January 25

Synthesis Prompt Response/ Thesis Paragraph

After looking at the strong sample responses, I want you to think about the best way for you to write your thesis paragraph.  Make any necessary changes to your paragraph on paper, then type it here.  Be sure to copy your work before you submit it. 

After you finish, go to http://bcs.bedfordstmartins.com/exercisecentral/QuizHome.aspx?isHeaderClick=y&CourseID=3.  Log into your account.  If you don’t have an account, create one.  Click the “Editing and Proofreading” hyperlink;  then “Editing for Sentence Style and Word Choice;”  then “Concise Sentences.”  Do exercises 279 and 280.  For homework do 113 and 589.

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17 thoughts on “Synthesis Prompt Response/ Thesis Paragraph

  1. Omar D.

    The concept of an Electoral College has been constantly disputed. The masses criticize and say it’s pointless and should be ended. I for one believe that the popular vote should determine who’d elected because those who vote are the ones that experience the effect of the new president. One reason why an electoral vote shouldn’t overpower a popular vote is because the parties affiliation in the College will greatly effect the choice made. Another reason is the opinion of the people that is seenas more consistent with Democratic principles (Source B).

  2. Sabrina T.

    In 1787, the Electoral College was established to basically decide for the people who was fit for presidency. As our nation has grown, American citizens have become increasingly educated on presidential races through television, internet, and other outside sources, and are therefore more equipped to make their own decisions. As time goes on, the Electoral College becomes arguably more obsolete. Because of America’s increasing knowledge, and the possible biases within the system, the Electoral College should be replaced by a majority vote to preserve fairness and democracy.

  3. Jessika C

    Electoral College is a process that began as a part of the original desgin of the U.S. constitution. It has played an important role in the american political process. Electoral College has been working for many years, why change it now? It should definitely not be replaced by direct popular election of the president. In this system, the people know what they are doing and how to elect a president. You should not change something that works productively.

  4. Gabrielle D

    Electorial college is not an outdated institution and should not be replaced by direct population of the president because the president should be chosen by a group and freeholders of the country. Also, not only will a vote from a person from a different state count as four times more votes; people would also be able to bribe those who could contribute to the outcome of the votes.

  5. Jane C

    Who votes for our leader? Which votes count the most? Presidential candidates do not fully depend on all states for their votes. They depend more on states with higher electoral votes than those with less. This means that fewer people have a true voice in the American society. Electoral college would just decrease the voices of the voters.

  6. Linette G

    Electoral college is what we use today to chose our president. However, I believe it is unfair to the people because they do not get final say in who becomes president. What is the point for the people voting if the candidate that they want does not even get elected ? There is no reason to have the electoral college .

  7. Mendelssohn V

    Since 1869 when the House of Representatives passed the 15th amendment, the majority of U.S. citizens have decided who would represent them. Now, a number of analysts and scholars have suggested that direct popular vote has several problems. In close elections; recounts will usually be confined to the whole country instead of a state or two. In the other hand, most Americans believe in direct popular vote. It is seen as more consistent with democratic principles than is the Electoral College system. So which system would be much effective? Direct popular vote or Electoral College.

  8. priyanka c

    In presidential election voting is a right and a responsibility that every citizen must be given and that should be considered equally as powerful as the electoral college votes.Electoral college is a body of electors chosen by the voters in state to elect the president and vice president and the direct popular votes are votes from the citizens.Even though these two bodies of electors vote a nations future ,unfortunately only the electoral college votes determine the presidency.Isn’t it unfair that only a few members of electoral college represent the whole country?

  9. Yasmeen Q

    Electoral college is an outdated institution that should be replaced by direct popular election of the president. The politics should not be able to choose who runs the country the people should. People have more knowledge in the field where which running president should be chosen to run the country. Political people only want power and think of what is benefiting them in ways not the people.

  10. Nina H

    Electors are voted by citizens of America for the Electoral College. However, most Americans would rather have direct popular vote as their system for voting. In that way, the elected president would be based on the people’s vote, who will eventually serve out the decisions made by the government, congress and the president. Electoral College is solely based on popularity and advertising, while popular vote is based on characteristics and appearance. Hence, direct popular election should replace the Electoral College.

  11. Jose

    Electoral vote is currently used by are nation to elect our president. Multiple people are content with are form of electing presidents and some disagree. There are multiple reason why America likes this type of voting. It make the word democracy come up, we are a democracy and not a dictatorship. We are giving the choice to chose who we like and we will have to live with are actions

  12. Regina L

    The popular vote is a more efficient and fair way of electing an president, because the majority of the voters has the most say of who can be president, because they have the most votes. Why elect a president that nobody voted for? The electoral college inaccurate, because the U.S. citizens are not voting for their president an certain party is voting for their president.

  13. Maria G

    Electoral vote is currently used in the United States to elect our president. Many people like this form of electing the president, but others strongly disagree. There are many reasons as to why people disagree with it. It makes you think to yourself, what happend to democracy? This current system should be abolished. People today are very well-informed about about our presidential candidates, we are mature enough to make the right decision when it comes to voting.

  14. Francisco M.

    Why should people bother to vote if at the end the president with the most electoral votes wins? I believe that the candidate with the most votes by the people should win and become president. It is not fair that people from other states votes count more than other. The electoral College needs to be abolished.

  15. Demi

    My thesis of the subject on Electoral College Debate and the arguments upon direct popular voting, is that direct voting should be the process for electing presidents today, because electoral voting is undemocratic, unfair, and should be voted among the people. For example, the Bush-Gore election was based on popular votes. Gore won by popular votes, but Bush won the election by electoral votes.
    Aside from Bush cheating, everyone knows that the whole election-voting process was unfair.

  16. George C.

    The electoral college has been around for a profoundly extensive time. It was conceived in the convention of 1787, while trying to concoct a compromise between direct elections and national legislature. Although the electoral college was accepted as the best option at the time, many people question its efficacy in modern American society, as public knowledge of presidential candidates is no longer an obstacle. I believe the electoral college has outlived its purpose as the most efficient method of selecting the best presidential candidate and should be replaced by direct elections.

  17. Jason L.

    I believe the electoral college is a way to cheat a president into office. People today are well informed and are able to choose their own president other then have a group of people choose for them. It also creates another issue in which it makes the american people feel like voting is a waste of time. So i say, do we really need an electoral college.


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