10 Nov 2014

Respond to Prompt, Argument

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In Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys, sociologist Victor M. Rios reports, “In an era of, ‘personal responsibility’ when schools, police and community members could not guarantee the boys success, nurturing, or security, the one thing that these agencies of social control could do was inculcate in the boys a sense of self-blame. The boys were taught that poverty, victimization, criminalization, and neglect were products of their own actions. The boys internalized these messages, and in turn they all reported feeling personally responsible for their plight” (71).


First, explain Rios’ reporting of the boys’ self-assessments. Do you agree or disagree with their analysis of their own predicaments? Use evidence from your reading to support your argument.

Do not forget to copy your work before you submit. Be sure to provide evidence from the text and proofread your essay for grammar, spelling and style.

29 Oct 2014

Body Paragraph Exercise 2

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Your homework asked you to choose three reasons why or why not Victor Rios has credibility on his study’s subject. If you did not do it then you have to catch up. Otherwise, everyone: take one of the reasons for your pro or con position about Rios’ credibility and write out a body paragraph for it. Begin with your topic sentence. Follow with your concrete detail. Follow with your commentary. Finish with your concluding sentence. I need only one body paragraph for this. You will practice more for homework. This is urgent work! I want everyone to be successful here!

29 Oct 2014

Understanding and Writing Body Paragraphs

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Here is an example of how to construct a body paragraph for the research paper you were assigned.

Sample Research Essay Body Paragraphs Activity

After you have written your thesis paragraph, you will write your body paragraphs. Your body paragraphs begin with a topic sentence:

Start With = Topic Sentence,
Followed by = Concrete Details (evidence)
Followed by = Summaries, Analysis, Interpretations, Explanations,
Predictions, Connections (the bulk of the paragraphs).
Followed by = Concluding sentence

Local governments should support a standard that allows residents to feel food security rather than insecurity. As experienced by Ehrenreich in Nickel and Dimed, many Americans struggle with food insecurity. According to The United States Department of Agriculture, food insecurity is defined as “a household-level economic and social condition of limited or uncertain access to adequate food.” In other words, if you worry about where you will get your food and how much you will eat on a regular basis, you are food insecure. Local governments, cities and counties, should fill gaps to make sure their residents do not fall short when trying to feed their families from day-to-day. Although some might argue that current programs such as SNAP (Supplemental Food Assurance Plan) provide enough support for families that struggle to purchase food, the facts do not support that assumption. As illustrated by Barbara Ehrenreich, many holes exist in the program. Those holes should be filled by local governments.

Your task:

Determine the following and write type them out here: Always copy your work before you hit submit!

1) Topic Sentence 2) Concrete Details 3) Commentary 4) Concluding Sentence 5) Concession 6) Outside source 7) One appositive phrase 8) Phrase used to introduce outside source 9) One transitional phrase

Copy your work before you submit it!

To submit: a) Type in your first name and last initial in the “name” bar.
b) Enter an email address–doesn’t have to be your real one.
c) type in the spam filter word at bottom–be careful to copy your work because you will lose it if the word is typed incorrectly.

Then do the next assignment. Blog entry 2.

23 Apr 2013

About Corporations

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Consider the film The Corporation. How is the film connected to the above satirical argument? Write several paragraphs that connect the ideas presented in the film to the visual presented by Adbusters. Be sure to include concrete details from the visual above and the film.

And btw, Mitt Romney said, “Corporations are people, my friend.” He said this during the 2012 campaign. The film chronicles how corporations became people and then analyzes corporations as if they were people. This is an important distinctive fact.

10 Apr 2013

Response for “What Are Homosexuals For?”

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Gay pride 365 - Marche des fiertés Toulouse 2011.jpg
Photo Credit: Guillaume Paumier via CompfightSullivan makes a compelling argument in his essay. First, explain exactly what you believe his argument is and then choose three of the concrete details from your TEJs to illustrate how he supports his argument. In other words, how does what he said support what your saw? Be sure to thoroughly explicate your quotes from the text. Proofread for pronoun antecedent agreement. Due Friday!

19 Mar 2013

EAP Reflection

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Without revealing the contents of any of the prompts, what do you think of the EAP writing exam experience? What did you think of the level of difficulty? What about the timed aspect of the test? Did you respond well to it or do you wish you had approached it differently? Did you remember something after taking the exam that you wish you had remembered while taking it? Take your time and try to be thoughtful with your response.

Respond to the following released EAP prompt. You will take a similar writing test this week.

“Some leaders in Washington D.C. want to change the educational policy meant to ensure ‘gender equity’ in education and encourage the expansion of single-sex education, either in separate schools or in classes. This is sure to bring howls of protest from groups dedicated to integrating the sexes, whether or not integrating them makes sense or, in fact, is even fair. But many educators contend that boys and girls both do better when taught separately. Teachers can focus on academics and let kids develop social skills outside of the classroom. Consider that private schools, which are often single-sex institutions, send a higher percentage of their students to college than do public schools. Therefore, making single-sex classrooms an option will go a long way toward improving education and perhaps close the gap that is growing as more women than men go to college.”
-S. Affo
Explain Affo’s argument and discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with her analysis and conclusion. Support your position, providing reasons and examples from your own experience, observations or reading.

11 Mar 2013

Rhetorical Introductory and First Body Paragraph

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I noticed some of period two did not label the strategies posted in the class introductions. Everyone, write your rhetorical introduction and first body paragraph for “At Seventeen.”

Place in parenthesis, before you write each element, exactly what category it falls in. For example, (subject) for subject. Or (strategy) for all of the specific language devices you decide to include.

Do the same for your body paragraph; you can use the standard labels: (CD) (CM), etc.
Proofread and revise before you submit please. This counts for half an essay grade!

21 Feb 2013

Shooting an Elephant

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What connection do you see between the narrator in “Shooting an Elephant” and the narrator in “A Soldier Recalls the Trail of Tears?” Be specific and cite concrete details from each narrative.