October 17

Mother Jones

What do you think of the article and its argument about Romney? Is it a legitimate analysis? Do you think they have a valid point? Have they proven their assertion? And what do you think about Romney’s linking gun violence to single moms? Proofread for s-v agreement, active voice, and sentence boundaries (run-ons, fragments, comma splices). Copy your work before you submit it.

October 1

Zinn “Columbus…Progress” Response

From the reading, which is very desciptive and detailed, we should gain a clearer appreciation of what the Native People experienced once Columbus hit Caribbean shores. Locate two passages that you feel evoke the reality of what actually happened to the Arawaks. Cite those two passages, quoting them in MLA Style (with appropritate quotations and ellipses, if necessary) and explain how each passage illustrates the gravity of the indigenous experience with the newly arrived Europeans.