March 2

Respond to Trail of Tears

Read each question and be sure to answer them in a paragraph or to in response to the film.


How much of this information you learned in your reading and viewing of the film about the Cherokee removal did you just learn in class?  Did anything surprise you?  What details do you remember about the film that impacted your feelings about the Indian Removal?  How do you think you would have handled the situation if you were a leader among the Cherokee at that time?


Be sure to copy your work before you send it. 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Respond to Trail of Tears

  1. Larry

    In this article two women are suing the military because just because their women are not aloud to fight in front line combat. They believe it isn’t right because their trained to to fight like the men are. But dont to perticipate. They’re subjected to serve as support staff roles such as, tank mechanics and medical jobs. I believe the women should be able to serve in the front line if they are up to the job. Being a women doesn’t represent qualification.

  2. Jonathan S.

    A surprise I got when i saw this movie, although most of this information I had already learned, this movie seemed interesting and surprising because it makes you think of how America came to, and became a country with alot of hate when all this Indias were moved 2,000 miles west, suffering from rain, snow, and exaustion. I just realized how tough it was for them, and how hard it was knowing that many of this Indian’s families would lost many family members, Cherokee leaders were trying the most possible ways to help their people, but it was hard, if me, if I were a leader back them I know that I was going to lose many of my youngs, many of my Cherokee people. And it is just too painful knowing that thousands of these people died. But many people tryed their best to survive this horrible experience and I’m just so proud of them.

  3. Edgar&Javier

    I learned most of this already from previous classes. Nothing surprised me because i already knew of this. It looked very depressing. If I was of the Cherokee I would have responed by fighting back with unrelenting, ferocious fire.

  4. Clarence

    Since i watched the movie I learned a lot more information that I did not learn about the Native Americans and their tribes. I did not like how the Americans thought they were better than the Native Americans.

  5. Clarence

    Since i watched the movie i learned a lot more information that i didnt learn about the native americans and their tribes. I didnt like how the Americans thought they were better than the natives

  6. A. Sanchez

    I wasn’t all too surprised about what happened to the Indians, because, unfortunately, people are that cruel. They take what they want, and they don’t care what happens to the others that have to live with. If I was a Cherokee leader, I would’ve defended my land and people. I could not live with myself knowing that I didn’t try to defend my land. I’d rather die fighting for my land and people, than die knowing that I gave up without even trying.

  7. Jan

    I had already learned everthing at one time however i forgot about it. Nothing surprised me at all. I remember the part when the Indian man was talking.If I had been a chief during this time i would most likely have renounced my title and run away to alaska or some where and live out my days as a medicine man selling drugs to unkowing people. If i was feeling brave for some reason however I would resist white power and continue to fight only to run away at the last moment and probably leave my people and escape the country on a boat.

  8. J.L

    Well most of the information i already had learned it. So it was review. What i didnt like was the fact that a social class had never existed in the cherokee tribe but yet there was the Ridge family who were really wealthy while others had nothing. as i watched the video i get a mixed feeling. I feel angry that Americans felt they were better than the indians when in fact they were the ignorant and savages. What makes me sad is that the cherokee as many other indians were civilized and were good people.

  9. Larry L

    I learned that the Natives didnt have much of a choice. it was either leave, or be killed. They were orderd to flee to Oklahoma. The only way there was on foot, that is like a 3 day walk. I dont think I could do that. If I was the Cherokee leader, I dont think i would have been alright with the white people trying to take my land. I would have faught.

  10. Adrianna O

    I learned the white people forced the Cherokee out of their tribe. What surprised me was all the harsh conditions they had to go through adult and children. I remember they killed one of the guys that signed the treaty , I believe. They pulled him out his house and they stab him to death. I honestly don’t know how i would handle the situation.

  11. gabriela villa

    I got surprised on how all the people lived in the wilderness. I felt sad because kids had to deal with the problems that the adults had. I would have stand up for my people and fight for my land so that they could be proud of me and we could be free.

  12. Jaspreet K

    I learned most of the information about the Cherokee removal from the film and not in class. It surprised that the Americans think of no one else besides them selves and how selfish they really were. I remembered they had to walk 2,200 miles in the Cherokee removal and this was a huge feat to do. If I were a leader amoung the Cherokee at that time I would take charge and fight back.

  13. J.Landa And Israel

    I learned a little about the Cherokee culture. I learned that they made their own alphabet. I was surprised when the Cherokee’s were walking in the snow bare foot . The details that I remember about the film that impacted my feelings was when they took them all out of their land. The way I would handle the situation would be to go to war .

  14. Adalberto G & Michael R

    I learned that the cherokees were kicked out of their homeland and they were just innocent people. i learned that you must treat people with respect no matter what race they are. What suprised me was when the natives went to kill the person who tried to reason with the white men. It was sad because when they were kicked out, 1/3 of the cherokees died on the trail of tears.Iwould try to gather a lot of people and go to war and even try to get more land and fight for some rights

  15. John P.

    I already knew what the trail of tears was about but I didn’t know about the details and who was involved. Everything in the movie was surprising! It was amazing how far they had to walk and the harsh conditions that they had to go through. They had to walk in the cold snow and during their break time and took some rest, they had to bury the ones that couldn’t go as far because of the climate that they had to go through. If I was a leader among the Cherokee, I would’ve tried to create peace between the white settlers and the Indians. If that didn’t work, I would have to fight back because the land is ours and its something that’s very sacred to the Indians.

  16. Jeanette

    I think the Cherokees could of done more. If I were the Cherokee leader I would of fought for my land and for my people. What surprised me the most was to hear how many innocent children an adults died.

  17. mike .

    The film Trail of Tears , a story about the Cherokee , shows the reality of how America came to be. The cherokee were forced of their land with little to no choice. This shows America uses their authority to meet their demands. Some Native Americans still feel they were robbed for their land. The film was intresting but i have watched the movie once before freshmen year. Even if i was around at the time, there is little anyone could have done. If the cherokee didn’t surrender they would have been removed unwillingly. Overall The Trail of Tails is a importanat part of American history.

  18. Renz O

    Most of it I just learned in the film, because in my APUSH class we barely scratched through the surface of the Trail of Tears. I remembered how they were forced to walk a couple thousand miles to relocate and it was through one of the worst winters of the century. I think that I would have asked for more resources from the American government before the march, because if the Natives fought the Americans they would have been wiped from lack of weapons and resources.

  19. Anthony D, Jordan S

    The movie surprised us in many ways, one reason is when President Jackson ignored Supreme Court rule, it’s one of the most absurd things to happen. Another reason is when the Cherokee elders were willing to stay and defend their land from White Americans. If I was Cherokee leader, I would’ve defended my land with everything in my power, NO ONE should be able to take your land by force, I’d rather kill them and die trying than let my land be taken by foreign hands.


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