March 9

An Indian Father’s Plea

Answer each question with a full sentence in the space provided at the bottom of the page.  Be sure to copy your work before you send it.

1)  What is the father’s argument?

2)  Why do you think he makes this argument?

3)  What parts of his argument do you agree with?  Which parts do you disagree with?

4)  How would you apply the father’s argument to Tennyson High School?  Do students come from different cultures?  Is it important for teachers to recognize this?  Explain.

March 2

Respond to Trail of Tears

Read each question and be sure to answer them in a paragraph or to in response to the film.


How much of this information you learned in your reading and viewing of the film about the Cherokee removal did you just learn in class?  Did anything surprise you?  What details do you remember about the film that impacted your feelings about the Indian Removal?  How do you think you would have handled the situation if you were a leader among the Cherokee at that time?


Be sure to copy your work before you send it. 🙂