowa people.
    3. My grandmother and grandfather were both born and raised in Mexico. They fell in love and soon got married in Mexico and soon after shared the same dream of going to the United States and starting a family there. After two long years they finally got their green cards and moved to Hayward, California. They loved it here they had a better house made a bit more money and was the perfect enviorment for starting a family. Then they had their first child, my mother which then they had achieved their dream of starting a family of tweleve and in the their ideal enviorment. This is what my grandmaother told me about her journey, but in a bit more detail.

  14. Abraham N.

    Abraham N.
    AP English
    Period 5
    23 October 12

    1) Momaday begins and ends his journey in Oklahoma, where he went to visit his grandmother’s grave.

    2) He tells the stories together because he wanted to show how the stories are connected to each other, yet different at the same time since the Kiowa were his ancestors, and his grandmother was alive during that time.

    4) I do not have an older relative that can give me a definitive story about my family’s past.

  15. Kiana Ledda

    Kiana Ledda
    AP English, Period 5
    23, October 2012

    1.) Momaday’s journey begins at Rainy Mountain while he was visting his grandmother’s grave, and his journey ends when he finally leaves the mountain.

    2.) The reason why I think Momaday tells three stories in “The Way to Rainy Mountain”-his, his grandmother’s, and that of the Kiowa people because he wanted to demonstrate the different perspectives of their culture. I think that telling the story through the perspective of three people was a good idea because it gives the reader a better understanding of the culture.

    4.) My mother and aunt are the only resources that know that contain enough knowledge about my family’s history. My mother stated that her side of the family lived in Guam since they were kids, and they finally moved to America a couple years later. When they moved to America, they lived in San Francisco, California. As for my aunt (my dad’s sister), she had some interesting facts about my family history, such as my grandma living in the Philippines for most of her life. My grandma met my grandpa in San Francisco; they eventually got married and had 5 children. Not to mention, my grandpa also served in WW2. After hearing those interesting facts about my family, it made me deteremined to learn even more.

  16. Sidney

    Sidney M
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English
    Period 1

    1) Momaday’s journey began in Yellowstone, whit the experiences of his grandmother and people. His  journey ended where his grandmother’s grave lays on Rainy Mountain. 

    2)Momaday tells these stories together in order to show How as a people they remained effected. Also to show the struggle they fought to find happiness. Momaday  wants  to explain the significance of the mountain in his opinion and that of his people.  

    4)I had a family member who had wonderful memory,  unfortunately within the last few years of my grandmothers life, it was quite difficult for her to concentrate on one thing. So I never really learned much about the past. To fill in the blanks I would say she lived a long joyous life until the time where the war hit in El Salvador. Complications flooded in since then, ending the harmonious life she once had. 

  17. Brittany-Ann V. Dela Cruz

    Brittany-Ann D.
    AP English 0
    23 Oct. 2012

    1. Momaday’s journey begins and ends with the blessings of nature. It starts out with the experiences of harsh weather. It brings blizzards, crazy winds, and the burning sun. It ends with appreciation of these conditions and what it offered to his ancestors in the past.

    2. Momaday tells the three stories at the same time to show the past and the present. By retelling his grandmother’s past, it shows how the things in his time came to be. It helped build up his background and where the roots of his family came from.

    4. The only person I have to talk about my family’s past, is my grandmother. My family and I are from the provinces located in the Philippines. Provinces were a series of towns who were barley untouched by the business trade and marketing. My grandparents had to reach out to the army and the nursing program to get us from the Philippines to the United States.

  18. Alexis L.

    Alexis L.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11
    1.) Momaday’s journey begins in Oklahoma, where the kiowa’s name ,”Rainy Mountain”. He talks about three different short stories. His journey ends in July when he goes to Rainy Mountain to visit his grandmother’s grave.
    2.)I believe that Momaday tells all three stories to show his connection with himself, his grandmother, and he kiowa. It shows the importance of life and the different views people have on it. These stories connect with each other to show the outcome of his journey.
    4.)Well my grandfather came here to be able to provide for his family more easily. Sadly it wasn’t as easy as he had hoped for it to be. He had my mom and her sisters move from school to school and from state to state while he lost on job after another. Luckily he was finallly able to get a stable job later on.

  19. Tanzeel H.

    Tanzeel H.
    AP English, Period 2
    Ms. Keeble
    23 October 2012

    1) Momaday’s journey began and ended in the same place, which was at a landmark in Oklahoma, known as Rainy Mountain.
    2) Momaday told us all three stories together because even though each story might have seemed to be unique in their own way, to him they are all connected. All the stories are related to one another and they also connect with his whole journey.
    4) Yes, I do have relatives that I can talk with about my family’s past. I can go as far as my family members getting taken as slaves from India to the Fiji Islands about 150 years ago up until present day.

  20. valeria

    5th Period
    1. Momaday’s journy begins and ends in Oklahoma and it is described as an open space and a land that was just born.
    2. I beleive these three stories are told together because they all end up being a connection to what is today. They are all different but end up being one story because it all comes together into Momaday’s life.
    3. I don’t see my grandparents a lot to ask them about their past and the rest of my family chooses not to talk about it.

  21. Thomas T

    Thomas T
    Ap English
    23 October 2012
    Period 1

    1)Momaday starts his journey at Rainy Mountain and ends at his grandmother’s grave on Rainy Mountain.

    2) The reason for telling three different stories is to give the reader perspective on Momaday’s journey and what his grandmother meant to him and his culture.

    4)I talked to my grandmother about our ancestors and she told me about how our ancestors were farmers. She grew up as our family had opened up a coffee shop. My grandmother became a nurse during the Vietnam War and later had my mom. The aftermath of the war was too great for my family and my mom decided to go on a boat to the US.

  22. Oscar G

    Oscar G.
    Period 1
    AP English
    1. Momaday’s journey begins in Rainy Mountain, ending as well in Rainy Mountain.
    2. Momaday tells all three of the stories together because they all seem to connect together about his journey to Rainy Mountain
    4. At this moment I do not have an older person to talk to because they are “busy” but my family’s number one belief never seems to change. And that is that family comes first, if some day you do the family wrong you can might as well leave because you just did us dirty.
    p.s. this is a guess, I am not entirely sure about this.

  23. Rachel N.

    Rachel N.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English Language & Composition
    23 October 2012

    1) Momaday’s journey begins with him being in Oklahoma, north and west of the Wichita Range. This place is called Rainy Mountain. He starts describing how his native land looks, being occupied by the Kiowas earlier. Moreover, he describes its feel, sounds, and textures as he journeys back home. He makes hints at how things were created according to his beliefs. His journey ends by him continuing on the pathway to Rainy Mountain towards his grandmother’s grave.

    2) Momaday tells his story, his grandmother’s and that of the Kiowa people together because they are each in a never ending triangle where one affects the other or came from another one. His story is related to his grandmother’s and hers originates with the Kiowa people. The Kiowa people affected the story of his grandmother and Momaday’s story. The list is endless. They are all legends that have an affect on each other, filling in the details of each story where there is confusion.
    4) An older relative that I can talk about the past with is my grandma and grandpa on my dad’s side. It begins with how they grew up. During the 1930’s-1945’s my grandpa and grandma were already working when they were just eight years old whether it was sweeping a candy shop for a quarter every day or working at factories making clothes or cars. They tell me their food was to die for. Everything was homemade and had to be spotless. It was a woman’s job to take care of that. Hard work, determination, effort, and good morals were the main virtues that were drilled into my grandparent’s minds as they grew up. More towards the 1960’s my grandpa joined the army and my grandmother went off to nursing school. They met and moved to California instilling the traditions they had learned from their ancestors into us. These small strokes were just the beginning to passing down traditions and custom that have been apart of the Novak family for generations and will continue until the painting is complete.

  24. Adiam H

    Adiam Habtay
    Period 5
    1. Momadays journey begins at the plains of Oklahoma, and end at the Rainy Mountains.

    2. Momadays tells all three stories, because they all some how correlate towards his journey.

    4.I do not have an older relative to whom I can talk to about my family past, because I can not speak nor understand my native tongue language fluently. However I do know a fair amount,but It is to personal to share on this blog.

  25. Jasmine J.

    Jasmine J
    AP English 1st period
    Ms. Keeble
    23 October 2012

    1) Momaday’s journey starts and ends in Oklahoma at his grandmother’s house in his home village, Rainy Mountain.

    2) Momaday tells all of these stories together to show a connection between him, his grandmother, and his ancestors. He is putting emphasis on his roots and the importance of knowing them. He also shows the connection between the generations and the myths.

    4) I do have an older relative who I can talk to about my family’s past. Actually, I have several. My mother’s grandparents are still alive and my father’s grandparents are still alive too. My great grandfather on my dad’s side has a family tree book that he keeps up with. So if I ever want to know about that side, I can just ask him or look in his book.

  26. Sarai P.

    Sarai P.
    AP English
    24 October 2012

    1: Momaday’s journey begins and ends in “Rainy Mountain,” which was the land of the Kiowa’s in Oklahoma.
    2: I believe that Momaday tells all three stories togther, because they are all his stories. He descends from this great group of people, as well as his grandmother. Momaday’s life is shaped by who his ancestors are, therefore it is understandable that he would want to tell his COMPLETE story.
    4: There are multiple stories I could tell, but my favorite is the one that reminds me of the shows we see on T.V, where a guy dresses as a girl. My mother’s brothers LOVED to play pranks on everyone! In El Salvador, where they still live, a cousin of ours had a crush on another distant relative. After so long of trying to conquest her, her family had to stay for an over night trip where he was also staying. When there, he tried VERY hard to seduce her, but was unable to succeed. At nightfall, my Mom’s brothers told him to go lay in the hammock and they would get her to go lay with him. Obediently, he does so, and awaits her arrival. Without our cousin suspecting, one of my uncles puts on a dress and somehow produces girl hair, and lays with our cousin. Our cousin tries to feel “her” up, only to discover it was prank. To this day in his old age, that cousin is still angry, but in a playful manner.

  27. Ross H.

    Ross H
    October 23 2012

    1. Momaday begins his journey in Oklahoma, north and west of the Wichita Range and he ends at Rainy Mountain.

    2.He uses each story to show how his people have changed in each generation. they also all connect His story is connected with his grandmothers. His grandmother connects to his peoples. That means they all are connected.

    3. Yes i do have a person to talk to about my family’s past. My great grand father came to America form Norway in 1925 he was a rich youth that wanted to become more rich. He then would bring other families from Norway to America. That is where he met his wife. They then eloped and moved to California. Where he had one kid, lief, my grandfather. In the start of the 60s he went to Berkeley college where he met his wife, my grandmother.

  28. Alexia G.

    1)Momaday’s journey physically begins in Oklahoma after the return of his grandmother’s death. But it ideally starts when he retraces his ancestory through the story his grandmother shared with him.

    2) Momaday tells about three different stories which all to a certain extent relate to each other. I conclude that he told them all in one exerpt because they all discuss land. His, his grnadmother’s, and the Kiowa have their own fable about how this world came or currently exists.

    4) My great-grandma once told me stories about way back when she lived in Guam. She raised her 5 sons there with the help of my great-grandpa when he was not on call for service. Keep in mind Guam has certainly advanced since the time she lived there. It was just a little island, literally, filled with a bunch of markets and mini shops. My grandma made most of their clothes they wore and most of the food was grown in her garden. The houses weren’t the prettiest because they had to stand through the ocassional typhoons. Overal, America is much more versatile than Guam even when they were in the same time period.

  29. Joelynn D.

    Joelynn Deng

    Ms. Keeble

    AP English – 2nd period

    23 October 2012

    The Way to Rainy Mountain Response

    1) I believe that Momaday’s journey begins with his grandmother, but ends with himself.

    2) I believe that Momaday tells all the stories together because they are related and come together to form a larger picture. It also helps us in our understanding of who he is and where he comes from.

    4) From my family’s history I found out that, from my father’s side, my family goes way back to Beijing and Shanghai. Before that my family originated from a small village. The village was near a dam, so today it is now underwater.

  30. Jashleen Singh

    Jashleen Singh
    AP English 11 Per 2

    1) Momaday’s journey begins and ends in
    the lands of Oklahoma, in a land that the Kiowa’s named “Rainy Mountain”.

    2) I believe the author puts these three stories together because it shows how the author’s journey is connected. Also, it reveals the significance of his roots.

    3) An older relative I can talk to about my family’s past is my grandma. Before she left to Fiji, she loved to tell me stories about when she was a child, or when my parents were children. The oldest story I remember her telling me was once she was suppose to be doing her chores, but instead she stole money from her brothers and then went to the movies instead. My grandma always seemed to be telling silly stories like this.

  31. Natasha R.

    1) Momaday’s journey begins with his ancestory. He recalls his grandmother’s experiences and sights when she was still living, and how even though not beigin at an event in history in her blood she knows she has experienced it. He sets out to Yellowstone so that he can relate and become close with his past and experience what his ancestors saw. Momaday’s quest then ends when he gets to Rainy Moutain.
    2) Momaday recalls all three stories as way to connect with what he is going through and hs culture.They all have encountered what he is seeing and doing.
    3) The best person who would know about my family would be my grandma from my dad’s side because they were very involved in politics. My dad’s uncle, Humberto Romero Perez, happened to be the press secratary of the president in 1958 also there is a statue of him in the town la piedad michoachan.Also Jesus Romero Flores had help write the constitution of Mexico.That is as much as I know about how far it goes about my family has done on my dad’s side. On my mom’s it’s really unsure about went on in their history, except there were a few realtives who were pilots.

  32. Johan Ocegueda

    Johan O.
    AP English
    Ms. Keeble
    23 October 2012
    1) Momaday’s journey starts off in North America. In the mountains, nearly three centuries ago. It was mountain people looking to go south and east. This journey led all the way to the golden age.
    2) I think that Momaday see’s his grandmother and the kiowa indians to be kind of similar. He can relate them because they are both similar stories. Both of them involve similar people searching for the same thing. they both have people searching for happiness.
    4) I do not know much about my families pas. I know that both of my parents have been through a lot of things. I know that they have risked it all to give me a better life. they gave it all up, they left their home land to come to a place where they knew no one. They knew nothing about this place named the United States. I sincerely dont want to know, I dont have the best of pasts. And I feel its better to forgive and forget because looking back at times will just bring you back to those horrible days. So just move on with life and take on what ever life puts in your way. Just keep your head raised and get up everytime you fall.

  33. Amacalli Duran

    Amacalli Duran
    AP English/ 2nd
    Ms. Keeble
    23 October 2012

    1. In the narrative, Momaday’s journey starts and ends in Oklahoma. More specifically it starts at his grandmothers house and his childhood village/home and ends at his grandmother’s grave. However, Momaday’s personal and internal journey did not start until he looked into the history of his people. Such as the phrase that goes, “You don’t know where you’re going, until you know where you’ve been,” Momaday’s journey was undetermined until he found out what his people had already done.
    2. Momaday tells three different stories in the narrative, that of the Kiowa people, that of his grandmother, and his own. He does this to first explain his people and then to describe the influence the culture had on his grandmother and himself.
    3. As far as anyone can remember, my family has always resided in Presidio, Durango, Mexico. My grandfather was the first of my ancestors who decided to leave his country of origin. Twenty years ago my grandfather came to the United States and this changed my family history. Currently my family resides in Presidio, Durango, Mexico or in the United States, and it has yet to change.

  34. Jonathan V

    Ms. Keeble
    1st period
    Eng Lang and Comp

    1. Momadays journey started when he realized that she had connections to a lot of many cultures that made her who she was. He wanted to see who his grandmother was, so he started his pilgrimage. His journey ended when he found out that to truly understand where he was going and where he came from, his grandmothers grave held the answer.

    2. He tells all of the stories together because they relate to one another. His grandmother was part of the people he was talking about, all the stories he told in the book made more sense, which made connections to vary the sense between the stories.

    4. Well the story of mine, is about my grandfather. He was connected to many of the stories his ancestors said about the scary old myths that did not let him sleep. He grew up and as soon as he was old enough he started working in the fields and helped the family with money. When he was grown up with his own reason, he became a railroad worker that worked long hours in the sun. He lived like that until one day he lost his leg, life awaited him in the land of rest.

  35. Maliko P.

    Maliko P.
    Period: 02

    1. Momaday’s journey began and ended in the plains of Oklahoma, in an old landmark the Kiowas named “Rainy Mountain”. Rainy Mountain obtained its name because of its harsh weather conditions throughout the season.

    2.Momaday tells his,his grandmother’s, and the Kiowa people’s story together because he wants to show the reader how similar yet different each of the stories are.

    4. The person whom I talk to about my family’s past is my grandmother. She told me about how she and her sisters use to help there mother cook while her brothers would play outside or help their father with yard work. She told me that no matter what every night they all ate together as a family and talked about how their day went.

  36. Desiree N.

    Desiree N.

    Ms. Keeble

    AP Enlgish 11

    23 October 2012

    1.Momaday’s journey began when he traveled to Rainy Mountain in July to visit his grandmother’s grave.
    2.Momaday tells all three stories together so he can explain why he starts his journey to Rainy Mountain. He wants to explain the background of the Mountain and what it meant to his people and his grandmother.
    4. On my dad’s side, my family came from Spain. My grandmother was from Spain but my grandfather came from Mexico. They met in their early 20s and married. They moved to LA where they had my dad. On my mother’s side, my family came from Nevada. My grandfather was Western Shoshone and my grandmother was Paiute. They were both from Nevada where they met and had my mother.

  37. Dominique N

    Dominique N
    AP English 11 2

    1. Momaday begins and ends his journey in the plains of Oklahoma, in a land called Rainy Mountain.

    2. Momaday tells all three stories of himself, his grandmother, and the Kiowa people together because they are all connected and lead into one another. For example, Momaday talks about himself and then that leads into his grandmother’s story, since she was a huge significant role in his life and her background acts as a stable support for both who she and Momaday are.

    4. I recently have lost one of the most important people in my life, my grandmother, who passed away earlier this year in January. She was the head of our clan, and knew everything about our family history. Although she has passed, her stories are engraved in my mind and heart forever. On my father’s side of the family (the grandmother I am talking about is my dad’s mom) dates all the way back to the 1500s in Spain and parts of Mexico, where my ancestors originated from. On my mom’s side of the family, my ancestors are Native American descent, and we have been the first people to live on this land. Combining both origins, we have come a long ways to build up our family values and traditions, with many stories to tell and pass on today.

  38. Johanna G.

    Johanna G.
    AP English, Per. 2
    23 October, 2012

    1.) Momaday’s journey begins in Oklahoma, the land of the Kiowas, in a place called Rainy Mountain. His journey also ends in Rainy Mountain.

    2.) Momaday tells the stories of his grandmother, the Kiowa people, and himself all together because in a way they all have a connection. He is connected with his grandmother, as well as the Kiowa people. I also think that he told all three stories together because he wanted the readers to realize how significant the history of his people are and how much he still values them.

    4.) I talk to my father about our family’s past and he tells me stories of his childhood and how it was like for him to live back then in the Philippines. He tells me how hard working he and his brothers were everyday, walking a couple miles to school and walking back, then going straight to work on the fields that their father had owned. He told me that my grandfather was very strict back then, and that he and his brothers learned a lot from him because he expected them to be mature and grown up at a very young age. Every time he tells me stories, he always reminds me how fortunate we are today that we have new technology, education, transportation, food, and shelter that are easily provided for us.

  39. maria f

    Maria F
    period 2

    1. Momaday’s journey begun in the seventeenth century, they began a long migration to the south and east. It led to the Rainy mountains.

    2. Momaday tells 3 stories together because they all connect to one. they all relate to each other and the concept was based on one specific thing. It was all based on the families past.

    4. A story of my families past is that they would go to a place in Mexico where all the monarch butterflies go during hibernation because they believed it was a sign of luck.

    • That made me smile. Thanks, Maria.

  40. Jennifer

    Period 2

    1) Momaday’s journey begins when his grandmother dies. He begins to travel through his memories of his grandmother and her culture. His journey ends when he reaches his grandmother’s grave.

    2) Momaday tells three stories all in one story because all these stories are related to each other. For example the story of the Kiowa people is also the story of Aho because she was a Kiowa .

    4) I do not have any older relatives that are close to me geographically so I do not talk to my older relatives. The oldest relatives that I know of are my mother’s grandparents.
    My family history dates back as far as Mexico where my grandparents live today.

  41. Merritt W.

    Merritt Walker
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English Per.2
    23 October 2012

    1. Momday’s journey begins with him going to his deceased grandmother’s house. During his journey he remembers the stories that his grandmother told him when he was younger. His journey ends when he goes to his grandmother’s grave.
    2. He tells the three stories together because he wants the reader to get the full picture of their lives. He wants the reader to see and feel the things that they went through, and understand their life.
    4. I don’t have a family member who has told stories.

  42. Jhoann B.

    Jhoann B.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11 Period 2
    23 October 2012

    1. Momaday’s journey begins when he goes to Rainy Mountain during the month of July. The first geographical feature Momaday encounters is Yellowstone, “a region of deep lakes and dark timber, canyons, and waterfalls.” His journey ends when he visits his grandmother’s grave on Rainy Mountain and leaves.
    2. Momaday tells the three stories together to demonstrate their commonalities, manifesting one culture.
    4. I do have an older relative to whom I can talk to about my family’s past. My great-grandparents and my grandparents were farmers in the filipino province of Pampanga.

  43. Caitlin H.

    Caitlin H.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11 Per 2
    23 October 2012

    1. Momaday’s journey started when he went to Rainy Mountain in July to visit his grandmother’s grave. The first place he encountered was Yellowstone. His journey ended when he went to his grandmother’s grave on Rainy Mountain and leaves.

    2. He tells the stories together to show the unity of their culture through everyone’s perspective.

    4. I don’t have any older relatives that can talk about our family’s past. My grandparents speak Chinese and my parents were born in America. I would have been interested if I were able to talk to someone about my family’s past.

  44. Heather H.

    Heather H.

    Ms. Keeble

    AP English 11- Period 2

    23 October 2012

    1) Momaday’s journey begins at Rainy Mountain and ends with him leaving from Rainy Mountain.
    2) Momaday tells three stories so that the reader can make connections and understand the culture through different perspectives.
    4) My grandfather was a history professor and is fascinated by my family’s past. Sadly, I cannot remember any particular story he has told me at this moment. Using my imagination, I can say that I have been predestined to marry Ryan Ross in a prophetic document written by my ancestors one thousand years ago.

  45. Rachael B.

    Rachael B.
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English 11, Period 2
    22 October 2012

    1. Momaday’s journey began in Rainy Mountain to visit his grandmother’s grave. It ended with him leaving from the mountain.

    2. He tells them together so the reader can understand the culture through the different perspectives.

    4. I don’t have an older relative to talk to about my family’s past though I would have been interested if I was given the opportunity to have the experience.

  46. Efrain E.

    Efrain Enriquez
    October 23, 2012
    Period 1

    1) Momaday’s journey begins in Oklahoma, at a place called Rainy Mountain.It is an old landmark for the Kiowa people. His journey ends at Rainy Mountain as well.

    2) Momaday tells all three stories together to accentuate the connections that he has with his grandmother, and the connections that his grandmother has with her ancestors. His journey began at a place that was very important to his ancestors, and he explains that importance by connecting his story with his grandmother’s and his ancestors’ stories.

    4)I don’t talk have any older relatives that I talk to about my family’s history. If I did talk about my family’s history this is how I think it would go. My family is from Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico. Our ancestors used to be the richest people in that town, until one day an earthquake hit. That earthquake created a huge crevice that sucked up everyone’s property, and my ancestors lost their fortune. Fortunately, they were loved by the town’s folk and soon found a new home.

  47. Veronica

    Veronica V.
    Ms. Keeble
    Ap Enlgish
    Oct. 23, 2012

    1. Momaday’s journey begins in Oklahoma and ends at Rainy Mountain.

    2. He tells all of the stories together to show how the different generations connected with how the myths were created.

    4. I really don’t have an older relative to talk about my family’s past, but my mother and father talk about how they or our family got here. My father was brought here when he was 25 years old and was accompanied by my uncles. He was living with one of my uncles and my aunty, where he met my mom.

  48. niauni

    Niauni Hill
    Ms. Keeble
    AP English, Period 1
    23 October 2012
    “The Way to Rainy Mountain” questions: 1, 2 and 4

    1. Momaday begins his journey in Oklahoma, north and west of the Wichita Range and he ends at Rainy Mountain.

    2. He tells the stories together to show how their connected to his journey to Rainy Mountain. The generations may view things differently, but in a way they are similar…but different. However; they all come together to connect to his journey.

    4. My granny would fill me in on the past that I was not aware of. She would let me read her diaries from years and years back. I would somehow gather information and make sense of it. It would read daily activities of her daughter (my mom) when she was younger. The diary would read the some activities I encounter, even today. For example: Me being on the phone 24/7 and not wanting to give it a break…etc, etc.

  49. Diana Larios

    Diana Larios

    AP English

    1st period

    Ms. Keeble

    22 October 2012

    1. Momaday’s journey begins in the lands of Oklahoma, in a land that the Kiowa’s named “Rainy Mountain”. The weather there would be atrocious during all seasons. The scene was set with enormous detail. He starts off the essay with his own story because the essay is composed of three short stories.

    2. The Kiowa people were his ancestors, they were around when his grandmother was much younger, I judge that the author decided to put these three stories together to emphasize the importance of his roots. His own realization of the importance of life and what you decided to do with it. He kept the teachings of his people, even after his grandmothers passing. I suppose that it all just falls together completing the puzzle.

    4. My family is from Jalisco, Mexico. My ancestors spend their lives there for a long as we can remember. My mother tells me all about our families past because my father is not as good as remembering. She told me one thing about my grandfather that I thought was amazing. Even though he is in a better place today when he was younger in his mid 20’s he employed almost all the people in a little town in Jalisco called Sayula. The most hard working and noble man in town, everyone looked up to him and had great respect for him because he supported so many families. Every time my mother tells me this story I tear up a little because it’s an honor to be his granddaughter. I believe that no matter where he is today, I hope that in my life I do well enough for him to look down on me and be proud.

  50. Alicia O

    Alicia O.
    AP English
    22 October 2012
    1st Period

    1. Momaday’s journey begins since she was young when in the late seventeenth century a long migration was done from the south to the east. This journey led toward the dawn and ended in the golden age.
    2. I think that Momaday tells these stories together because it shows the connection he had with his grandmother by the way these stories were all put together. Also, because it gives the reader the sense of being able to get the point of views and stories of each person. Lastly, it provides the reader with the credibility to believe on what Momaday is saying since we are getting the three stories of every person which makes us connect to Momaday.
    4. Yes, I do have an older relative to whom I can talk about my family’s past. The story of my families past was that the parents of my grandparents both met through family connections and fell in love. They were both from families that owned property in which they planted many different crops. From their my grandpa was born along with his brothers and sisters. My grandpa just like his parents met my grandma and fell in love. My grandpa still worked on the fields but once in a while came to the USA to work. Then they had kids in which my father was born and they soon migrated to the USA. And since then we have been living here.

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