January 25

Symbolism in Under the Same Moon

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9 thoughts on “Symbolism in Under the Same Moon

  1. Ana R

    One symbol used that connects to family ties is the telephone. Every Sunday morning Carlitos mom would call him at 10a.m. Carlitos would always wake up early on Sunday morning and go to the telephone. Through the telephone is the only way they could communicate with eachother. For insteans when dona Carmen called Rosario to let her know that Carlitos had crossed the border to go look for her. His idea was to get to his mom before Sunday. He looked for the telephone his mom would call him from. When he finds the telephone he see’s that his mom is waiting for him right their and they end up together.

  2. Anitilose M

    In the movie Under the Same Moon money was a symbol that shows family ties. For example, Rosario always sends three hundred dollars to her mother and her son in Mexico. They were able to throw a birthday party for Carlito. Carlito was also saving from the money his mother sends them. He was able to cross the borders with the money he saved. He went to look for his mother before Sunday because his grandmother died. At the end they were reunited.

  3. Anitilose M

    In the movie Under the Same Moon, money was a symbol that shows how family ties together. For example, Rosario send three hundred dollars to her mother and son in Mexico. The money helped to throw Carlito’s birthday party. He also got new shoes from his mum. Carlito saved a thousand dollars which helped him across the borders. He wanted to go look for his mother before Sunday morning. It took him five days to reach to Los Angelas where his mother was. He wouldn’t made it there without the money he saved.

  4. Angela S

    In Under the Same Moon, there are many symbols presented. For instance in the movie, crosswalks are presented. Carlito crosses the border in hopes to get to his mother in Los Angeles. Carlito pays a couple to him safely across the border into America. Hiding in the car waiting to get pass, the car is then confiscated. Throughout the movie, Carlito must cross each crosswalk to get closer to his mother. When he finally sees his mother across a bigger crosswalk, he must wait. There are many cars passing by, so it’ll be dangerous to go. When it’s safe enough to cross, he may then go.

  5. ivan a

    A symbol in the movie “under the same moon” is money. Money is the main reason why Carlitos and his mother are seperated, because she wants a better life for Carlitos. It also takes part in how Carlitos cant see his mother because he loses the money he took for the crossover.

  6. Jan

    In under the same moon one of the symbols is the border which is both mental and physical. Multiple characters cross or have crossed the border because crossing the border is cool and it must be done. The border symbolizes a wall and a fence. Jumping it symbolizes freedom. The moon symbolizes a giant rock in the sky. Shoes symbolize walking instruments. Lights symbolize shining material. In conclusion there are many symbols and they all are equally important.

  7. Edgar

    In Under the Same Moon the director uses symbolism with the border to signify family ties. For example, at the beginning carlitos has to cross the border even though it’s very dangerous. He wamts tp cross the border to reach his mom. His grandmother died so he has no one in Mexicio. The at the end he sees his mom at the other side of the street because there is cars passing and its dangerous. He cant cross cause cars are passing. His mom told him not to as well. After he gets throughn the hurdle of the border his life becomes alot happier.

  8. Clarence

    The symbol that connects the ideas about family ties is the shoes his mother gave him. The scene that really shows how the shoes matter is when his shoes got compared to his friends shoes in Mexico. The example is while he was working in Los Angeles he was able to run from the INS and get away.The shoes made it more comfortable so that he could walk long distances to get to his mother.

  9. Bela D

    One of the symbols in Under The Same Moon was the border. The border was keeping Carlito from his mother. He struggled getting across this. He got help from strangers. They made is clear in the movie that crossing the border wasn’t going to be easy. At the end of the movie, the street protrayed this “border symbol”. It was just as dangerous to get across. Although what he was looking for, was right in from of him, it seemed forever to get across. The cars driving through the street made it a challenge for Carlito to get to his mother.Therefore, this border symbolized what was keeping him from his mother.


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