September 28

House on Mango Street 1

Choose one quote from each of the vignettes: 1) “Kathy Queen of Cats,” 2) “Our Good Day” and 3) “Laughter” that you think is highly important to the novella.  Once you write the quote, explain why you think it’s important. 

Example:  1) “Two girls raggedy as rats live across the street.” (12) This is important because Cathy is showing us how she judges the other people in the neighborhood.  It shows how everyone in the neighborhood does not get along.   


Now you finish.  Choose 3 of your own quotes.

September 8

Columbus Revisited

After reading the excerpt from Howard Zinn’s The People’s History of the United States (italics), what opinions have you formed about telling a story and different perspectives? Apply your view to modern times. Do you think current stories are being told from various perspectives or do we get our information from any one particular voice? Explain your ideas. Give concrete examples.